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Countdown to Yule….

Merry Meet!  Now that we are past Thanksgiving I am turning my full focus on the Yule season.  As I said in my last post, I love Winter and Winter Solstice is most magickal to me.  It is a time for family and a candlelit dinner.  The burning of the Yule log,  spiced wine, sharing gifts.  The time I spend in solitude at my altar is just as special.  The longest night of the year is a time for introspection, to looking back at last year and turning my thoughts to the next year. My altar will be bright with candlelight and greens and sweet incense will waft through the air, calming me and centering me as it always does.  Yes, I love Winter Solstice or Yule very much!

Yule or Winter Solstice falls in the Northern Hemisphere somewhere between December 20 and 23.  It is the longest night of the year..tomorrow the Sun starts to return and the days will start to lengthen.  Winter is here.  The first snows have fallen and cover the earth.  The nights are dark, the air is cold and sharp, trees are bare,  smoke is pouring out of chimneys,  the windows in our homes spill light onto the cold ground from our warm bright rooms.  Your home may be decorated with twinkling lights and fragrant greens and candles everywhere.  A tree covered in glass globes and beloved ornaments stands in the corner.  Perhaps cider or wine is warming on the stove.  You may be sitting in your easy chair, soft wooly socks on your feet, a blanket thrown over you, a fire burning in your fireplace, a good book on your lap. But how did they celebrate Yule in ancient times?

  In some Traditions, the Winter Solstice begins the new year.  For all pagans, it’s when the Wheel begins to turn once more toward the light.  Fires and candles are lit to welcome back the Sun God, born by the virgin he returns to bring light back to the dark nights and to start to warm the Earth again.   Yule is a time of awakening, of welcoming the new and the possible.   Homes are decorated with Evergreens, which represent life continueing, even in the dark Winter.   Mistletoe, a druid symbol for fertility is hung in the hallways.   Holly and Ivy represent  protection and good fortune.  Reindeer symbolize the Horned God;  and the colors red, green, silver and gold represent fire, earth, the Moon and the Sun, respectively.

 Customs for this Sabbat include burning a Yule log (an oak or birch log decorated with ribbons, greenery, and holly berries) to represent the fire of the returning Sun.  Light the log using an unburned piece of the previous year’s log; afterward, spread the ashes in your garden for fertility and save a small piece of the log for next year, keeping it in your home for good luck. Burn bayberry candles for prosperity, or write wishes on bay leaves and throw them into the fire.  Bake cookies or bread using cinnamon, a traditional spice representing the Sun.  Make a wreath to symbolize the Wheel of the Year, and decorate it with pinecones to represent the God and fruit to represent the Goddess.  Decorate a Yule tree with images to invoke the coming year’s blessings, such as fruit and nuts for abundance, heart-shaped charms for love, feathers for inspiration, and coins for prosperity.

     A different type of Yule log would be the type that is used as a base to hold three candles.  Find a smaller branch of oak or pine, and flatten one side so it sets upright.  Drill three holes in the top side to hold red, green and white candles (season)…green, gold, and black (the Sun God)…or white, red, and black (the Great Goddess).  Also you can decorate it with greenery, ribbon, roses, pinecones, spices etc.  I make both a Yule log for my fireplace and this lovely version as a table centerpiece.  It’s a great craft project to do with the kids as well.

 Yule Correspondences

*Element- Earth

*Threshold- Dawn

*Symbolism- Rebirth of the Sun, The longest night of the year, TheWinter Solstice, Introspect, death of the Holly King (Winter), reign of the Oak King (summer), night of the greatest lunar  imbalance, death & rebirth of the Sun God, shortest day of the year.

*Symbols/Tools/Decorations-   Yule log, evergreen boughs and wreaths, holly, mistletoe, poinsettias,  bayberry candles, lights, gifts, candles, clove studded fruit, wassail, Christmas cactus.

*Herbs- Bayberry, blessed thistle, evergreen, frankincense, holly, laurel ,mistletoe, oak, pine, sage, cedar,  moss, bay, ginger, juniper, myrrh, pinecones, rosemary, chamomile, cinnamon.

