Poor Mother Earth….


I am so sad and so upset about what is happening in the Gulf with the oil spill.  They call it a spill for one thing!  Seriously!!  Hasn’t it gone way way WAY past a “spill”!!!  I would call it a huge monsoon, typhoon, hurricane of a oil catastrophe!!  I can’t believe that BP has no idea how to fix this in a timely manner!  Did they ever think “what if?”  this happened???  What if that happened??  Oh my Goddess!! 

There are people out of work because they can’t fish, there are restaurants who can’t get fish to serve their customers, New Orleans is getting hit hard..again!  But the worse thing is the long term destruction to our ocean, its occupants, the wetlands, the beaches, and the other animals such as birds, turtles, snakes etc that survive and live in those areas.  The longer the oil is allowed to gush..the more years it will take to clean it up and the more time it has to destroy life and professions.  It is a major calamity of epic proportion and the extent of it hasn’t even began to come out yet!

I am a witch and honor our Earth Mother in my everyday life..in every way I can.  This hurts to the core.  But it shouldn’t matter what your religion, creed, race, class…it should be devastating to us all!  But because I’m a witch, I believe that I can add my voice the the prayers, spells, rituals, requests, that are going out all over the USA…

I have written a charm that I’m doing every day ..at least until the “spill” is stopped.  I’m sharing it here with you..

Light a blue candle, anoint it with peppermint oil for healing, protection and purification.  Light the candle…

Focus your intent into the candle..if you can do this spell by a body of water..even better!

Now say:

O Goddess of the stars, moon and sun

Let thy love and healing come

To Earth who is my mother

Please help Her to recover

Her oceans and land are in great need

Because of our own uncaring deeds

Bless her and heal her, make her whole again

Now let the healing power begin

By candle and scent, and prayers to thee

As I will it, so mote it be.

 Do this often and with great intent!  I know I am! 

I pray and implore that we learn a lesson in this terrible tragedy, Blessings to you all and Blessings to our Mother Earth…




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2 responses to “Poor Mother Earth….

  1. Your words genuinely echo my sentiments, dear sister of mine. THANK YOU for this and for being AUTHENTIC YOU.

  2. Bless you Tina..How did I know you would comment! 🙂 I really am just so sick about this…so many of us are! Wish I could go down there and help the animals..clean them up or something…All I can do is my prayers and spells and hope they find some way to stop it soon.
    Love and light my friend!

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