The Sea Witch…….

The Sea Witch

 The Sea Witch watches the Sunset from the beach…vivid oranges and pinks to deep purples and dark blues..and finally darkness.  As she stands with her feet in the warm current of the ocean, the sand slipping away from under her bare feet,  she quietly observes  the Full Moon rise up and over the blue-black water of the ocean.  It is the Harvest Moon….deep red, then warm orange,  pale yellow, then bright white as She rises majestically in the star filled sky.  She lights a candle and  casts a circle.  Pulling crystals from her pocket, she buries them in the sand with quiet words spoken from the heart.  She calls forth the elements, all four right there with her…Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Then invoking the Goddess, asking Her to attend, to lead, to love her thru her ritual. She feels Her near…

  The Sea Witch raises her arms to the sky to draw in the energy from the Moon Goddess.   Beneath her feet, she feels the earth moving, warm water lapping,  soft breeze caressing, the flame of the candle flickering… and the tingling  and warmth  in her body, heart and soul as she connects with her Goddess, feels the  energy, strong and sure,  coursing through her.  Both calming and exhilarating, joy and peace fills her as the energy builds within her.  She wants to laugh and she wants to cry, and the beauty of the moment engraves itself on her mind and heart forever. She sinks into the sand to rest, to ground and center, to have a glass of wine.  She pours some of the wine into the ground as an offering. 

Taking a few more minutes to meditate, the sound of the ocean soothing  her, the bright light of the Moon shining on the white sand, the scents swirling around her..the Sea Witch  thanks the Goddess for the blessings in her life.  She thanks the elements for their attendance, takes down her circle, and snuffs the flame of the candle.  With renewed energy and feeling very blessed, she goes back to her loved ones…… who wait.



Blessed Be….Autumn



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6 responses to “The Sea Witch…….

  1. Ohhhh Autumn,This is absolutely Beautiful..!!!!!! I so love it!!!!

  2. Pam Bates

    Love it. You should write a book—get paid for things like this.

  3. Moondancer

    Wonderful dear Sea Witch … : ) … and Pam is right … you should write a book … : ) … you have a wonderful gift with words … : ) … I can feel and see every bit of your special night with the Harvest Moon … : ) xx

  4. irish claddagh

    :’)……I’m in tears……I don’t think there has been anything more inspiring to me that I live within 10 min. of the ocean to go out there and engulf myself in its beauty like these words have done for me this very moment…..I’m speechless….thank you sister Autumn for such a precious gift. )O(

  5. Willow SilverMoon

    I love this Mom! Absolutely fabulous!!

  6. Blessed Be, my sister! Love you!

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