*Incense/Oils- Pine, cedar, bayberry, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg,  wintergreen, hollyberry

*Colors- Red, green, gold, white, silver,

 *Stones/Crystals- Rubies, bloodstones, garnets, emeralds, diamonds, cat’s eye

 *Customs/Activities- Caroling, burning the Yule log, decorating the Yule tree, exchanging presents, kissing  under the mistletoe, feasting, wassailing, burning candles, ringing bells, honoring  Father Yule, family and friend bonding, generosity.

 *Foods-  Nuts, apples, caraway cakes soaked with cider, pears, ginger tea, roasted turkey, fruitcake,  cookies, eggnog, mulled wine, pork dishes.

 *Gods- Apollo, Ra, Odin, Lugh, the Oak King, The Green Man, Jesus,

*Goddesses- Brighid, Isis, Demeter, Gaia, Diana, The Great Mother, Mary

 *Spellworking/Rituals- Peace, harmony, love, happiness,  personal renewal, meditation, honoring family  and friends,  Festival of light.    

 The above correspondences will be of great aid in helping you to set up your Yule altar for your solstice ritual.  I will post more on my own personal altar later.  I will also post simple rituals, prayers, recipe’s for food and incense, and ideas on how to bring a bit of magick to your days and nights  during this magickal time of the year.  So as you are curled up in your warm comfy home, reading that great book or watching a holiday movie, and sipping your warm drink with your cat curled up beside you….start thinking about how you can honor this a different way then the typical “Christmas” day you may have been used to celebrating as a child.   If you have always celebrated Yule..I truly envy you for being raised in such a wonderful magickal way!  I wish I had been.

There is one other thing I love to do for the solstice, on the morning after the longest night of the year,  I like to either stay up or get up and watch the sunrise and toast the returning Sun King with spiced cider or a good hot cup of coffee!

Blessings and Love, Autumn

*Sources..Simple Wicca by Michele Morgan, the internet and myself! 🙂



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The Spirit of Christmas……

Merry Meet friends!  I hope that  all of you here in  the USA and those who celebrate it;  had a blessed Thanksgiving day.  I had those in the family who were in town or didn’t have to go to the In-laws this year, to my house.  My mom and I split the menu….the traditional meal as we have made for years..and that everyone expects! 🙂  The food was great..some drama from my momma as alway…then lots of time to relax, doze, read, crochet and read and of course eat some turkey sandwiches when the notion hits! 

Now my thoughts turn to Yule/Christmas.  Other than Samhain, probably my favorite Sabbat!  Before I go on any further, let me explain that I celebrate the Winter Solstice AND Christmas..but Christmas is a secular holiday to me that I grew up loving and celebrating with my christian parents. Therefore, because the book is about Christmas Day..I’ll be referring to that day. 

    I love Winter! ( yes I know some people will be groaning right now!)  I love all it entails.  Sitting by the fire, nesting, going outside and feeling the cold air whip across my face and take my breath away, wearing cozy sweaters, knitted scarves, hats & mittens, hot chocolate, warm spiced wine, feeding the winter birds and having time to read, crochet, relax, bake, cook hot meals…I just love it!  Today I watched “A Christmas Carol”…my all time favorite book and movie…all versions..ever!  Today happened to be the musical version..which I happen to think is excellent.  Has Kelsey Grammar as Scrooge and many other great stars.  My favorite version..for the probably George C. Scott…he was a most excellent Scrooge!

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach. Oh, tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone!”……..Scrooge…Charles Dickens

I am sure many of you will recognize this quote.  I am a huge lover of Charles Dickens and I think he writes beautifully and from the heart and his words are still ringing true all these years later.  He was indeed teaching a lesson in this Novella.  What is the lesson?  I would imagine most people would say the same thing…”goodwill towards men”.   I see it as more than that.  My understanding is that Dickens was appalled at the poverty he saw around him, and that the middle and upper class were doing nothing to help them at all.  His Scrooge talks about the work houses and the programs set up by the government to aid the impoverished…but it was nowhere near enough.  He wrote this book to open the eyes of those who were not “seeing” what needed to be done.  For people to open their hearts and their wallets to help the less fortunate and it would make them happier and more blessed in their own life. 

