The Wheel Turns to Mabon 2018…….

Merry Meet and many Blessings this Mabon day! It’s finally here! Autumn! My most favorite time of the year! I’m currently visiting our new camper at a wonderful campground at Indian Lake in Ohio! This camper is something we’ve dreamed about for a while. We finally came across the perfect situation for us here and we grabbed it. It’s wonderful!

I know my writing here is inconsistent and not very timely but I truly have been going through a lot this last year. I’ve done my best not to go down a black hole and I feel I’ve accomplished that. But there are still hard days missing my daughter so much and trying to find my own life path. My Craft, my Goddess, family and beloved friends are what’s kept me going too. That… and the knowledge that my Sara is with me always… encouraging me to find myself and to put me first for a change.

I had the amazing experience last weekend of attending Spiritfest at Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. It’s a Spiritualist camp founded like 150 years ago. It remains a vibrant, running camp with mediums who still live there, beautiful grounds, ongoing lectures, classes and services for getting readings from some amazing mediums. I went with 4 coven sisters and some of their family members. I had incredible readings… visits from grandfathers, spirit guides… and yes.. my daughter. The experience was something I’d never had and I received advice to move me along my spiritual path. If you ever get a chance to go.. do!

Mabon is a harvest festival and once I get home from here I’ll be doing the final harvest of my herbs. Also, Cleaning up garden beds of spent flowers, stocking up on bird and squirrel seed, pulling out warm throws for couches, decorating the house, going to the Apple farm for baking apples, the crockpot comes out, and I fall into my favorite evenings by a fire. It’s such a beautiful time of year.. always has been to me. I know to many of you as well!

Because I’m at the camper typing this on my phone. I don’t have a recipe to share except what’s at the top of my head. I can however, give you my chili recipe… I’ve posted it before but it’s been years and it’s so good… easy and perfect for football Sunday’s, after Apple/pumpkin picking or a hike in the woods to collect pine cones, colored leaves and breathing in crisp air!

I put this in my crockpot all day and it makes the house smell amazing and let’s you get good and hungry for it!

Autumn’s Chili

Get our your crock pot and turn it to high. Put in:

1 large can crushed tomatoes

1/2 cup water

2 cans Bush’s chili beans with sauce ( mild, medium or hot.. your choice)

1/4-1/3 cup chili powder

Then.. in a skillet.. put 2 TBs oil and put on medium heat. Sauté chopped onion and green pepper til soft ( amount to your liking)

Add 2 lbs ground chuck or turkey. Add Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. Brown well. Drain and add to sauce in crockpot, stir and replace lid.

I cook on high about 2-3 hours than drop to low until we’re ready to eat it!

Serves about 4-6. Top with cheese, sour cream, crackers, cornbread.. whatever you like! It’s yum!

What are you doing today? Whatever it is take the time to notice the changes around you. Our Mother Earth is incredibly beautiful and so soul healing if given the chance. I hope all my friends affected by recent hurricanes, fires, tornadoes are all safe and sound and home!

The Full Harvest Moon is upon us… go out and absorb that amazing energy! I know I am as I do every night. Think about charging your crystals, making Harvest Moon water, opening the house to allow fresh, cool air in and stagnant air out, Sage the house, change your altar to Fall themes, pull out your boots, sweaters, jackets, warm blankets, flannel everything… and maybe bake an apple pie.can

I smell autumn dancing in the breeze.
The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.
~Ann Drake, 2013

Blessings to you all and Happy Fall!

Love and Blessings,




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3 responses to “The Wheel Turns to Mabon 2018…….

  1. chefette13

    Hi Autumn,
    Welcome to your favorite time of year!! Love your camper!! I hope you have endless fun weekends and vacations traveling. I’ve already started washing the throws in the living room and all the sweaters in the closet. Here in Va we are a little behind you as far as the cooler weather but I know it’s right around the corner!! Can’t wait! Had to work today so that’s how I celebrated Mabon lol. but tomorrow I will devote the day to baking bread…I think I will make dill and onion bread…makes the best grilled cheese and who doesn’t like grilled cheese! Have a wonderful Autumn! Lots of hugs, June

  2. Debra

    Hello, Autumn! So nice to hear from you this way, once again! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your little weekend getaway spot, and that Yuki can join you. I’ll bet he loves it, too! Would love to hear all about your experiences at the Camp, when we can connect sometime! Much
    Love, and Mabon blessings. Rainy here and quite stormy tonight, so cuddled with my pup and blanket in front of the “fireplace”, drinking tea.

  3. Corrie

    I just wanted to say hi! I am new to following your blog, but am a fellow (former) Ohio pagan. I live in the Pacific Northwest now, and it is finally feeling like fall here!

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