Happy 2012!…….

Merry Meet and a Very Happy New Year!  I am so late posting this but I have a very good reason.  I woke up on Dec. 27..with a whole day to relax in front of me.  I got my coffee, sat down, put my laptop on my lap, logged on…and OH NO!!!  I had a virus!!  A “security shield” antivirus (fake) popped up and that was that…I couldn’t do anything at all.  I shut down my computer, got dressed and ran it to the Geek Squad at my local Best Buy.  Sooo….I just got it back tonight, virus gone, and the miracle of not having lost one thing from my computer…everything intact!   I really missed my computer…amazing how hard it is to function without it..at least for me it was.  Keeping up with my blog, my facebook friends, my banking, emails, online shopping etc…much harder to do from phone or my Nook tablet then it is on my laptop.  I’m very happy to have it back 🙂   

 I wanted to do a quick post to start the New Year.   I changed out my theme from Yule/Christmas to a Winter theme (I love it!).  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, I know I did.  I was incredibly busy and quite tired, but it was worth it.  It was a great time with my family and Santa was very good to all of us.  Our New Year’s Eve was quiet.  I fixed some appetizers and my daughter Kate, her husband Matt and my grandkids came over for the evening.  We had a nice time playing with the babies, enjoying good food and each others company. After they left..no staying til midnight with babies :)…..the rest of us watched the Rockin New Year’s eve show and counted down to 2012 watching the ball drop in Times Square.  Then we went to bed.  🙂

I spent New Years Day taking down the Christmas decorations and getting the house back in order.  Then I spent the rest of the day relaxing by the fire, reading, and playing Words with Friends (my new obsession!).  So all in all a wonderful holiday.  Now, I move on to the deepest part of Winter.  Now those who know me or read my blog…know I love Winter.  I love it for the beauty of the snow, the restfulness of the long dark nights, the warmth of the fireplace and the slower pace and more days at home.  I read and crochet to my heart’s content, projects around the house get done and caught up, and I have time to spend on myself a bit too.  I call it “nesting”….and I find it necessary every year after all the busy work of the holidays!

I also love to use the Wintertime to work on my Book of Shadows, organize and clean my witchy cabinet and replace any supplies I’m getting low on, like candles, oils, incenses, and herbs etc.  I work on making up my witchy potions, loose incenses,  and oil blends.  I even collect snow for “snow water”.  I find snow to have an amazing energy and I use it for my altar work.  Basically, because Winter forces us to slow down and take it easy a bit,  I have more time to do the things I LOVE to do ..that I don’t have time to do during the other seasons.  This is why I love Winter!

Now for New Year’s, I don’t have resolutions (I never stick to them) but I do set some GOALS for the next year.  I seem to always have the need to have something I’m striving for…something to look forward to..something I want to change in my life to make it better.  This year is no different.  I want to start an etsy business and I’ll be working on that early this year.  I’m always striving to live a healthier life..more exercise, to eat better etc.  I am setting a goal also to take more time for myself and to do the things that make me feel good about myself..that give me joy..that keep me grounded and connected.  Journaling, time for my craft, reading, finding time to be with friends, taking more walks, yoga, and planning my summer gardens are all on my list of things I want to do better 🙂  What are your goals for the New Year?  Do you have any?  If goal setting is not a priority for you that is fine of course.   But  maybe you are overwhelmed with all you’d like to do or to change in your life and don’t know where to start?  In that case, I recommend you start with One thing.  I read a book years ago..about how making one small change in your life..can set off a chain of change..like a snowball rolling downhill.  Change one small thing and see what happens! Make it simple and easy.  You’ll be surprised how satisfying it’ll be!

My wish for all of you is that 2012 brings much joy, good health, prosperity, and beautiful days for you and yours.  Happy New Year to you all!! 

Oh..Imbolc is coming up fast and furious!  One of my favorite Sabbats.  So I’ll be back soon 🙂 

Blessings in 2012…..Autumn



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8 responses to “Happy 2012!…….

  1. Pam Bates

    Yes—one small change can lead to more and make a huge difference. I’m glad you got your computer back—safe and sound. Love your blogs 🙂

  2. Debra

    Thank you for this! One of my goals is to straighten and freshen up my herb cupboard, plan the garden, especially the herdbs! I’ve been so encouraged by yours and Maluna’s fb posts that I’m seriously studying herbs and how to preserve and use them, be less dependant on Target for my medicinal needs and listen more to Mother Goddess! Blessings to you.

  3. Moondancer

    Love your background of the snowflakes … : ) … very pretty and very peaceful … : ) … it’s nice to hear of all your plans and your love for winter … as you know it doesn’t slow down that much here … but it sure is nice to read about it and dream … ; ) ❤

  4. You’re a wonder, lady. 🙂 My goal is to become a facilitator full-time. I would love to add other holistic practices to my SoulCollage and be able to work from home. Thanks for helping me to put it into words. Have a wonderful day, my friend! ♥

  5. irish claddagh

    Ahhh, what a fabulous way to start my morning, I could actually feel the warmth that comes from a hearth, the fresh crisp cool air that comes from outside and the softness your mood brought to the page….sis, I feel so relaxed right now, better than I did 1/2 hr ago when I woke up tense…I love you and of course as always, I love your blogs. 🙂

  6. marnette boyd

    Blessed new 2012 , I have set goals this year for my self , not big ones little ones so I can stick to them . Clean out all unwanted things . Like old clothes I know i am not getting back into lol lol To walk more and get healthier . To do some things I want to do not what others want me to do . To make little changes in my life so I am ready for the bigger ones coming . To clean out the old and let the new in . i already have a class to go to that will help me deal and understand what is coming our way this 2012 . I am going to look at me and make the changes needed and wanted . So to all my sweet sister and my dear friend Autumn love to and your family with bright blessings and light . BB )O(

  7. Autumn,
    How wonderful to have things so thought out in your heart and mind,,,all together. I enjoy your blog and posts on facebook. I personally want to say Happy New Year 2012 and thanks for the inspiration and love that I feel from all you share with us. I have been in a whirlwind this past year and somehow this year is already beginning to feel a bit different. I know that my life is what I make of it and so even though I do not make resolutions but like you, set some goals or things I would like to see change or be added into my life, I feel good about where I am in life and where I hope to be. I am ready to let go of the old making room for the new. This is an incredible time to be alive and I intend on making every bit of it shine and be fruitful. Let’s just say it is about time the new me showed up for the part. I look forward to 2012 and to more of your wonderful warm & bright posts. Blessings to you and your wonderful family. May you continue to shine so that others may also shine.

  8. Angelique Autumn

    Winter is my favorite season after fall! I love the hibernation sense of it along with the introspective nature of hunkering down! My goal for this year is to Be and Watch! Don’t know what that will look like really, but that is what Goddess has given me to work with this year as I approach my 6th decade of being on this planet! Happy New Year! And much love!

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