As a pagan witch, I believe that God/Goddess, the Universe, the Creator, whatever you believe in…  put us here to learn lessons..with the ultimate goal being LOVE.  Our goal in life should be to discover that..LOVE.  And to love means to care for our “fellow man”.  To me, “goodwill towards Men” means just that.  We should love our family and friends as I’m sure we do.  But we should also love those we don’t know, help those who need it, love and care for Mother Earth and the creatures who inhabit Her…  No judgement, no greed, no setting standards for others in our own minds, equality for all, acceptance of all religions, courtesy, kindness….Love.  To me, Dickens hit the nail on the head so to speak…he saw a vision of how the world should be.  More of us could learn from Scrooge’s Christmas Eve night.

  Scrooge was not an evil man..he was afraid.  His father did time in debtors prison..causing him to have to slave in a work house at 11 years old.  He never wanted to do that again..but he lost track of his self, his focused was he on never being poor.  Until he learned what dying a lonely old man would truly be like..did he become a truly rich man.  Hoarding his money, working long hours, never enjoying the money he had;  even for himself.  He didn’t have a relationship with anyone except his business partner, Marley.  He lived a very “poor” life in every way…because of his fear.

There are many positive wonderful characters in this book.  Old Fizziwig, who gave a huge party,  sparing no expense,  to show his gratitude to his employees.  There is the clerk, Bob Cratchit, so lowly in Scrooge’s eyes, but greatly loved by his large poverty stricken family, especially Tiny Tim.  Then there is Fred,  Scrooge’s endearing nephew.  He was the epitome of a good man who’s life was abundant in family, friends, love , joy, and blessings.  He showed love at every turn.  All he wanted from Uncle Scrooge was for him to come to Christmas Day dinner.  He came every year and requested it every year.  He never gave up on him.  and when Scrooge had his life altered…he welcomed him with open arms..holding no grudge for all the years of rejection.  Though he was not a rich man…he was rich in every other way. 

I don’t know about you..but I want to be like Fred….I want to be rich in friends.  I want to be rich in experiences.  I want to be rich in appreciation for the blessings that come to my life.  This is the lesson that Scrooge learned..luckily while he could have some time to truly appreciate it. Look into your own Past, Present, and even into your Future.  Have you done well by others?  Can you do better?  A Christmas Carol will always mean a lot to me…and I will try to keep Christmas in my heart all year long.  and as Tiny Tim says……God Bless Us Every One!!

Blessed Be, Autumn

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Feeding the birds in winter……

Merry Meet my friends and Blessed Full Frost Moon!  The Moon is gorgeous tonight here..huge and yellow in the sky..just a few clouds floating lazily across Her.  I have been very busy the last few days.  I have a busy week as I’m sure many of you do too.  Thanksgiving is at my house this year and my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday party is here on sunday!  I managed to get my home cleaned and decorated for Yule/Christmas the last couple of days.  Today the grocery shopping got done..Wed.  I’ll be cooking all day and getting ready! 🙂 

In the midst of all this busyness, I got a call from my daughter Kate asking me to come for a visit..of course I went..I never turn down a chance to see her and my darling little Lily.  After visiting a bit, we decided to do a project  that Lily would enjoy.  We decided to feed the birds!  This is a great fun project ..even for the little ones…because its fun and easy.  The idea is to make “ornaments” for an outdoor tree.  I have listed some ideas below and the how-tos on how to make these natural bird feeders.  Lily had such a great time and stuck with it for quite some time.  We then went out and decorated a tree in their yard.  We made a memory for all of us! 🙂

I have always loved birds…I just love watching them and we have had feeders and a bird bath for as long as I can remember.  My particular favorite, cardinals. who mate for life by the way, give my soul a lift when I see them at the feeder or sitting on a branch singing or you catch that bright red on a snowy winter day.  We get alot of birds here in Ohio in the winter.  Those beautiful cardinals, blue jays, finches, sparrows, titmice, doves, woodpeckers and other birds I’m not sure of the names of 🙂  We live near a wetlands and get alot of different species.  We have  had a heron land in our yard many times to visit our pond.    We keep our feeders filled and try to keep our bird bath clean and filled with water that isn’t frozen.   We have a koi pond with a waterfall and at any time during the winter, we will see birds bathing and drinking at the waterfall.  We have alot of trees for shelter also.

