Blessed Ostara….

Just a quick post to say that I had a blessed Ostara and hope that you did too.  I spent the day with my daughters and grandaughter.  We had a nice luncheon and spent time talking about planting our gardens, spring activities etc  We were going to color eggs but my little grandaughter is teething and was tired so she went down for a nap and we decided to wait so that she could be involved with the project.  We will probably dye them for Easter..yes, we do have an Easter brunch with our extended family, my parents and siblings, as my parents don’t know about our witchy path.  They are christain and older and would not be understanding.  My mom knows that we are into herbs and oils and crystals etc but not the full extent of two of her daughters and two of her grandaughters chosen path.  The day may come we can tell them but not yet.  Its hard to hide it but its a must for now.

I did my Ostara ritual on the night of the 22nd as that was the first chance I had to have time at my altar.  I love the calm feeling that comes over me at my altar, lighting candles and incense, worshipping the Lord and Lady, speaking the words that come from my heart.  It is such a wonderful sense of oneness with the earth and sky and it makes me feel whole and happy.  However you worship, do it fully and with love in your heart and really feel what comes back to you.

I have bought little biodegradable pots and soil to plant my herb seeds..can’t wait to see the seeds start to germinate and turn into the wonderful sweet smelling herbs that I’ll use for cooking and spellwork.  I have a sunny window with a window seat and its the perfect spot to start the seeds.  I’ll transplant them to large patio pots around May 1.  If you don’t garden or don’t live where you can, its very easy to get a pot and fill it with herbs…try it!

The next Sabbat is Beltane or May Day on May 1.  It is a true celebration of spring.  I hope to make up some May baskets, have a nice meal, plant some flowers and herbs etc.  I’ll talk more about this closer to the day.

In the meantime, I hope its spring where you live and the sun is shining on you again.

Blessed Be,  Autumn



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2 responses to “Blessed Ostara….

  1. Jan

    Your posts are so beautiful and uplifting! I feel your spirit through your words. You are opening my eyes to the real joys of spring!

    • Thanks Jan…I didn’t know you were reading my blog! I am sooo looking forward to Spring, gardening, getting outside and walking and playing with Lily…I know you enjoy the great weather too…especially for all those sports practices! 🙂


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