Joy and Love is the Reason……

Merry Meet my friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  I know I did.  We had a small group this year as some of my family was scattered in all directions, but those of us who were here had a very wonderful day.  Watching my granddaughter Lily open her birthday presents for her 3rd birthday was highest on my list of memories that day. Such a blessing is that little girl 🙂 

Since then, I have been in full Yule mode! 🙂  Shopping and decorating and sending off cards and spending time having fun with the family.  I feel behind so far but taking the time to enjoy the season so I’m having fun either way.  My house should be fully decked out by tomorrow night, shopping is more then half done, cards will be going by the weekend and wrapping and baking will commence soon after.  We have even had our first snow tuesday night and it was beautiful.  It didnt’t stay around for long but I’m quite sure, living in Ohio as I do, there is much more to come..and soon!  I have had fireside, Bailey’s in my glass night, and watching holiday movies nights, and lunch out with family and shopping days…I just love this time of year!

Along with the joy of the Season, comes again the Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays wars.  *sigh*.  I just felt the need to put in my two cents worth as I see many who feel like me…. and then there are those people who are apparantly completely offended if the “right” words aren’t spoken to them during this time of year. 

As you all know by now, I am a Witch..a Pagan.  I celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice. It is a very joyful and meaningful Sabbat for me and I celebrate it fully!    I also celebrate Christmas  *gasp* LOL.    I grew up celebrating Christmas and some of my family members are Christians.  I celebrate the day with them.  For me, it’s not  a celebration of the birth of the Christian Jesus Christ, It’s a family holiday…’s about Santa, presents, good food, fun, family, love and joy. Just like many Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan families do..we celebrate both!  Now I know that to some Pagans, this is an unpopular decision, and yet I have many many facebook Witch and Pagan friends who do the same. Unless you are born into a family who is all of one faith, it would be disrespectful, in my opinion, not to share in the day with those I love, who celebrate Christmas. 

When I see all the comments about “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”  or “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas”….well, one I agree with and one I sure don’t.  I agree that Christ is the reason for Christmas..after all, Christmas IS a Christian holiday, the birth of Jesus to the Christians.   However, Jesus is NOT the reason for the Season in my mind.  The “season”  is not just a day…the Season is much more..for some people it denotes the period of time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  For others, it may be just the December holidays.  For still others, it might be the whole Wintertime..after all, many “holidays” are celebrated well into January.  The birth of Jesus, (Which we should all know by now, was NOT in December)  is not the reason for ANY of the other holidays but Christmas…right??  For me, the Solstice, the turning of the Wheel of the Year, the re-birth of the Sun God, the longest night of the year is the reason for Yule and my celebration of the “season”.  Hannukah, Kwaanza, and other faiths have their own reason for the season as well.  The season is not just about the Christian holiday, Christmas.

Having said all that, I think the argument over what to say or what you want to hear is just absurd. For me, if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Blessed Yule, or Happy Holidays…I look at it as well wishes for a joyful holiday, joyful season, or joyful day.  Merry Christmas is not a slap in the face to my beliefs.  It is what the OTHER person believes so that is what they say.  Why don’t we all quit being so selfish and just take the sentiment in the way it was meant to be taken? They are wishing you well!!  You can choose to respond as you want too…of course.  There is nothing wrong with saying something different back to them…for instance “Merry Christmas to you and Blessed Yule to me”….or say what you prefer to say…in a nice way..not in a correcting manner. Most likely they will smile and still wish you well.  and keep in mind..if you are being helped by someone in customer service..they HAVE to say whatever the store policy is….don’t get nasty with them for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas or vice versa.  I have seen this happen and it just gets my Irish up! LOL. I have also seen a Christian get very nasty when told Happy Holidays..and it actually scared me it was so nasty!  Same with other faiths folks who don’t think about anyone but themselves this time of year.  My fear is that some day nobody will be giving a seasonal greeting to anyone out of fear of saying the wrong thing and receiving an earful!  How sad would that be?  😦 

I’m not telling anyone what to do..just saying what I think is the right thing to do.  I try to be gracious, accept whatever greeting comes my way and move on.  I believe if I react kindly, the Goddess will appreciate that I was kind. The Pagan community is growing in leaps and bounds and Blessed Yule is on the lips of many!  Take comfort in that if anything 🙂 Look at Joy and Love as the Reason for the Season..for I believe no matter what you celebrate …those are two good reasons we can all agree on and embrace in unison!

