Summer Solstice…

We are very close to celebrating Summer Solstice on June 21.  Summer solstice is the  longest day of the year and when the Sun is at its strongest.  The Sun god is at his mightiest, and as of this moment, will begin to decline as the days grow shorter and the winter months come.  Pagans in ancient times (and now) celebrate on this day,  the power of the Sun and his love for the Goddess, who is now pregnant with his child.  The sun causes the Earth’s bounty to ripen and grow, as those of us who garden can attest, much as the child the Goddess carries grows. 

Midsummer or Litha, is a fire Sabbat.  It is most appropriate to have a  bonfire and spend time outside.  Also, the faerie realm is very active during this time.  Make an offering to the Fae  and thank them for the help they give to you in your garden.  A gift of a crystal point or a bit of bread and honey are much appreciated by them.  Your herbs should be growing tall and you can use them in your cooking and spellwork now.   Spend time outside, have a cook out, take a walk, sit under a tree and feel the Goddess’ presence, offer up thanks for the many blessings this season is giving you.

This is a good time to rededicate yourself to the God and Goddess in your chosen path.  Handfastings are of course perfect for Midsummer.  Spells for health and prosperity will be answered this time of year.  Decorate your altar with summer flowers, a faery statue, summer crystals such as tiger’s eyes and any green stone, birds feathers, fresh fruit slices, a pot of honey.  Use the summer colors such as green as grass, gold as sun, blue as sky, yellow as sunflower and red as rose!  Lighten up and brighten up for this sumertime Sabbat!

My altar is pretty much done..though I’ll be adding slices of fresh citrus fruits and strawberries and a bit of honey on that night.  Here is a picture of what I’ve done so far…..

The ring of stones is for the fae, Gaia and Greenman, my goddess and god, faeries, my elemental representations, my ritual tools,  all there.  As I said, my natural elements of honey and summer fruits will be put on when I’m ready to use it.

My family will be enjoying a bonfire and a feast. We will  make an offering to the Fae, and enjoy each others company.  That night I will spend time at my altar privately, doing my own ritual.  Summer Solstice is a joyous celebration and I hope that you all enjoy it too!  May the sun shine on you brightly, may the faeries bestow their blessings on you and may you live everyday in Joy, Love and Light!

Bright Summer Blessings, Autumn


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  1. ravenspiritsong

    thank you for the re-minder! your alter is love-ly!! <*)

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