Living a Magickal Life…….

Merry Meet friends!  The Sun has come out for 3 days now and signs of Spring are showing up here in Ohio!  There are shoots coming up of daffodils and crocuses, wildflowers are popping up, chipmunks and squirrels are out and about, my crabapple trees are starting to bud and my fish are moving around in the koi pond!  All wonderful signs of the return of the Sun god.  I have been enjoying gorgeous sunrises earlier in the morning and the Moon comes out later at night.  Ostara or the Spring Equinox is less then 3 weeks away…ahhhh..Spring 🙂

I recently read a newletter  from Patti Wigington at that I thought was a great article and I wanted to talk about it here on my blog. She talks about how we come to this path for various reasons and that finding our way of practicing our craft and honoring our Deities should be something we think about and “do” everyday.  There are many of us who may only celebrate at Full Moons or on Sabbats or perform a spell occasionally when the mood strikes us.  They may have read a book or two or three and think that they know everything they need to know.  She calls them “Weekend Wiccans”.

“Living a magical life is something that one does twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Depending on the needs of your tradition, it may involve something as complex as daily ritual, or as simple as taking a moment to thank your gods each morning when you get out of bed. It means being in tune with the spiritual world around you, and staying in balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

A pagan or witch who really grasps the meaning of living the magickal way of life…finds some way to celebrate everyday.  They take notice of the small things throughout their day to day life that brings joy and magick to them.  Everything they do is with purpose and intention…to honor their deities and Mother Earth  and Her inhabitants,  and to increase their own power in manifesting the life they desire for themselves and their families. I am sure that you know  someone who does this and does it beautifully.  How do they do it?  How do they find the time?  Well, lets talk about that.   This newsletter brings up some suggestions and I have a few of my own.  You see I am one of those witches who strives to find magick in my everyday life.  Some days I am wonderfully successful, some days I’m mediocre, but I DO try, every day, to make my home and my life magickal.

-My very first suggestion is to watch a sunrise or a sunset and moonrise.  Watching this wonderful moment in time..everyday…will remind you of the wonder of the turning of the wheel, of the day that is starting or ending.  I can’t watch a sunset and then the mystical moon without feeling so blessed in my path and to thank the Goddess for it. 

-Know the phases of the attention to when the Moon will be full or new,  or if She is waxing or waning.  Pay attention to how you are feeling during the different phases.  Knowing the phases will ensure that any spells or rituals you perform will be as strong as they can be if done during the right phase of the Moon.  It connects you to the flow of energy, the changing seasons, etc.  The Moon rising and setting is what keeps the wheel of life rolling.

-Read everything you can get your hands on..never stop learning!  I have been reading witchcraft books for 13 years now and there are many, many I still havent’ read or want to re-read.  Everytime I read a book I learn something new..and can apply it to my practice or discard it as not helpful to me.  With the internet at our disposal and our witchy facebook friends, we get alot of differing opinions and ideas thrown out as facts.  Being knowledgeable about your craft will help you to decide what feels right to you.  

-Be a caretaker of this Earth we live on.  You can do magick everyday by being mindful of  your relationship with nature.  Recycle, compost, reuse, watch your energy usage.  Also you can plant trees, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Collect rainwater.  Be close to Mother Earth, dive into her dirt, sit under a tree, feed and water the birds.  Be aware of the subtle changes in the seasons.  These things alone bring awareness of the magick in our everyday lives.   

-One of my favorite ways to bring magick into my everyday life is to light a candle with intention.  I light a candle everyday with the intention of sending healing to someone I care about.  There are so many ways to be witchy. Make loose incense, burn it in your cauldron and smudge your house with it to clean out the negativity.  I love grinding herbs and resins with my mortar and pestle and make a sweet or spicy incense.  Carry crystals with you for the purpose you are needing that day such as healing or protection or to draw love.   Take a few minutes everyday at your altar to meditate or send a prayer to the Goddess/God.  Have a cup of tea that you have made yourself from your own herbs grown in your garden.  Give an offering to the fae and ask them to aid you in your garden.  All of these things just take up minutes of your day or no time at all. 