Some other ways to feed the birds..especially if you’re on a budget is to get creative.  Yes, bird feeders are nice but there are fun ways to feed them and to have fun while you’re doing it! 🙂

Bagel or Pinecone Treat  Take some regular bagels and slice them in half. Spread the cut side with either peanut butter or honey. Sprinkle the bagels with birdseed that you can purchase at nurseries or any place that sells pet supplies. To hang the bagels on your tree, thread a short length of cording through the center of the hole in the bagel and knot the ends to make a loop. Hang the treat on various branches of the tree for the birds to feed on. If you wanted you could also use yarn to hang the treat on the tree, so that in the spring the birds can re-use the yarn in their nests. Jute or hemp is good too for hanging.  You can do this with a large pine cone as well.

Cereal Garland
 String some dry cereal such as Cheerios on the string.  I also like to use apple jacks or fruit loops.   When hanging the cereal garland on the tree, group several strands together so it’s easier for the birds to eat. Drape the garland all over the tree as you would with your Christmas tree.

Corn on the Cob Treats
Wrap some wire around the top of a corn cob, leaving a loop for hanging.  Hang the corn cob on the branches of the tree by the wire loop.  The squirrels and chipmunks will love this too!

Apple Treats
Cut a short length of wire and fold it in half. Wrap the loose ends of the wire around the apple stem, leaving a loop to hang the apple with. Hang the apples from the tree branches with the wire loop.  Birds love fruit and berries.  Try to have trees that will bear fruit and berries in your yard.

Some other natural ways of feeding and sheltering  birds…grow flowers that have seed heads such as sunflowers…leave the seed heads on the flowers instead of cutting down the flowers. Throw  your left over or stale bread, muffins, nuts, berries right on the ground.  Keep a water source.  Use a live christmas tree…after christmas..put it in your yard to help shelter birds.  Hang bird houses.  Plant trees.  The birds will come to your yard if you make it “homey” for them! 🙂  Oh yes, you will want to have a camera and a pair of binoculars available as well.

                            “Watching birds has become part of my daily meditation affirming my connection to the earth body.”….Carol P. Christ

I think this quote is so true.  Watching birds..the beauty of nature…will help you to feel the connection to our Mother Earth.  And caring for her creatures….that connects Mother Earth  to us! 🙂  So feed the birds this winter, take time to watch them while you’re having your morning cup, listen to their song, and appreciate the beauty that is right there for you to enjoy.

Blessed Be, Autumn


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Thank you!…..

Just wanted to say Thank you so much readers!!   I have had over 2000 hits on my blog!!!  Wow!!  I am overwhelmed and very excited!  I love reading blogs written by others and I’m so happy to have people who take the time to come and read mine.  Please subscribe if you like…it just means you’ll get an email notification when I write a new post!  Plus, I love feedback so feel free to leave a comment now and then.

Thank you so much and Blessings and Love to you all, Autumn


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Rainy days and cinnamon toast…..


  Merry Meet friends!  Hope that you are all well.  Things are very busy in my house these days as Thanksgiving is at my house this year and my granddaughter Lily’s 2nd birthday party is the Sunday after!  The Fall decorations are down and I’m ready to put up the Yule/Christmas decorations.  There is much more going on I won’t go into here but it has been a bit stressful and chaotic at times..which I don’t like at all!  I like things calm and peaceful.

     Today we had rain all day long..and it was wonderful!  We have been in very bad need of  a day like this, we haven’t had a good rain in months.  It was dreary and cold and rainy.  I spent the day at my daughter’s and granddaughter’s house..had a very nice time.  When I got home and puttered in the house for a bit, I decided to get a little something to eat and to have some green tea.  Humm, what to have…of course, a true comfort food for me…cinnamon toast!  You know what I mean, the kind your mom or grandma used to make on a cold winter morning with some hot chocolate?  I love cinnamon toast.  So thats what I had.  While I was eating it I was reminded of a few things I have read about the spice..cinnamon… and thought I’d write about it a bit.

