My favorite things…..

Merry Meet again my lovelies….

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”  ~Thornton Wilder

This is a beautiful quote…it is indeed the moments that we are appreciative of our “treasures”  that make us feel happy,  joyful, and grateful.  I have so much going on right now in my life..some of it very stressful indeed…that I am physically feeling the effects of my emotions.  I don’t feel well and I’m sooo tired and I know it’s that I feel my life is out of my control right now and I’m worried about my loved ones who are going thru some trials right now in their lives.

But I have lit a fire, I have my candles going and my crystals are out and I have quieted enough to comtemplate what is good in my life.  So I’m listing some of my favorite things..just little things that make me happy!

* A fire in my fireplace  *The smell of my pumpkin spice candle    *my new flannel!   * Old Black/White Classic movies   *The sound of the heat kicking on ..on a cold night      *A good book to curl up with     *My red tartan plaid wool blanket         *Looking at my cats curled up with me or at my feet      *A glass of red wine     *Oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins for dinner      *A fresh swept floor    *The Full Moon shining bright in the sky   *Soft instrumental music    *Holiday music!    *a stack of magazines and catalogs to look thru      *an extra hour’s sleep      *A misty morning sunrise          *A pink glowy sunset  *The comfort of knowing I’m a child of the Goddess    *The pleasure of being a Witch and all that life entails     * Dried herbs hanging in my kitchen      *The smell of fresh laundered towels     *A long soaking hot bath with oils and lit candles         *Crocheting a blanket for my Lily    *My hubby who keeps checking in on me and my daughter…asking if we need anything      *Knowing I have nothing I HAVE to do tomorrow     *My Spirit Sisters          *My facebook friends         * Talking on the phone with Daughter #2 while Daughter #1 snoozes on the couch          *Hearing my little granddaughter Lily saying “Hi Nana” on the phone  The chilly drizzly night   *The deer I’ve been catching in my yard lately     *A new piece of jewelry    *An old piece of jewelry     *The New Moon dark nights      *The smell of patchouli incense       *A card from a friend in the mail     *puppy breath    *Chili cooking in a crockpot    *Football Sunday     *Online Holiday shopping     *A compliment   *A hug    *an I love you     *The chiming of my grandfather clock     *Lavender lotion   *A great pen    * Journaling 

 LOL..I could go on forever…”these are a few of my favorite things”…the song..rings in my head right now!  What do you love?  Make a list…I am nowhere near done, could have listed 100 more!  But I wanted to show the things I could list just in my view or happening to me while I was writing this post.  There is so much about life to be thankful for….Life is about the little things, after all, there is way more little things packed into a day then the big things.  I believe the more we focus on the sweet small things, the less the big not so great things won’t bother us so much. 

Take time everyday to find the sweet little things in your life.  Just sit and look around.  If you don’t find them, then you are really not in a good place and I hope that isn’t true for any of my readers.  If that is the case..then find just one thing…I know you will find just one thing.  Then find the 2nd thing….if thats all for today, that is fine!   Tomorrow, try for 3!~ 

I wish you all a life filled with YOUR favorite things, joy, love, blessings, peace and the ability to recognize that you have those things!  Blessed Be and Blessed New Moon!



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2 responses to “My favorite things…..

  1. Diane

    Good morning Autumn…this is beautiful. I too read Sarah Ban Breathnach’s books years ago. I did keep a Gratitude Journal for a year. Although I didn’t know it when I started it, it turned out to be a very special year…for small but wonderful things. My garden, my dog, my house, a newfound creative pursuit of quilting. I sometimes reread that year and enjoy the memories. Every year is probably full of things we take for granted but if we could read them again, we’d realized how blessed we are. Thank you for reminding me. I should probably start another Gratitude Journal. May you continue to have things to be grateful for. Love you and may the Goddess Bless You )O(

  2. Hello Diane my sister! They are great books aren’t they?!! You most definitely should start a notebook or journal again…it is such a great way to just write down your thoughts and what you are grateful for that day!!
    Love and Blessings to you! Blessed New Moon too!

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