Wordless Wednesday 6/15/2011……..







Blessed Strawberry Moon!  Love and Light, Autumn



Filed under Altars, Full Moons, Litha/Summer Solstice, Photography, Summer, Wordless Wednesday

8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 6/15/2011……..

  1. beauty all around, surrounding you, bathing you with light and love.

  2. Such beautiful altar pictures! Many bright blessings 🙂

  3. Your altars are so lovely – I feel inspired to do more with mine. Tonight an enormous copper moon is rising through the trees. She is stunning!

  4. irish claddagh

    AMAZING!!!!! just as always, I would not expect anything less….Absolutely stunning energy and blessings all around you, they jump off the page. I love it (not surprising) May you have a wonderful Summer Solstitce and may all the positive energies of the Universe and all the magikal blessings shine upon you and your beautiful family.
    Lv u ❤

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