     Cinnamon is the 2nd most used spice in American kitchens.  Cinnamon is the dried bark of Asian evergreens that belong to the laurel family. Sri Lanka is the major source of cinnamon and Portuguese who settled there did so to exploit the rich resource of cinnamon. The British followed the Portuguese to continue the exploitation started by the Portuguese. The tree is indigenous to the island and its bark is harvested twice a year during the rainy season. The inner bark is bruised, slit and then carefully peeled off to dry; it then curls forming the sticks as we know it.  It of course can be bought ground as well.  Cassia is another name for Cinnamon..depending on where the cinnamon comes from.   

     Cinnamon is mentioned in Chinese writing going back 2800 years.    In the Bible, cinnamon is mentioned several times and referred to as  an ancient spice. Cinnamon was among the Queen of Sheba’s gifts to King Solomon, and Emperor Nero was chastised for burning a year’s supply in his wife’s funeral pyre. Cinnamon was also used for embalming in Egypt. 

     Witches and Pagans use Cinnamon for many reasons as well.  Besides using it in cooking, we may add it to other herbs and spices to make a loose incense..(smells delicious with sage and rosemary) and we may use it in spells.  The Magickal Properties of Cinnamon are Spirituality, Healing, and Psychic Powers. You can also use Cinnamon for Protection, Love and Knowledge.   Cinnamon is masculine and is ruled by the Sun. Its element is fire. Its magical properties are used to help in spiritual quests, augmenting power, love,  success, psychic work, healing and cleansing. It is used in incense for healing, clairvoyance and high spiritual vibrations.  Use it in prosperity charms. It is an excellent aromatic and makes a good anointing oil for any magical working.  I love to use Cinnamon alot at my altar…especially in my loose incense recipes. Here’s a great recipe for loose incense I love….smells delicious!

1/4 oz Benzoin
1 oz Lavender
1/2 oz Cinnamon
1 oz Rose petals
1/4 oz Patchouli
1/4 oz Sandalwood

     Cinnamon has many medicinal uses also.  In traditional Chinese medicine, cinnamon is used for colds,  nausea, diarrhea, and painful menstrual periods. It’s also believed to improve energy, vitality, and circulation. Cinnamon is used as a remedy for diabetes, indigestion, and colds also.  For diabetes it has been shown that 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp per day,  lowers the blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides.  It’s a common ingredient in chai tea, and it is believed to improve the digestion of fruit, milk and other dairy products.  It also  has  antibacterial and antifungal properties.  It has lots of great uses!

     So some ideas on how to use cinnamon…of course mix it with sugar and put it on your toast,  grapefruit, warmed apples, applesauce,  hot or cold cereal, in your coffee or tea.  Of course it is used in baking pies, custards, breads and rolls, granola, cookies, cakes and pastries.  With the holidays here, I thought I’d post a delicious Wassail Recipe…for adults by the way!

1 gallon apple  cider
8 sticks cinnamon
1 lemon, washed and sliced
1 orange, washed and sliced
1 Tblsp. whole cloves
1 Tblsp. allspice
1 gallon white wine
cups  rum
Simmer the nonalcoholic ingredients together for 1-2 hours, then add the wine and rum about 10 minutes before serving  hot.  Great to keep in a slow cooker all day long! 
      Another thing I love to do with cinnamon is to make a stove top potpourri that simmers all day long to make your house smell wonderful!  I just slice down an orange and a lemon and put in a small saucepan.  Add a few sticks of cinnamon, some cloves, some allspice, and anise stars. cover with water and simmer all day long.  Add water as needed.  I have added apple cider to this as well.  It makes your house smell like you’ve been baking all day!
     So you can see what a great spice Cinnamon is..keep plenty of sticks and powdered in your home and use it often both for taste, healing and magick!
Now, I’m off to finish my tea and toast, curled up in front of the fire.  Enjoy your evening!
Blessed Be, Autumn


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Blessed Water and House cleansing…….

Merry Meet again friends.  We are having such beautiful weather here in Ohio.  It’s going to be in the 70’s the next few days!  Quite warm for this time of year.  Windows were open and fresh air allowed to blow in and clean out the stagnant air that builds up when the house is all shut up and the heat is on all the time.  I thought I would take advantage of this and do a thorough house cleansing and blessing before the house is shut up all winter long.