I don’t know if I have Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Athiest readers here..but I know I have a lot of beautiful Witches and Pagans..many I call friends.  I know many of you feel as I do, and some of you may not.  I honor your choices either way.  And by the way,  I do feel the irritation too when someone puts Jesus and Christmas down my throat when it’s unwanted.  That is a whole different thing and I would deal with that much differently..after all, I am a Witch! Hehehe 🙂

Soon I will be posting my Yule recipes, altar pics and some favorite Yule books I love.  So I’ll be back soon!  Please feel free to leave comments…whether you agree or disagree…I love a good discussion!

Blessings and Light, Autumn




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23 responses to “Joy and Love is the Reason……

  1. tigerlilyjkt

    As always, beautifully stated!! Love it!

  2. Rue

    Well said, dear Autumn!

    I also celebrate Christmas with my family, who are primarily Christian, (especially the extended family – my Uncle the Pastor and all!) I celebrate Yule either by myself or with a small group of like-minded friends. I see no reason not to celebrate in whatever way moves you!

    I’ve also celebrated/observed Chinese New Year, Lent and the Indian festival of Holi, even though those events do not belong to my particular belief system. I find ritual and celebration vastly interesting and joyful, and I will celebrate/observe/witness/drink-to whatever delights me! I’m an equal-opportunity celebration-ist!

  3. Ellie

    Thank you for the “love and joy is the reason for the season.” Well said!

  4. I understand exactly what you mean Autumn! We should all learn the true meaning of Coexistence!!!! In my personal experience…i have friends from different religions and though i’m more spiritual than religious i still respect their beliefs and traditions… as they pretty much do the same to me. And i think is great when people are not afraid to open their minds a little bit and realize that it’s our differences what makes us unique and special in this world. A world of acceptance and love for each other is one of my biggest wishes! BLeSsiNgS dEar AuTuMn! ❤

  5. Moondancer

    Blessings of the Season dear sister … : ) … I love all the holidays all year … joy , love and happiness should always be celebrated … : ) … Happy Yule to you and your girls and a very Merry Christmas to all of you as well … : ) xx

  6. Well said! I’m a Goddess-loving Pagan, but my fondest memories of childhood include the power and passion of midnight Mass. I still sing carols with gusto (although I love when I can find Pagan versions), and it’s a centralized date that I can celebrate & kick back (especially since nowadays, one of the busiest times of my job happens right on & during Solstice, and Christmas is my first chance to breathe). I will happily wish Christians a Merry Christmas, Jews a Happy Hannukah and so on…but it’s easier to say ‘happy holidays’ and let them translate. You stated this simply a beautifully. Enjoy the season!

  7. Kate Parks

    Beautiful Mom…my feelings exactly ❤

  8. Meadow Bonnie Law

    Thank you Autumn,
    You always have a beautiful way with words.
    I have had several people ask me why I have a decorated Yule tree in my house, and the big question,,, “Aren’t you a Pagan? You don’t celebrate Christmas”. After I explain, most have a look of, ” Really,, I didn’t know that ” on their face. Haha one by one we will
    ” COEXIST”
    The Merriest of the Yule season to you and your beautiful family.

  9. EarthDancer

    Beautifully written Autumn.