-Be empowered.  Be aware of the power you have to manifest your desires yourself.  Be honorable in word and deed.  Use your magick for good and to better your life.  Be helpful, loving, respectful to others and yourself.  Giving love is what we are all here for after all.  Be responsible for you own actions.  If you are unhappy or living a life much less then you should be, take the steps to fix it.  You deserve your best life!

-Find happiness in the small things in life.  A gorgeous sunny day, a moonlit starry sky, a good simple meal of fresh foods, a good book, the smell of woodsmoke or lavender growing in your garden.  Keep your home harmonious, clean, happy.  Live a balanced life.  Be aware of small things with big impact and be grateful for them.  Focus on the positive and let the negative go.  Be happy!

-Honor Goddess/God everyday in some way.  A morning prayer for a good day, an evening thank you for the things you are blessed with.  Go out and look at the Moon goddess and draw Her in….feel the energy you can receive from Her!  Sit in the Sun and feel the warmth from the Sun god.  Be aware that they are within you..not without!  You can draw strength from them by looking inward.  When you are still…they will talk to you.

-Keep a BOS or journal.  I have journaled for 15 years and writing down my thoughts and feelings and the things that are going on in the world or just my world is very important to me.   It is a record of my life that will be passed down to my children & grandchildren.  It helps to free my mind from all the thoughts floating around in there as well. LOL.  A BOS is a witches most important tool besides themselves.  It is a place to go for information to aid you in your magick, your spells and rituals.  It makes life easier to have that information in one place when you need it. 

-Bring magick to the mundane part of your life.  When you cook, put all your love into it…no matter how simple the meal, your love will make it delicious.  When you bathe or shower, use yummy smelling products that remind you of your garden or your favorite spice.  Picture all the negativity washing away from you..any bad feelings or anger go right down the drain.  Listen to music that soothes your soul or makes you feel positive and happy and energetic.  If you are washing your car,  place protection all around it to keep you safe.  When you clean your house, wash out the stagnant air and bring in fresh air.  Place protection and love all around your home while dusting it.  Picture your home as a place of love and harmony and balance.  You are manifesting a better life for yourself when you do this.

-Give Love to your family and friends everyday.  Never be too busy to take a few moments to let them know you love them.  When you give love, you will receive it back!  This is something you all brilliant witches 🙂

Now I know that some people will be saying that they do NOT have time to do all of this.  After all, you have jobs, kids, furbabies, errands, extended family, appts, etc to take care of.  But many of the things I mentioned above, you are already doing.  Just change the way you look at what you are doing every day.  Don’t look at it as a chore, look at it as a chance to bring magick into your day.  Find a way to find the time for your craft everyday.  If all you do is spend 10 minutes outside…to connect with nature….then you will find that magick and want it so bad that you will find other ways to get it…I promise you.  The more you practice..the better you get at it! Picture in your ….at your best witchy self and you will achieve it!

My life as a witch just keeps getting better and better and I understand more and more that magick and the divine and nature is all around us.  There for us to enjoy and take in.  I can make of my life what I want it to be.  Even when everything seems to be going wrong, I can find the silver lining on a cloudy day.  So can you…just look for it…MAGICK! 

Blessings and Love, Autumn



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19 responses to “Living a Magickal Life…….

  1. thank you for your beautiful words…it is indeed a magickal life!!…<*)

  2. These are all fantastic ideas for keeping the magick alive every single day! (new reader, awesome blog, I’ll be back a lot!)

    • Merry Meet Autumn ..Nice name 🙂 Very nice to meet you and I’m glad you like my blog and I’m glad you’ll be back often. I really appreciate feedback so feel free to comment anytime!
      Be Magickal!