During a Full Moon, I always make up a batch of Moon water or Blessed Water.  For Moon Water, I just mix sea salt and spring water in a bowl and set it out all night in the light of the full moon.  I then consecrate it and bless it and bottle it.  My Blessed Water is actually a ritual I found  from Silver Ravenwolf years ago.  I really like making it this way.  I feel the water is truly blessed and it smells great too!  Here is the ritual to make it…..

Gather these supplies…..

1 tsp of Rose Water
3 tbsp sea salt
1 small bowl of spring water
1 clean glass container
1 storage bottle (small)

Time: Midnight during a Full Moon phase.
Place: Out of doors under the moon, or near a window that will reflect the light of the moon.
Set out your work cloth and all ingredients upon it.
Take five or six deep breaths to relieve the stress of the day.
Cast your Magick circle if you wish to do so…

When you are ready  Say:

“In the cloak of the midnight hour
I call upon the Ancient Power
I seek the presence of the Lady and Lord
To bless this water that I will pour.”

Add the rose water to the spring water. Pick up the bowl of water, hold it toward the light of the moon, and say:

 “In my hands I hold the essence of the Gods.

I hereby cleanse and consecrate this water to Divinity,

 that it may be used for positive acts only,

 and may aid me in my Magickal work.”

Imagine a silver light from the Moon Goddess coming from above into the bowl of water and giving it Her energy.

 Set the water down and pick up the salt.   Say: 

“In my hands I hold the essence of Earth Mother;

She whose bounty sustains all living creatures.

 I hereby consecrate this salt to Divinity,

 that it may be used for positive acts only,

 and may aid me in my Magickal work.”

As with the water, imagine the energy of the Moon Goddess empowering the salt.
 Pour a little into the bowl of water, and stir clockwise three times. Repeat this process twice more.
With both hands raise the bowl towards the moon to reflect the light of the moon into the bowl. After a few moments say:

 “This liquid is now pure and dedicated to the Lord and Lady.

It is free from all negativity in any time and any space.”

Set down the bowl and hold out both of your hands, palms down, over the bowl, about one inch above the water.
Take a moment to feel the energy from your body and send it into the it your power as well the power from the Moon Goddess….imagine a bright light coming from the water showing it has received the energy and power.  Then say:                                                                       

“As I will
So mote it be
With the free will of all
And harm to none 
 This formula is done!”

 You may ground your energy in two ways. Either place your hands physically upon the ground and feel the energy drain into Earth Mother, or imagine your energy as a force field around you, and quietly step back out of the skeleton of energy and watch it collapse in upon itself and melt into the ground.

Transfer the water to your storage container and store it away until you are ready to cleanse and consecrate your sacred space.

I just love this simple beautiful ritual.  I have a lovely colored glass bottle I keep my Blessed Water in..and I make a new batch every full moon or every other.  Now for a simple house cleansing.  First you make sure your house is physically clean.  Yes, this is the part most of us don’t love..but it doesn’t make sense to cleanse and bless a house magickally if it isn’t clean physically.  It just won’t work!  Declutter and dust, sweep, mop…light candles and put on nice music..really make your home sparkle and smell great!

To do the cleansing there are different ways to do it.  One simple way is; Starting at your front door and moving clockwise..sprinkle the Blessed Water ..which is salt and water…or the elements of Earth and Water….all around the outside edges and around the doors and windows of your home.   Then you can light incense…which is Fire and Air….and use the incense smoke and do the same thing you did with the water.  You can also use a smudge stick instead of incense. This is a simple and easy way to do.  Keep in mind that while you are doing this…you are putting your intention out to the universe that you are clearing your home of all things negative and making room for positive energy in your home.  Another way to cleanse the house that I love is this ritual that I use often!

Light a white candle in the main room of your home.  With your Blessed Water, sprinkle it all around the doors and windows of your home.   Make certain you get each and every one. Next, choose the room that has the strongest negative feel to it.  In a cauldron, light a piece of charcoal. 

