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My Mabon ritual…..

Merry Meet my friends…I hope that you all had a Blessed Mabon/Autumn Equinox/Ostara and Harvest Moon!  It was a gorgeous night…the Moon?…well She was amazing and beautiful.  Red Orange as She rose in the sky…then lightening in color with an orange aura around Her….then higher She climbed and larger and brighter She shone…it was glorious!  Here in ohio it was HOT and muggy that night but I spent time outside to receive her was magickal indeed.

About 11:00 I went to my altar.  I had prepared it days earlier.  I now added some wine and some oatmeal cookies for myself and as an offering.  I centered and grounded and felt myself giving my heart, mind and soul over to the magick I was about to be a part of.

The Circle was cast, the Lord and Lady invited in…the elements called on….and I felt myself wrapped in love and peace.  On my altar was a black candle and a white candle.  I lit them ..and spoke the words..of a Balance Spell…to balance my life as the Earth was balancing day and summer turns to Autumn and light turns to dark.  As I raised my voice…I felt the love of my sisters and their voices, from all corners of the Earth, raise with mine.  I felt strong and powerful and the energy and love was amazing.  After the ritual, I drank wine and ate my cookie and lingered in the amazing atmosphere that had been created.  I had never felt anything so strong as that night.  I truly felt my sisters there with me, the Goddess approving and loving what had been created.  When the goose bumps calmed down and I felt like I couldn’t sit quietly anymore….I released the elements, Thanked Goddess and God for helping me in my ritual and took down my circle.

After pacing around a bit, I realized Iwas too pumped up to sleep….so I took another trip outside to do a happy dance under the Harvest Moon!   It was a perfect night in every way!  and then……I got on facebook and expressed my joy along with my sisters and others who were like minded that night!!  Ahhhh  I love being a Witch!

Since then, I have done my best to ensure that I find that balance in my life…I have alot going on in my personal life, but so far, I have not been overwhelmed..I have still found time for my craft, time with my family, time for myself (well a little bit) and keeping up with my home and the mundane things we all have to do everyday!

I shared this for one reason…to show that magick indeed exists, that sisters can share an amazing night together though separate, and that taking the time to really celebrate the Moon and the Sabbats can make a huge difference in your everyday life.  I wish you all joy and happiness and Blessings,




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Blessed Autumn Equinox and Harvest Moon……….


I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Happy Mabon and Harvest Moon..I’ll be celebrating tomorrow night.  I got my altar done today..I’m really happy with it.  This is the pic of the Moon from my front porch tonight!  Bright and beautiful!!

Here is a picture of my altar….

I love the altar couldn’t be more perfect!  I still have to put my cakes and ale out  …..which will be  a nice glass of red represent the harvesting of the grapes, and some oatmeal cookes to represent the harvesting of grains.   I am doing a balancing spell with my spirit sisters..though we are spread out all over the world..we are going to share a magickal night..I am sooo excited about it!  Then I will do my private Full Moon ritual.  The bad news is that it is going to be 90* tomorrow..way too hot to have a my fire will be my candles this year.  I also always charge my jewelry, crystals and tools in the Full Moon…and I’ll be smudging the house and making new Blessed Water.  I’m a busy witch for sure!  Mabon is a most lovely Sabbat and a wonderful time of year.

May you all have a beautiful Autumn Equinox and be sure to pull in the amazing energy from the Harvest Moon.  Spend time with your family, take a walk, feast, drink, watch the leaves start to turn, and feel the days start to shorten and the nights start to lengthen.

Blessings to you all,



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Mabon…an Autumn Festival

Merry Meet my friends…I hope that you are all well and happy!  I am VERY happy as my favorite time of year is here…Autumn!  You may be able to tell by my name that Autumn is my favorite time of year! 🙂  We have had a glimpse of the cooler weather here in Ohio…a few days in the low 70’s and very cool nights.  The windows are open, the critters have started gathering, the Starlings are flocking…the sun is setting earlier and rising later…ahhh…I just love it!  We have been very dry so the grass is pretty brown and the gardens need lots of water and it may affect the Fall color…leaves might not be their most brilliant this year.  I’m seeing pumpkins and mums at the garden centers and the stores are filled with colorful displays of Autumn  and All Hallow’s Eve decorations….it is magick in the making!

      Mabon is the Autumn Equinox and the 2nd of the Harvest festivals on the Wheel of the Year.  It divides the day and night equally.   The Druids call this celebration, Mea’n Fo’mhair, and honor the Green Man, the God of the Forest, by offering libations to trees.  Offerings of ciders, wines, herbs, and fertilizer are appropriate at this time.  Wiccans celebrate the aging Goddess as she passes from Mother to Crone, and her consort the God as he prepares for death and re-birth.  At this time we celebrate with bonfires, feasts, harvesting the last of our gardens and herbs,  make and drink wine, make offerings to the God/Goddess and reflect on the coming dark period of the year.  It’s about rest, relaxation, and reflection.  This year, Mabon coincides  with the Harvest moon!  Spells and rituals for Mabon should be about balance, protection, prosperity, introspection and harmony.  These spells should have extra energy for you if performed on the Full Harvest Moon.  I love this Sabbat so much!!

