Saying good-bye to 2010……

Merry Meet my friends.  I hope that you all had a fabulous holiday and that Santa was good to you all!  I had a very nice holiday myself and my family was very generous and thoughtful this year…there were many “witchy” presents under our tree, for my daughters and myself.  My hubby got me the camera I had been wanting as well..can’t wait to play with the powerful zoom lens! 🙂  

If you’re like me, pretty quick after the last present is open and the feast is over and everything put away…it’s time to think about taking down the decorations! LOL!  For me this starts immediately.  All of the sudden I feel the need to clear out all the clutter that I find so beautiful and charming when the holiday season starts.  I want to put it all away, de-clutter, organize, clean.  As a witch, I also start thinking about clearing the house of the stale air and any negative energy.  I start thinking of projects I can work on during the long winter ahead.

I have blogged about how to do a house cleansing here before so I wont’ go into it again.  But I will be doing a thorough cleaning this week.  New Year’s eve I will do a thorough cleansing.  I will also at midnight throw open the doors and invite in positive, healthy energy and send out the old, negative energy! Grab your broom and sweep out all the things, both physical and mental, that no longer serve you well.  Do  a good smudging and a quick chant…that should do the trick!  I will also spend some time at my altar which will be set up just simply…holding only my elemental reps,  My god and goddess candles, some crystals, and my working tools.  As I think about what I want to come my way in the new year, I will place sympathy items there to represent those hopes…such as coins for prosperity,  a red heart stone for love,  a band aid for good health, food and drink for abundance, a 4 leaf clover charm for good luck, etc. Think about what you would like to have come your way and place items on your altar as well.  Ask god and goddess to bless you in the new year to know they are listening! 🙂

We are heading for the New Moon as well soon.  Want to start a new project for winter?  The New Moon is the perfect time for that as all witches know!  I am going to tackle my attic to get rid of junk, turn a never used sewing room into a room for my grandkids, make a quilt for my granddaughter’s big girl room, and work on my Book of Shadows…seriously work on that!  I will catch up on reading as I will have more time to do that and will start working on making some herbal remedies I’m in need of as well.

I know alot of people don’t love Winter, but I say it’s an opportunity to both relax and reflect, and  a time to get your home organized and cleaned out for the coming spring.  Winter gives you time to work on those projects that you always want to do but don’t seem to have the time to do.  What will you do this winter?  What would you like to accomplish?  Find something to look forward to, don’t let the blues or the “I’m so bored” take over!  Think about spring coming..maybe you’d like to peruse gardening books and plan your garden.  Paint a room a pretty spring color like yellow or green or lilac.  Work on your BOS or make up some lotions and potions.  All of these things will make winter go faster and be more enjoyable and you’ll feel so good and so accomplished!

New Year’s resolutions?  Do you do them?  I have done them in the past and of course, like everybody else, start out with good intentions and work hard to do them, but they soon fall to the wayside.  I quit doing them many years ago.  This year however, I have a few things that I would like to resolve to improve my life.  These I hope are very doable for me 🙂

*Be kind and speak softly

*Open myself up to receive love from others and to give love in return

*Practice witchcraft somehow, everyday

*Continue to learn and grow in my path..becoming stagnant is to lose my magick

*To be the best I can be

*To live in the moment

*To honor the Goddess and the Earth everyday in all I do

*Practice random acts of kindness

I hope these are things I can “do” everyday…hopefully without even giving it a thought..that it just comes naturally.  Have you thought about resolutions?  Things you’d like to bring into your life, that you want to change about your life?  Now is the time! 

Love and Blessings, Autumn



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10 responses to “Saying good-bye to 2010……

  1. Cyndee Frew

    I’ve not done resolutions in years.. because as you say, they tend to go by the wayside.. but these that you have written are excellent and something I think we should strive for in our path.
    Thanks again for sharing sister! Love your writings!

  2. I love this Autumn…it is motivating me to start organizing and planning. I love the idea of putting “sympathetic items” on my altar for things I want to come into my life in 2011. That’s a lovely idea. Thank you, again. Love you Diane )O(

  3. I also like to put the decorations away and take the tree down before the new year hits. Like you, I like to have things straightened out and start my organizing and decluttering.

    • Sophiadawn,

      Some friends of mine and I decided that as witches we like to take them down because we are already thinking about the next Sabbat! I think there is something to that…we always have something to celebrate, a new moon, a full moon, the next sabbat!
      Blessed Be, Autumn

  4. Hi Autumn! 🙂
    What a wonderful post! You certainly give a gal a lot to think about! And you know what? I LOVE winter, well, I’m in love with all of the seasons, I think it’s a great time to regroup, but also to cuddle in and re-energize. I really like your idea of placing sympathy items on your altar. I have to work on mine too. Over the next few days, I’m going to really think of my intentions for 2011. I’ve made resolutions before, but my heart wasn’t really into them. I’ve gone through a lot of spiritual growth this year though, so I know that anything I place my intention on will succeed. I did my seasonal de-clutter and smudging on Yule Eve this year! And cool about your camera!!! I got myself a great new (well, used at a Pawn Shoppe) camera with a 12x zoom last year, and it’s one of my most prized material possessions!! Have fun with it!

    • Greetings Rain,
      It’s so nice to meet you and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I went to visit yours as well and love it!!! I could learn from you with your photography! 🙂 I’ve added your blog to my blogroll, as a favorite. Hope thats ok? I would “follow” you or subscribe but didnt’ see a way to do that….if there is and I’m missing it, let me know!

      Blessed Be and stay in touch,

  5. Hi Autumn!
    Oops, I’d taken the “Followers” gadget off my blog lately because it was giving me technical errors, but it’s back there, at the bottom of the page!
    🙂 I think my favourite feature of the camera is the “burst” feature, where you hold down the shutter button and it takes photo after photo! That’s how I get a lot of my good critter shots! I hope yours has that feature! Oh, and the optical zoom is great too! And thanks for the compliment! See you around the blogs!!!

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