Then add:                                                                                                        

1 tablespoon powdered garlic

1 tablespoon peppermint

 1 tablespoon ground clove

 1 tablespoon dried/powdered thistle

handful or two of sweetgrass, sage or dried oak leaves

  Carefully light the mixture so that it smolders, giving off an aromatic smoke. Leaving the candle lit, carry the cauldron in to each room and repeat the following:

“With Lord and Lady and elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air

 I clear this space of the darkness I cannot bear

  I consecrate this space with salt and herb’s scent

Bring in joy and love with my consent

May these rooms be cleansed of negativity

As I will it, so mote it be!”

  When you have done each room, return to the first, set the bowl beside the candle and wait for the remaining mixture to burn out. Take the ash outside and sprinkle it over the grass/flowerbed/etc, thereby returning it to the Mother.

You should feel a huge difference in the energy of your home after doing this.  The New Moon is a great time to cleanse your home very month too.  I do it during that time often.  Also, the house cleansing loose incense can be made up anytime and kept in a jar just for this purpose!  You want to do this excellent cleansing before your house looks like this! 🙂

So how is your home feeling…a little stagnant?  You feel tired or lethargic?  Maybe appliances are breaking down?  Your pets and kids are acting crazy?  Well try cleansing your home.  I bet it’ll help alot!  I wish you all a home filled with love, joy, health, and good positive energy! When you are done with all this hard work, you can enjoy the beautiful weather…or if your weather is cold and getting snowy, go sit by the fire with a cup of something warm, your kitty, and a good book!

Blessings to you all, Autumn


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My favorite things…..

Merry Meet again my lovelies….

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”  ~Thornton Wilder

This is a beautiful quote…it is indeed the moments that we are appreciative of our “treasures”  that make us feel happy,  joyful, and grateful.  I have so much going on right now in my life..some of it very stressful indeed…that I am physically feeling the effects of my emotions.  I don’t feel well and I’m sooo tired and I know it’s that I feel my life is out of my control right now and I’m worried about my loved ones who are going thru some trials right now in their lives.

But I have lit a fire, I have my candles going and my crystals are out and I have quieted enough to comtemplate what is good in my life.  So I’m listing some of my favorite things..just little things that make me happy!

* A fire in my fireplace  *The smell of my pumpkin spice candle    *my new flannel!   * Old Black/White Classic movies   *The sound of the heat kicking on ..on a cold night      *A good book to curl up with     *My red tartan plaid wool blanket         *Looking at my cats curled up with me or at my feet      *A glass of red wine     *Oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins for dinner      *A fresh swept floor    *The Full Moon shining bright in the sky   *Soft instrumental music    *Holiday music!    *a stack of magazines and catalogs to look thru      *an extra hour’s sleep      *A misty morning sunrise          *A pink glowy sunset  *The comfort of knowing I’m a child of the Goddess    *The pleasure of being a Witch and all that life entails     * Dried herbs hanging in my kitchen      *The smell of fresh laundered towels     *A long soaking hot bath with oils and lit candles         *Crocheting a blanket for my Lily    *My hubby who keeps checking in on me and my daughter…asking if we need anything      *Knowing I have nothing I HAVE to do tomorrow     *My Spirit Sisters          *My facebook friends         * Talking on the phone with Daughter #2 while Daughter #1 snoozes on the couch          *Hearing my little granddaughter Lily saying “Hi Nana” on the phone  The chilly drizzly night   *The deer I’ve been catching in my yard lately     *A new piece of jewelry    *An old piece of jewelry     *The New Moon dark nights      *The smell of patchouli incense       *A card from a friend in the mail     *puppy breath    *Chili cooking in a crockpot    *Football Sunday     *Online Holiday shopping     *A compliment   *A hug    *an I love you     *The chiming of my grandfather clock     *Lavender lotion   *A great pen    * Journaling 

 LOL..I could go on forever…”these are a few of my favorite things”…the song..rings in my head right now!  What do you love?  Make a list…I am nowhere near done, could have listed 100 more!  But I wanted to show the things I could list just in my view or happening to me while I was writing this post.  There is so much about life to be thankful for….Life is about the little things, after all, there is way more little things packed into a day then the big things.  I believe the more we focus on the sweet small things, the less the big not so great things won’t bother us so much. 

