My Samhain Altar………

Merry Meet my witchy friends!  Today I finally got my Samhain Altar ready…my favorite altar I think for my favorite time of year!  I had so much fun choosing the fabric for the altar cloth..and I found the perfect one.  It is in indigo, black and orange..the colors representative of Samhain…it has Jack O’Lanterns, witches hats and witches brooms…just cheerful and fun.

My Samhain altar is about fun and seriousness at the same time.  The fun stuff is the owl, the pumpkin and raven, black roses, skulls etc.  The serious stuff…the pics of my ancestors who have gone on before and I will be calling on on Samhain night!  The witchy orange Goddess candle to represent the last harvest festival, and the black God candle, to represent him dieing and waiting to be reborn in the spring.  Other harvest reps are the pumpkins, indian corn, acorns and leaves.  Crystals are jet, obsidian, black tourmeline, red river carnelian, orange carnelian and orange jasper.  There is a large piece of obsidian that could be used for diviniation is very powerful at Samhain.  I have the reps for the quarters as always, one change is my cauldron is representing Air as I  will be burning loose incense rather than a cone or stick.  My atheme and wand are always on my altar of course.

My ancestors pictures are precious to me…these are mostly pics taken when they were young.  My maternal grandfather, both grandmothers, both sets of great grandparents and a great great grandmother.  An aunt who died when she was 2 years old..all mean much to me.  I call on them often and I can’t wait to visit with them again on Samhain night!  There is also pics of my two chihuahuas..Pepper and Charlie…my girls are in the pics too..but thank Goddess they are still with me!!  The thinning of the veil is a very magickal mystical night for all witches.  Who would you like to hear from that night? 

I just had to post this pic too..this is my male cat Jasper…1/2 of my familiars…coming to bless and approve my altar.  He does this everytime..the minute I’m done setting up…here he comes..he jumps up..sniffs around..bats the crystals around..plays with my wand and then jumps down.  He is a very witchy cat and I love him!

I mentioned that I would be burning a loose incense recipe on Samhain night…my next post will be about that..the recipe and the how to’s….I’ll post in the next day or so.

Merry Part until then..Samhain Blessings to each of you, Autumn



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9 responses to “My Samhain Altar………

  1. Beautiful altar, it’s lovely how your cat checks it out for you. I think putting your ancestors photos on for this festival is great.

  2. Autumn Earthsong

    Thanks so much Jane…I really appreciate your comment and that you read my blog!! Come back anytime!!
    Blessed Samhain!

  3. Rue

    Wonderful altar – and it’s nice that Jasper approves too!

  4. Thanks much Jen…it was nice that he blessed it and approved it! He is a funny cat! Thanks so much for reading..I was just reading yours too…Looks like you enjoyed your entertainment and enlightenment much! 🙂
    BB, Autumn

  5. amowolf

    Very nice, thank you for sharing. I love your cat. I have a black cat named Susie that is very witchy. She follows me to the outdoor sanctum every time I go there. My little black witchy dog does the same. My little familiars are very very special.

  6. thriftywitch

    very simple and well put togather thank you for shareing

  7. Reblogged this on Wiccan Witchcraft and commented:
    A little over a month until Samhain/Beltane (Northern/Southern hemispheres), and I found this post. The holiday is getting so near, looking for ways to decorate my altar, I feel like a child at Christmas.

  8. Your alter is beautiful! This is going to be my very first Samhain. I’ve always had psychic abilities, but never really, and truly, accepted my whitchy ways until recently. I really hope to connect with my father who passed when I was 18.

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