My altar is decorated with a leaf patterned altar cloth, candles of Red, brown, green, rust.  Gaia and the Green Man grace my altar.  I have a vase of autumn flowers, wheat grass and cat tails from my own pond.  I have acorns, apples, small gourds, cluster of grapes, a glass of wine.  I have crystals of citrine, lapis, carnelian and amethyst.  I’m using  patchouli incense and have sage on my altar as well.  I will be doing a spell for Balance this Mabon with my sisters in spirit.  I’ll also smudge my house and I’m working on my “Autumn” cleaning..preparing the house for being closed up for the Winter.  I will make an offering to Mother Earth as always.  If you haven’t already worked on your altar, this may give you some ideas! 🙂  I also make a Mabon Oil blend and anoint my altar and myself with it…I’ll share the recipe with you!

Mabon Oil…….    4 drops Rosemary

                                4 drops Frankincense

                                2 drops Apple

                                1 drop Chamomile

                                1/8 cup  Almond Oil for Base

Blend in a small capped bottle or spray bottle.  Can of course double the smells great!

For dinner we’ll be having roast with potatoes, carrots and squash.  Homemade bread and apple crisp.  A glass of wine or two of course..I will be spending time with the Goddess, enjoying her in Her Full glorious Moon by a fire with my loved ones.  If you don’t do anything else, do this.  The energy you get from just sitting under the Full Moon, relaxing, listening to what She may have to tell you….the feeling is awe inspiring and amazing.  I’m am constantly amazed when I draw Her down. 


Had to post this picture  ..I just loved it!

I hope that each of you have a very Blessed Mabon.  May these days of crisp air, colorful crunching leaves, blue skies, blustery winds and need- a- sweater weather…bring you joy and Blessings.  Reflect on all that is good in your life, and also what you can do to be happier, to be more loving, to make a difference in the world and to be the best witch you can be!  LOL..even if you’re not a witch, you can do these things….:) 

Blessed Be, Autumn


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Herbal remedies and sisters in spirit…….

Merry Meet again friends…Hope this finds you all well and happy.  Here in Ohio we are enjoying a few days of gorgeous Autumn-like weather…its been really cool at night..around 70 during the day…windows are open airing out the house..perfect weather to me!  But it is only a glimpse as it is going to warm up again starting tomorrow.  But the nights are staying cool so it is a promising sign that favorite time of almost here!  I just come alive in the Fall..I love the crispness of the air and crunching leaves and the beautiful colorful trees.  I love the smell of woodsmoke, good food cooking in the slow cooker, apples, pumpkins, mums, the harvest moon..just magick! 

While pot roast was cooking in the crockpot today I decided to either make or finish up some herbal remedies I had been wanting to make.  I had brewed olive oil with calendula for several days and wanted to make it into a salve.  This works like a do’all skin ointment.  Put it on cuts, bruises, reddened or dry skin, callouses, hives, rashes, bug bites, mild burns…just about anything.  I also made a lavender toner a couple of weeks ago.  I just needed to strain off the lavender buds and bottle it.  I also  made a germ fighting spray that was posted online by Granny’s Hearth.  I feel so “witchy” when I’m making them and putting a spell on them!

After I get the remedies jarred and bottled..I light a candle and put a spell on them to make them work as they should.  This is what I say:

“In my kitchen, I toil and brew

Making potions with love and magick true

May they soothe and heal and lessen pain

Until all is well and right again

By herbs and oils and with harm to none

By my will and power, this spell is done.”

I have really just started making homemade herbal remedies for medicinal purposes.  I have made homemade cleaning supplies, homemade soaps, essential oil sprays for home or perfume, but had never really made homemade salves etc.  I have enjoyed it immensely and find that they work fabulously..even better then the over the counter stuff you buy at Walmart and Krogers.   To increase my knowledge, I am going to take an online herbal course thru Susun Weed who came highly recommended by several of my facebook friends.  I can’t wait to really get some help on the subject and to become more learned in it.  I have bought many books and find it pretty simple to follow but I want to learn from an expert! 🙂  I have a lovely sister in spirit who will be taking the class with me…it’ll be great to compare notes and discuss the classes together.

Speaking of facebook, I just have to say that I have got the best facebook friends ever.  So many wonderful, kind, funny, caring people.  I have a habit of asking a question of the day..and everyday I get people who come and share themselves with me…if there is disagreement it is done kindly and respectfully…there has yet to be any rudeness on my page which I’m grateful I have seen it and don’ t like it.  I believe in live and let live and telling someone their beliefs are wrong goes against my grain.  I am so grateful for all of my fb friends because they have made my world bigger and lovelier, they have expanded my knowledge, and I feel a true spirit connection with people all over the world.  Thank you so much to each of you!!

  I also am part of a wonderful online “coven” for want of a better word…my sisters in spirit…my closest fb friends…and they are pure joy to me…They open their hearts everyday to each other…whoever needs comforting, support, someone to listen, candles lit, prayers sent up, questions about anything..we are all there for each other!  We share our lives quite openly..we are true sisters in every sense of the word.  I am incredibly blessed to have them and I love each and every one of them…Thank you from the bottom of my heart my sisters! 

The New Moon is coming soon..for me,  this New Moon means a good cleansing and blessing of my home…renewing the protection I have set around my house, starting my  “Fall cleaning”..getting the house ready for the cool weather..such as getting the fireplace cleaned and wood ordered, stocking up on baking supplies, and having a list of indoor projects to keep me busy in the lazy months!

May you all have a blessed Labor Day tomorrow and I believe today was Father’s Day in the Southern Hemisphere!  Remember to be kind, live in each moment, spend time each day reflecting on gratitude for what you have been blessed with in your life, and send out love to those around you and you’ll get it back.

Merry Part and Merry Meet again,


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