Take time everyday to find the sweet little things in your life.  Just sit and look around.  If you don’t find them, then you are really not in a good place and I hope that isn’t true for any of my readers.  If that is the case..then find just one thing…I know you will find just one thing.  Then find the 2nd thing….if thats all for today, that is fine!   Tomorrow, try for 3!~ 

I wish you all a life filled with YOUR favorite things, joy, love, blessings, peace and the ability to recognize that you have those things!  Blessed Be and Blessed New Moon!


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Giving Thanks…..

Merry Meet my friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain..I know I did.  It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise for and crisp and sunny!  Just perfect.  We spent Beggar’s night at my daughters so we could pass out candy for them while my little granddaughter went out trick or treating with her mommy and daddy.  She is almost 2 and only made it to 6 houses before she had enough and wanted to go home!  She wanted to be with me and her grandfather and Auntie!  We had great pizza and ate candy and visited…it was a nice night.  Samhain night was just for me at my altar..quietly honoring my loved ones and ancestors and yes, my pets, who have passed on.  It was a beautiful experience and I believe that some of them came for a visit.  On Nov 1 night, I shared a beautiful formal circle celebration ritual with my sisters in spirit…it was magickal also.  While I was outside doing my ritual…two gorgeous Does decided to walk across our yard..not far from me…stopped and checked me out and then walked on their way!  It was so amazing as I have always felt that Deer are one of my totem animals.  I find them so mystical and I think it was a message from my ancestors!  For me, a perfect Samhain..and I hope yours was too.

Now, its November and it is the month of Thanksgiving.  For this month, via my facebook page and here on my blog, I will be talking about thankfulness and gratitude and random acts of kindess.  As a Witch, and a daughter of the Goddess,  I believe that Love is why we are here…what the world is all about..What Goddess and God, however you see them…want for us.  I found this quote and I thought I needed to post it here….

“It is literally true, as the thankless say, that they have nothing to be thankful for.  He who sits by the fire, thankless for the fire, is just as if he had no fire.  Nothing is possessed save in appreciation, of which thankfulness is the indispensable ingredient.  But a thankful heart hath a continual feast.”                  ~W.J. Cameron

I totally believe this quote to be true.  If we live without gratitude…then we have nothing…because we don’t notice it, don’t appreciate it, take it for granted.  If we aren’t grateful for what we have…then it might as well not be there!!

 I learned of the book “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach about 16-17 years ago on a tv show.  I was struck by the idea of finding something to be thankful for every day.  I bought the book, read it, and it really did change my life.  I started a journal right then and to this day, I keep a journal and write in it; sometimes everyday, sometimes once-twice a month.  In these journals (I have about 20 now), every day that I write in it, I write what I am grateful for on that given day.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find something…but with practice, I learned that it got easier and easier.  Finding gratitude in the small things has changed my life for the better.  I am happier with what I have and who I am.

What are you grateful for today?  It could be big stuff…like the birth of a child, buying a house, money coming your way, a marriage.  But most could be that it wasn’t raining, that the baby slept thru the night, that you didn’t burn dinner, that your mother was in a good mood, or that your husband helped you clean up dishes after dinner.  But even those mundane everyday things, noticing them and appreciating them makes your life better!  Soon you will notice, the sun shining in the window onto your breakfast table, the pretty pitcher that was your grandmothers that you serve your OJ in, the smell of your kids fresh from their bath, the feel of your cat curled up next to you,..I could go on and on.  But you get my point.  Everyday make a point to NOTICE something to be thankful for.  Maybe you would be inspired to keep a notebook or a journal and jot them down…soon that list will grow and grow.  Something bad happen to you or you had a bad day?  Find the silver lining…it’s there I promise.  I have been thru alot of sad and terrible things in my life and yet, I have found the silver lining in almost every situation.  This wasn’t always the case I promise you..I’m not Mary Sunshine…but finding a way to find grace in every day…made my life lovely.

Today, I will thank each of you who come to visit my blog.  I appreciate you and am thankful for you.  I have a lot of readers but not alot of subscribers.  Sign up to follow me..I’d love to have more of you as subscribers.  It just means you’ll get an email when I write a new post.  Thank you so much for those who leave comments too.  I am also grateful today for being an American and having the right to vote!  I voted..did you?

Until my next post, thank you and Blessed Be, Autumn


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