  3. Jenn

    It ‘s amazing to me, reading this article for two reasons: How my grandmother and grandfather said and taught so many of the very things you are writing about here (as their relatives taught them) but only, they used different words. I don’t recall the word magic being used very often at all..on rare occasions, in a teasing way…but I remember the words, “Grace” and “Mama Earth” and one that always puzzled me, “the Old Ones.” Even when lighting a fire in the fireplace, I remember a little whispered blessing/prayer in a mixture of, Scottish dialect, although our family has been in the United States for over 400 years. Anyway, I am actively trying hard to remember everything from back then and this lovely article helped a lot.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Jenn…Thank you for telling me about your family. It seems as though you were blessed with a magickal family though they might not have used the word. My grandmother lead me on my path though she didnt’ know how her wisdom would impact me in my adult life. I am glad my blog lead you to remember.
      Thank you and Blessed Be.

  4. Angelique Autumn

    Another insightful and beautiful blog entry! It is nice to have the affirmation that what I brought from my Christian heritage into this magical path is sacred and divine as much now as it ever was! I am so excited that Persephone is traveling in your part of the world and placing her kisses upon the earth to bring forth beauty and life! Namaste and Blessed Be

    • Hello Angelique my sister! Thank you. Whatever our heritage, it’s what we put into it that makes our lives beautiful! I am excited that Persephone is traveling here as well..I am so ready for Spring! I know that you are enjoying an early Spring too!
      Blessings my friend.

  5. Good morning, Autumn. Beautiful blog this morning. We all need a reminder now and then about not only how Magickal our life is, but also how we bring magick into the universe by living a Magickal life. Love and Blessings to you. )O(

  6. “They take notice of the small things throughout their day to day life that brings joy and magick to them.”—this is exactly it and exactly how I try to live every day! I don’t actually call myself a pagan (I have trouble labeling myself) but I really appreciate all the tips here. Seriously this is the best personal post I’ve read in months. Thank you!
    Many Blessings!

    • Melissa..thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback and coming from a fellow makes me feel great! It doesnt’ matter what your spirituality is….you can have magick in your life and I see that you do my friend!
      Love and Light!

  7. Cyndee

    Wonderful reminder Autumn! You are Awesome!

  8. Jolee

    Thank you for the beautiful post and reminder. I try to bring magick to every aspect of my life, though sometimes fall short and make it harder than it needs to be. It’s nice to know others are out there striving to make the everyday magickal as well.


  9. Athena MoonOwl

    I so enjoyed your blog and I love living my Magical life! I have retired with my love of 40yrs to the mountains and I have never been happier than I am now living in the woods,I feel so connected to Mother Earth and I am so thankful for ALL my Blessings! Thanks for your lovely blogs and Bright Blessings to you!

  10. Thank you for this post. Somewhere in the midst of trying to build a business and deal with family stress I lost my spirituality, and I’m trying to get it back. I’m not Wiccan anymore, but I am still spiritual, and I want to have that back in my life. sometimes I forget that I can simply put intention and gratitude into what i already do and have it make a difference. all the negativity of life can make it feel so pointless, but I still believe in a corner of my heart that there is real magic and I can get it back if I try.

    Have a wonderful day.

  11. Carol Bellisari

    What a wonderful article. I’m a 62 year old woman. Ive been told many times that I live my life as a witch. Your writing sounds like my life! Lol and i live in Ohio! I have never read any books on witch craft. Could you suggest one? I have read and studied all of the Women who run with the wolves work by CPE. If you could lead me in the right direction with a title I would really appreciate it! Thank you Carol

    • Hi Carol… nice to meet you and thank you! Where in Ohio? It would be pretty hard for me to recommend just one book as there are so many great beginner books. I’m happy to mention a few but it would help to know if you were leaning towards Wicca or just Witchcraft. I’m thinking a good basic book to start with would be a little book called Simple Wicca by Michele Morgan and Wicca by Scott Cunningham. Try those first and see what you think. Keep in mind Wicca is a pagan religion. Because it’s a religion it will seem to have a lot of rules. Don’t get bogged down in that… rules can be broken lol. And if you find you’re a witch andnot a Wiccan there are books for that too. But the craft is similar either way! Hope that helps! Autumn

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