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Herbs, gardening and stones…….

After about 10 days of rain and dark gray skies, the sun has finally come out, the ground is drying up and it feels like summer!….

This weekend my hubby and I were finally able to start planting, weeding, mulching etc.  I love going to the garden centers and walking thru the aisles looking for just the right thing!  So far we chose marigolds, red and blue salvia, dianthus, speedwell, shasta daisys, impatience and of course, more lavender!  These are in various beds around the house.  This year I planted my herbs early from seed, in little pots I kept in a sunny window.  I planted about 15 different herbs.  Some grew, some didn’t.  So for the ones that didn’t sprout from seed, I went and bought them at the garden center.  For my herbs I planted, lavender, catnip, oregano, chives, cilantro, basil, sage, lemon balm, parsley, marjoram and mint.  I just realized tonight though that I forgot thyme so I’m gonna have to go back and get some, got to have that! 

We also bought seeds for sunflowers so we have free feed for the birds in the late summer, early we get to enjoy them all summer!  We bought a new bird feeder that is supposed to be squirrel proof but I’m not sure its working! LOL..I don’t mind feeding the squirrels and chipmunks either!  We have plans to remove some ugly bushes I hate and put in peonies and hydrangeas!  I love mapping out the improvements along with the yearly stuff we always do! 

Lets see, what else is going on..I am reading “the Craft of the Wild Witch” by Poppy Palin and love it so far.  She writes very well and I’m learning alot.  I just finished reading the first 7 books of the House of Night good!  Now, I know these books are aimed at teens and at 52 years old I’m most definitely not a teen..but they are good books and I read all 7 in about a week..I just couldn’t put them down!, alas, I have to wait for the 8th which doesn’t come out until January of next year I think!  :(….I have been encouraged by some witchy friends of mine (you all know who you are! )  to read the Sweep series so I’ve got the first two and will be starting them…I love to read and will read just about anything! LOL! 

I’ve also been working on my BOS..that is alot of work and always in progress but I really love working on it..its coming out just like I pictured it would!  I have so much fun going thru my witchy books and planning out the pages I want to keep in my book and finding pics to put with it..very creative!

Thursday is the Full Moon..I love the full moon every month.  Its really a special time for me.  This one I think is going to be extra already is a bright light moon and its not full yet!  I plan on doing a Full ritual this month.  I usually keep it simple, light a candle, and re-cleanse and energize my crystals, tools and jewelry in the moonlight.  This month I’m going to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend some time, outside, really communing with my Goddess. 

This has been a bad week too in that I lost an Aunt and am now losing an old friend who is too young to die.  At these times I realize even more how we are put here to love each other, to love life, and live it to the fullest!!  Blessings to both of them and their families as they start a new journey.  May their path be lit by Moonlight as is mine…..

Blessed Be, Autumn


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Happy Mother’s Day…..

My family and I have been able to get away for a few days to our cabin in Tennessee to celebrate Mom’s Day!!  Hubby, 2 daughters, son-in-law, grandaughter and my daughter Sara’s nurse are all here.  The trip down was uneventful, got here safe and sound and in good time.  The weather is gorgeous!  Not a cloud in the blue, blue sky and a bit cool, especially for TN this time of year!!  It hit 72 today and the next couple of days won’t even hit 70..perfect weather!!  We went to an italian/greek restaurant for dinner (Yum) and now baby girl is asleep and the rest of us are relaxing with open windows and enjoying each others company!

Celebrating Mom’s day with my family in Tennessee…priceless!   The last time we were down here, there was snow on the mountains!  Now everything is green and lush and spring flowers are blooming all over.  Thank Goddess, east TN has not had the flooding that has so terribly ravaged western TN..Nashville especially.  My heart goes out to everyone there..especially those who have lost family members and property.  Between the oil spill and the flooding, Mother Earth is not in very good shape right now.  As a lover of our Mother Earth, I know her beauty and her terrible powers to destroy as well.  Maybe if we treated her better she would treat us better….

Before we left for this trip I did a Safe travel spell as did my daughter.  We are carrying our safety charged amethyst with us in our cars to keep us safe and I am wearing an amethyst ring too.  Amethyst is a great stone for protection.

Here is the spell I did:

Supplies needed:

a white tealight candle

Jasmine essential oil

a good sized amethyst stone

Anoint candle with oil focusing your intention on where you are going and getting there safely.  Light the candle and say:

Bless our journey and keep us from harm

With light of protection and amethyst charm

May our path be straight and free from strife

Many more adventures left upon our life

I close this verse, with harm to none

By fire and stone, this spell is done.

Place your amethyst next to the candle and allow the candle to burn out on its own…Anoint the amethyst with the oil and place in your purse or glove box to keep it with you while you travel.

This is a very simple spell but very powerful and for me it has always worked. 

I wish all of my readers who are moms, my family and friends who are moms a very Blessed day and may your children show you the love you deserve!!

Blessed Be, Autumn

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Blessed Beltane….

Just a brief post to wish all of you a very Blessed Beltane…Light your fires and be joyful that the May Queen has come and the Sun God is young and strong in the sky!  Trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs are blooming, animals are birthing their young, The faeries are busy and afoot, and Love and lust is in the air!!

Light a bonfire and dance around it joyfully, leave a gift to the faeries, plant flowers and herbs, have a feast, and Thank the Lord and Lady for the turning of the Wheel!  I am grateful too for all my witchy friends and embrace you all.

Blessed Be, Autumn


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