  10. marnette boyd

    Sweet sister you are so right , you could not have said it any better . I just look at people with a smile and leave them to their own what ever . My friend I too do the Yule and christmas thing because I am the only Witch in the family , I respect their choices as most of the time they I . I put a twist on my decorating and only my witchy friends see what I have done . The cool thing is now they are also doing Yule out of respect for what I believe and that is the best gift they could ever give to me . It is about family and love not what you believe . It is how we want to live our lives for the good for all that is important ,not what man has said we have to believe . So dear sister have a Blessed Yule and Happy 2012 . Love and light . Marnette

  11. irish claddagh

    Its the “Season”….you said it…its not a day but an entire season….if folks would just be respectful to others beliefs instead of wanting to dominate the holiday things wouldn’t be so out of control…the self minded world we are living in…but we have to believe in what we believe and stand up for that belief and the Lord & Lady will be appreciative. This is something we have to teach our kids and grand kids, not only with tradition but by example as well……Respect is what should be the gift with an added Joy & love to all this year not as a stocking stuffer but as a full big box under the tree…as always sister Autumn, you have given me another fabulous read which always helps me grow a little bit more in my faith. Luv you, Merry Yule and all the blessings from the holidays through out the season. 🙂

  12. Angelique Autumn

    Oh Autumn! Well said as usual! I agree with you so deeply. We should be happy that someone gives us a greeting in whatever way it is done. I would never give up celebrating Christmas…it is such a magickal time of year especially when there are children involved. Unfortunately it has been commercialized and the joy gets taken out of it with the “feeling” that we have to buy the best, etc. I love the lights, the songs and the decorated trees! I see Goddess in all of it! Blessings on your holiday season! Blessed Yule! and Merry Christmas! May your light always shine brightly in this loving garden! Hugs!

    • Thank you so much dear Angelique 🙂 I agree that Christmas has become too commercialized..I think thats why I love Yule so much. It is a quiet time, spent with my Divine God and Goddess and nature…it’s simple and beautiful. But I love Christmas day as well for the family time and the festive feeling! Blessed Yule and Merry Christmas to you dear friend!

  13. Lovely words Autumn! And quite refreshing to hear some positivity about the “season” instead of all the complaining I’ve been experiencing. I’m a Witch and my husband is Catholic and we celebrate both Yule and Christmas. There’s no reason to deny either celebration. The world (and our home) is big enough for both of our personal beliefs. Have a Blessed Yule and a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

    • Thank you so much Autumn. I have the same situation at hubby was raised Catholic and though he doesn’t attend a church, those teachings are very much ingrained in him. I believe there are many more pagans who celebrate both then those who don’t 🙂
      Blessed Yule to you and I love your blog too!
      Love and Light, Autumn

  14. Autumn , I couldn’t agree more with this blog.. Christmas/Yule to me is about joy… celebrate the ones we love and the world in general.. I have to admit I still wish people a merry Christmas because that is what they believe in and just as we all may have a different name for our Gods/Goddesses we can all have different names for this time of year the feelings and intentions are basically the same as well.

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for coming by and commenting..I still wish a Merry Christmas to my family members who celebrate it too. The feelings are the same indeed…I agree with you sister!!
      Hugs and Love!

  15. Jennifer

    Autumn your blogs are just so beautiful and inspirational. What a blessing you witches are! I know that becoming friends with Cindy Maluna has led me to a whole new world of the most inspiring women ever! I have so much to learn and explore. As for your thoughts on Christmas I share them. It seems that so many people have to just have it one way or else and I say phooey on that! I’m not a religious person, however I do respect Jesus and his teachings along with many others. I doubt the birth happened exactly as said, however it is a sweet story and I do have a Nativity set. The season to me is about my daughter coming home after a year, being with friends and family for good food and cheer, presents, lots of lights and decorations and being grateful.

  16. houseofewes

    This is a beautiful post. I know I’m reading it a year late, lol, but it’s still true no matter how much time has passed. I borrowed your Coexist image for my blog, while of course crediting you and giving a link back to this post 🙂

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