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The Full Moon and the Smoky Mountains……

Merry Meet my witchy friends!  Hope this finds all of you well and happy.  My hubby and I celebrated 31 years of marriage this week and decided to take a quick trip to our cabin in the Smoky Mountains for a few days.  It has been a whirlwind trip but fun and we’ve enjoyed our “alone” time together very much..especially in the mountains which sing to me, calm me and make me feel very small in this big world.  The weather has been hot but not too humid and the evenings cool down nicely. 

It is also the Full Moon and seeing the Full, bright Moon hanging over the dark mystical mountains at night is something I treasure..I can feel Her pull, Her energy, Her connection with the mountains and with me.  My body feels tingly and light just looking at Her.  I am blessed to get to see this….By the way, this moon picture was taken by me last night..thru the trees over the cabin!  Breathtaking!

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by Darkwing

In the darkening sky, if you cast your eyes,

You will see the silver lady rise,

Bathing the world in a steely blue

Edged with a haunting, silver hue.

Higher and higher she rises with grace,

Shrouding the trees in a cloak of lace,

Sending her rays to the waters below,

Casting reflections in ripple and flow.

Oh, such a majesty gracing the sky,

Passing a twinkle to stars riding high,

Oh, what a magickal sight we purvey

From dusk, till the night gives in to day.

And so, she sinks in horizons west,

Content in the knowledge that we saw her best,

She’ll return once again when the sky turns black,

And if you should whisper, she might whisper back.

Love this poem and had to share it.  We are leaving to go home tomorrow and I look forward to seeing my daughters, cats, home and yes, I’ve missed my facebook friends! LOL…I knew I was addicted..and yes, I most definitely am. 🙂

Before I left home I made up a batch of Lavender Toner….thought I ‘d share the very easy recipe here for you all to enjoy..

1 cup witch hazel

1 TB dried lavender buds

6 drops lavender essential oil

Mix together in a lidded glass jar and shake well.  Store in a dark place and shake everyday for 2 weeks.  Then, pour thru a cheesecloth to strain buds…pour into a mister bottle or lidded bottle that you can use with a cotton ball…Enjoy!

*I doubled this recipe by the way.

It smells divine and feels so refreshing.

I hope that you all will spend some time with the Full Moon..and bless the Goddess for her gifts she has given to you.  May you all have a beautiful Esbat..

Blessed Be..



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Blessed Lughnasadh 2010………

Merry Meet my friends.  Today, August 1 is the first Harvest festival on the wheel of the Year…Lughnasadh or Lammas…it is a celebration of the coming harvest season, the days getting shorter, the crops at their full bounty and the cooling weather.  In the southern hemisphere it is Imbolc (for my aussie friends !).  In ancient times the God of Grain, or John Barleycorn as legend knows him, sacrificed himself so that the people would have plenty of food for the coming winter.  In some Traditions, the Goddess becomes the Reaper, and presides over the passing of the God, who willingly gives his life to bless the harvest.

Lughnasadh is a time of giving thanks for summer’s bounty, and of completion, and of finishing projects begun in the spring.  It is also a time of ritual housecleaning in preparation for the nesting energies of fall and winter.  Symbols of the Sabbat include sheaves of grain, garlic braids, sunflowers and corn.  The colors of Lughnasadh are the golds and dusky hues of the turning Earth.

 Celebrate this time by feasting on fresh corn, vegetables, and berries, thanking the God for his transformation into the soul of the harvest.  Lammas is a time to rid yourself of negative thoughts, emotions, or behaviors.  Go to a farmers’ market  and enjoy the abundant harvest of the local artists and growers. 

Harvest herbs from the garden, and make flavored oils and vinegars to keep a taste of summer in your pantry all winter long.  Ritually bake and bless a special loaf of bread, using grains native to your home, and share the bounty of the first harvest with family and loved ones.  Be outside!!  Play in nature, feel the breeze, hear the wind, feel the warmth of the sun, smell the grass, spend time with your loved one.  Honor the God for his sacrifice and the Goddess as she ages into her Crone stage.  Be One with Nature!!

Yesterday I baked a loaf of Herb and Crunch Wheat bread…using my own dried herbs that I grew myself..and yes, I did use my bread machine as I was very busy yesterday and couldn’t attend to making bread from scratch..that is fine.  If you have to go buy a good bakery bread..that is also fine!

Herb and Crunch Wheat Bread

2 lb loaf recipe

1 1/2 cup water

2 cups bread flour

2 cups wheat flour

2 tb sugar

2 tb dry milk

2 tb butter, softened

2 tsp salt

2 tsp dried basil leaves

1 tsp dried thyme leaves

2 tsp quick active yeast or bread machine yeast

2/3 cup dry-roasted sunflower seeds

This is a really good flavorful bread, great as a grilled sandwich!  Try it!!

My altar is done and decorated in red, green, gold, rust..the colors of late summer.  I have an offering of blackberries, blueberries, apples, bread and honey.  I am using a green candle for the Goddess and a red candle for God.  Sandalwood incense, sunflowers and dried wheat.  You may use any bounty of late summer such as squash and corn to decorate too.  Make it beautiful!

My family and I will have a feast tonight and partake of the bread.  A bonfire will be had and I will offer the bounty to the God and Goddess as an offering and thanks for the season and harvest to come.  May the Lord and Lady bless you with a bountiful season of abundance, love, light, family and joy.  Blessings to you all.



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