Blessing Full Moon…….

Merry Meet friends…tonight is a witch’s favorite night…a Full Moon!  This moon is the Blessing Moon..This is a time for divination, dreams, focusing on goals, and expanding spiritual consciousness.  For me, the weather, though hot and humid (UGH) should be clear and beautiful to commune with Her tonight.  Last night she was also amazing  as I sat and watched Her, surrounded by clouds but shining between them brightly, low and close.  Her energy is incredible and I know tonight will be even more electric!

My full moon rituals always include re-charging in the moonlight my magickal jewelry, crystals, and athame and wand…I also make new Blessed water about every other full moon.  Tonight I chose to do a Witches Bottle…a protection spell for my home and everyone in it.  I got this spell from Ellen Dugan’s book “Book of Witchery”  which I have and will again recommend’s really a great book!  I’m going to post her spell her..I hope she doesn’t mind….don’t think she will as it’s published! 🙂

Witch’s Protection Bottle

You will be burying this bottle in the ground at your front door.

Gather items needed:                                                   

-A Sturdy, clean, wide-mouthed bottle or jar with a tight lid.
-Soil or sand from the area surrounding your home.
-Something sparkly or shining like small tumbled crystals, beads, sea glass

-A rusty bent nail.
-A piece of broken glass
-Dried herbs

*Mint, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme
-A new penny or other coin
-Some loose hair from any pets in your home
-A piece of hair from all living in the home

-A magickal spell candle

Find the appropriate spot in your yard to bury the bottle. Work on the night of a
 Full Moon at the height of the Full Moon,  or on the Full Moon right before Summer Solstice. Have all your items with you and a shovel. Use salt to purify the space.

         Create and open sacred space. Light your working candle while you do your work. Dig the hole in the earth, try to keep the top sod in good shape to replace over the hole. Sprinkle with salt. Ground and Center.   When ready, say these words:

With the Goddess and God working for and through me
according to free will and for the good of all.
I now fill this bottle.
Earth anchors this magick in the ground.
This rusty nail, bent, now repels anything and anyone negative or life-denying.
The sparkling, shiny small pieces of crystals hold the light for me and my deities.
A broken piece of glass to deflect harm to anyone it is intended for.
These herbs infuse the bottle with their living properties;


Mint for money and protection
Parsley for protection
Sage for wisdom and protection
Rosemary for love, healing, and health
Thyme for health, love, and courage.
This new penny manifests abundance in my home.
 Hair from my beloved pets to protect them.
Hair from my loved ones who dwell here, to protect and draw away negativity.
This home is divinely protected and effectively safe.
Nothing and no one can enter without my permission
Only those people and beings through whom the Goddess and God work
Can stay here, can visit, can touch this place.
Only Positive Magick lives in this place
In safety, protection, abundance, love, and joy
According to free will and for the good of all!

Start to bury the bottle, and replace the sod you dug up before hand and then say:

I now bury this bottle
It is invisible to all but me
And its magick continues
And so mote it be!

     By the time you have finished this spell, the bottle should be buried. Cover with leaves or something appropriate to make it truly invisible. Under the ground, it will continue to work until you choose to remove it. If you leave that area, it is best to dig up the bottle. Then perform this again at your next residence.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust!

 I also spent a bit of time this morning harvesting more herbs..which are doing fabulous!!  I have found I had much better luck planting them in pots this year than in the ground..

Lughnasadh or Lammas is coming up next week..August 1.  I’m gearing up for it now.  It’s one of my favorite Sabbats as it is the first Harvest festival…and I absolutely love Autumn!  (as you may be able to tell from my name!) 🙂  I will post more info on that later this week.  

My family had a rough week this week when my daughter had a miscarriage at 6 weeks of pregnancy.  However, she is doing very well considering.  She is an optimistic, strong girl and is looking to the future, as his her husband and those of us who love them.  They of course, have their darling Lily, who turned 20 months yesterday, to help them thru as well! 

May the Goddess shine her moonlight on each of you and bring you joy, peace, comfort and healing.

Blessed Be, Autumn


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  1. I loved this blog, i shared it on my facebook. Hope you dont mind, i know my friends would enjoy it. ~Stephanie

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