Well, we no sooner get over one winter storm and here comes another!  We’re expecting another 5-7 inches starting tonight and going thru wed. evening…I love snow but this is getting ridiculous!  I’m more and more hoping for Spring to come very soon!  Starting to feel cooped up and that I need to get out and get some exercise and fresh air.

This morning I had a huge flock of Robins!  yes, Robins!  at the bird feeder.  They are huge and fat and a wonderful sight to see.  Maybe thats a sign??  I’ve got to get my better half to fill the feeders again tonight before the storm comes.  This morning also I noticed deer tracks going right across the backyard..sure wish I would have seen the deer.  We are very lucky here to be in the country enough to have herds of deer and we very often see them right in our year.  We have  a large acreage of woods behind our home and the houses around us that they shelter in..such a beautiful sight to see.  I feel such an affinity with them, they are so majestic.

Today I’m going to run some errands before I’m stuck in again for the next couple of days.  Luckily I don’t have to go to the grocery again and fight that chaos LOL..I did such a good stock up last week, I’m good to go.  Sure enjoyed the Super Bowl game last night and i’m happy for the Saints.  My favorite part was after the game, the cameras panned in on Drew Brees with his baby boy.  He was completely focused on his son and had tears in his eyes and it was so precious..my heart filled from seeing it.  Drew definitely has his priorities straight..knows what is important.  Just lovely to see.

I have signed up to take Ellen Dugan’s online class “Hearth and Home” based on her Cottage Witchery book.  Gonna start on it today I think.  I loved that book and have read it twice now..can’t wait to see what she is going to teach me more about.  My home is important to me and the more magickal I can make it the better.  We all should make our homes to reflect ourselves, to bring comfort and peace to ourselves and our loved ones.  I’m often told my home is comforting and thats what I want to hear.  One of the errands I need to do today is to buy some candles..My yankee candles are gone and I’m missing their delicious smells..hum..wonder what scents I’ll come home with today??  My hubby is partial to the ones that smell like food..his favorite being the hazelnut coffee.  I like those too for the kitchen but for my other rooms I like natural scents like jasmine, lavender, vanilla etc.  Yummy.

I’m enjoying blogging very much and get excited when I get some hits..still learning how to use the site..if anyone has any suggestions for my site I’d be happy to listen.  I want to learn how to post pics..haven’t figured that out yet.  Don’t forget to click on charity link..its for the environment which I’m passionate about..doesn’t cost you anything..just a couple of minutes to do a couple of tasks..thanks in advance for that!

Blessed Be, Autumn


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