Bloom where you grow……..

Merry Meet my friends.  Blessed Full Moon to you all!  It is completely overcast here tonight…expecting a bit of snow too!  Despite the overcast night I can feel the pull of the Moon and will spend some time..snow or no…with Her 🙂  I’ve been under the weather ..again…but this time with a stomach virus I caught from my little granddaughter.  She started pre-school about a month ago and already has gotten sick and passed it on to her loved ones LOL.  It seems to be lasting 3-5 days , today is the end of my 2nd day, so I expect to feel much better tomorrow.  Luckily, last night, I spent time outside, clearing out the sickies and calling on some healing for my family..when I could see Her!

Saturday, as I was driving home from my daughter’s house, I passed a church up the road.  The sign out front caught my eye.  It said ” You must know how to flower where God has sown you.”  For some reason…it stuck with me.  Of course being a Witch and loving the Goddess..I immediately turned God to Goddess in my mind, but the meaning stands no matter what Deity or path you follow.  Bloom where you grow…another way of putting it.  But the wording on this one meant more to me.  You must KNOW how to flower…..  hummmm??

Now I’m a Taurus…very earthy, well grounded, steady and common sense. I’m not one who has my head in the clouds and follows pipe dreams.   I understand on a simple level what the sign is saying of course.  Make the most of what you have, your circumstances, your day..your life. Standing around complaining, bemoaning, hating your life is going to get you nowhere….except miserable.  I think all of us “know” that…but not all of us know how to do it.  I always wonder what gives some people a better coping mechanism, more “gumption”, more positive energy then others to deal with what Life sends their way.  You all know what I’m talking about.  You will see someone who has everything good in life….and yet they are the most unhappy, angry, mean people in the world.  And you’ll see somebody who hasn’t got a “pot to piss in” so to speak …and they are the most joyful, exuberant, happy people in the world.  Why is that?

Now I don’t believe in the Christian concept that God sets your Life in stone… and all things happen for a reason..and God doesn’t give you more then you can handle etc.  I believe that we are given Freewill…that no matter what circumstances we are born to or fall into….we CAN change them if we need to.  But you have to WANT to.  It won’t just happen if you don’t make it so.  Now obviously, there are things that can’t be changed.  I’ll use myself as an example.  My Mother is one of the most controlling, belittling, critical, mean and unhappy people I know. My childhood was a scary place.  I had no control as a child to change that…obviously.  All I could do was to try to be the best I could be ..despite her.  My best moments in my childhood were when I was away from her.  So thats what I did.  I stayed away as much as possible.  I got involved in everything!  From paper routes and baby sitting, to school groups and functions.  I spent weekends at girlfriends houses, went to my grandmothers as much as possible, holed up in my room with books when I could. I was rarely home and was most active in School and extra-curricular activites.   It worked.  Somehow I grew up NOT  believing that I was the all the things my Mother said I was.  My sense of Self remained basically intact.  I Chose not to believe what she was teaching me…Thank Goddess. 


Somehow, I inherently “KNEW” how to flower where I was sown.  Somehow, I knew what I needed to do to care for nurture myself…to Bloom despite what I had to deal with.  I believe that it was inside of me.  It’s there in all of us. We just have to listen.   As a Pagan Witch, I truly believe this.  The Goddess/God is with us always.  They want only the best for us.  Everything we need to “deal” with what we are handed,  is there..if we listen for it.  Now I can hear some of you saying…but I have this terrible illness, or I’m flat broke, or I’m alone….how can I “flower” with all that going on?  Well…that is hard and terrible and sad…but how you handle it is still up to you. You can be miserable and just let it happen to you…or you can do something to change it.  Often, it’s just telling yourself that “I Can Do This”. ” You  Can” get thru Cancer with  a positive attitude ..that you will live every day given you with Joy and bring joy to all those who love you.  “You  Can”  learn to live with less..find ways to be happy that doesn’t cost a lot of money.  Live simply, cut the excesses, or get another job doing something you Love!.  If you feel lonely or alone…well that is the easiest one to fix if you ask me.  There are people at every turn…many of them looking for a friend.  Remember..what you put out comes back.  Open yourself up..feel yourself full of love for others..and it will be returned in Full…you’ll see. 

Now I am no Pollyanna…I know that life is tough…I’m living it too.  But “knowing” how to flower…in any situation…is inside of you.  You can do it if you want to.  But you have to want to.  Bloom where you grow…or change your circumstances…either way..You’ll have a better life..a happier life.  You know, Pagans believe in re-incarnation.  I believe that we come back to Earth to learn a lesson in each life we live.  Perhaps, deep inside….the Goddess/God is trying to remind you what you’re here to learn.  Your difficult circumstances may be a lesson…and you can learn the lesson well …by dealing with it well.  That’s my thoughts on it anyway 🙂 I hope you all have a Life that is a Garden..full of lovely blooms.  If not…how about growing some of your own.  🙂 



I wish you all a Beautiful Full moon night….May your Life be all you want it to be.  Make it so!

Blessings and Love, Autumn






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14 responses to “Bloom where you grow……..

  1. I so love this,sis! You are a flower in my garden of life! I love you!

  2. Moondancer

    Beautiful … : ) ❤ xx

  3. Cynthia

    I really love your blog and website. I have been researching a story about Venus and I found your blog while doing the research. I really loved what you said about Imbolc. I have been trying to clean everything. You were a real inspiration to me. The full moon blog is very nice also. Thankyou!

  4. Meadow Bonnie Law

    Very nice Autumn, Thank you for this. It was good for me to read this.
    I plan on growing a huge garden of flowers.
    Goddess Bless xo

  5. Bonnie

    ‎10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react to what happens to you. Ain’t it the truth. *smile*

  6. Angelique Autumn

    Beautiful and wise words my dear Sister Witch! I love the image of blooming where we are planted by the Goddess! Just like we know to prune our plants and Gaia knows to prune Her plants through wind, rain, ice, snow and even fire; Goddess prunes us with the life situations we find ourselves in. With that pruning we are able to branch out in new and different ways. When things get tough I just remember that pine trees only reproduce by fire; the dropping of the cones to the ground are then encouraged to open up and let the seeds go deep into the soil! Show your beautiful flowers today! Love you!

  7. This is a wonderful post, and a good reminder. I’m a very lucky womon who lets the one negative in my life–my job–overpower & overshadow everything. I get stubborn & refuse to ‘bloom where I grow’ lest it be seen as capitualtion to the idea that I’ll be at this job ‘forever’. Your post reminds me that allowing myself to be the best I can be, to live to my full potential, is a sacred act, regardless of where that happens. Thank you!

  8. CindyMaluna

    Perfection!!! You are such an inspiration! Thank you!!

  9. Jerilyn

    I enjoyed your blog today…Thanks for your beautiful words…Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Kate Parks

    Lovely!! Love hearing your speak your mind…..this is so you ❤

  11. Janel

    Today my feet are to step on a new path, your words are such an inspiration, thankyou.

  12. Janel

    My home land (South of the UK) has a blanket of snow this Imbolc,-2 during the day here. Your page of snow flakes is a magical touch to my day. Blessings of Mother Holda!

  13. Jen

    Beautiful words….thanks so much, have a lovely day!

  14. Pam Bates

    Thank you. I believe this may be one of your best–and you have so many great ones.

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