Blessed Thanksgiving 2012……

Merry Meet my friends.  Hope you all are enjoying your Autumn…late Autumn now. I know for so many it’s your favorite time of year..mine too!  Here in Ohio, all the glorious color is gone now…just stark trees.  But the skies have been blue, the weather mild and it’s been a wonderful Season!

I have been a very busy woman!  Packing up a large houseful of stuff…preparing to move to a smaller home has been challenging….but gratifying!  I LOVE letting go of the overabundance of stuff that a larger home can hold..and that accumulates over time.  It feels good to unburden myself of china rarely used, too many sets of wine glasses, books never to be read again, clothes outgrown or unliked and not worn, home decorations that no longer cause a smile etc.   It’s freeing!!  I recommend it to everyone!  I am going to have one huge garage sale this Spring at my new home! 🙂

Packing has become a bit more of a problem however because I took a bad tumble down our stairs and messed up my knee and tailbone pretty badly.  I’ve been in discomfort and crutches and very little mobility for 10 days now and I’m frustrated that there is no improvement.  The injury couldn’t have been at a worse time too!  I am finally having an MRI on monday and ortho doc will be able to tell me what’s wrong on we will go from there.  I’m doing my best to not get panicky about all there is still to do and me not being able to do it like I would have been.

I’m coping however the best I can with my faith in my Goddess and the calming influence of my family and friends who are helping me when they can and assuring me all will be well.  My hubby has been a trooper too!  This all brings me to the purpose of my post today.   Thanksgiving….not the day but the attitude of it.

Those who know me on facebook, in my everyday life, and read my blog know I’ve had a rough year this year.  Between my brain surgery in March and that recovery, the problems my daughter Sara has had, and now this..well it’s been challenging to say the least.  To stay positive and upbeat and not sink into a depressive state has been hard..but not I’ve done it fairly well.  Most days!  Something I learned a long time ago…when a car accident changed our lives forever…is that we get out of Life what we put into it.  We can pull up our bootstraps…make the most of it..and move on.  Or we can wallow in self-pity and live a dismal, sad Life.  As a family we have always chosen a good Life..a joyful Life..a glass is half-full, find the silver lining Life.   We can’t fathom any other way of living.

I see it over and over too from others who I admire and love.  I see so many of my facebook friends who live with daily pain, have injuries or losses or financial troubles,  and yet, they keep on posting positive things, aid others when they need it, offer prayers for others, leave a hug or a heart on someone’s page…I find it heartwarming and gratifying and I try to do the same thing too.  I see the opposite too..on facebook and in my everyday Life..those who never can see the good thru the bad, can’t find empathy for others thru their own pain, or think the world just sucks and Life has treated them unkind and unfair.  It’s knowing people like that in my Life that made me want to be sure that I don’t ever go there!!

I have kept a journal for about 15 years now..pretty faithfully.  I first learned of the importance of having gratitude from a book I read..many of you probably read it too.  Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.   It changed my Life.  Even though I always had a positive attitude in Life, I started journaling things I was grateful for each day. I don’t care how bad of a day I was having, I found something..or a few be grateful for.  I wrote them down in my journal.  Sometimes I had to REALLY think about what had happened that day I could have thankfulness for..and soon…I realized that there was always matter how small..that I could write in my journal.  It taught me not to just be a positive person, but to have an Attitude of Gratitude always.  To be Thankful to what Life and the Goddess gave me every day.  The small, simple things.

So on this Thanksgiving, while you are enjoying time with family and friends, take some time between bites 🙂  to be grateful for the good things in your Life.  This will be a very different Thanksgiving for me this year.  I am the oldest daughter of 4 children and I have held all the holidays at my home for many years now.  This year, half the family is on a cruise together, and half are visiting with relatives on the other side of the family this year.  So, it is just Sara, hubby Jim and I this year.  My thankfulness?  With being laid up and my house a mess from moving, I can throw a turkey breast in the oven, rest my leg, read, crochet, watch the Macy’s day parade and take a day off by the fire, from packing and even thinking about packing, for one day 🙂   Now that is a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

While I’m on the subject, I want to thank my readers..well, for reading my blog 🙂  I appreciate it so much and love getting to know many of you thru facebook etc..who have become my friends.  Thank YOU!!   I wish all of you a Blessed you and yours!  Make it Merry…and filled with gratefulness!

Blessings and Love, Autumn



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24 responses to “Blessed Thanksgiving 2012……

  1. Jennifer

    Autumn you are the best! I know that you have had a rough year, you are a true inspiration to me and i know others, I am not sure others would have been able to look for something good if all of this happened to them.
    You are so right about having so much to be thankful for, if we are all honest we all have a lot to be thankful for, there are many that do without a lot of things on a daily basis that we take for granted.
    Enjoy your day Autumn! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you!

    • of the things I’m grateful for is meeting you 🙂 You too are always upbeat and positive my friend and I appreciate your friendship very much! Blessings to you and yours and much Love!

  2. chefette13

    Hi Autum
    You can’t catch a break at all this year. 😦 better times will come with 2013. It’s wonderful to see that you have been able to keep your positive attitude. My theory has always been “smile, it makes them wonder what you are up to.” makes others around you smile too. 😀 Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to you and yours.

    • Hello June! I have to tell you that it always makes my day when I see a comment from you on my blog. I would love to get to know you always make me smile. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my friend and Many Blessings!

  3. Sunshine Fae

    My lovely Autumn! Once again your beautifully crafted words touch my heart and soul. You have indeed had a tough year and I have been honored to journey with you. Your attitude is so upbeat and positive and I learn a lot from you. It will just be my mom and dad and I which will be the smallest Thanksgiving yet since my 1st brother was born when I was 2 years old. We will watch the parade and football games and have a meal together! I am thankful for you my wonderful sister! Blessed be and much love!

    • Love you Sunshine and I’m Blessed by your TRUE friendship every day! I learn alot from you too Sister. This is our quietest Thanksgiving I can remember too..but I’m enjoying it alot LOL. Have a Blessed to you later :))

  4. villa

    It is always nice to read yur blogs but this one was wonderful to read. Everyone has rough times but being optimistic is the key . I hope u get better soon . I will be standing duty for the navy but I’m happy to know everyone else will be relaxing :). Have a happy thanksgivin Autumn and thank u for the blog today it made appreciative .

    • Villa…THANK YOU for your services!!! Thanksgiving is the perfect day to tell you how much I appreciate those in the military for their unselfish devotion. I honor and admire you! Have a wonderful day and I’m happy that you follow me so I can know you!! Blessings!

  5. a wise teacher once told me if you wake up breathing!! its gonna be a good day!!!… to you autumn!!! your challenges have become your strengths and as the time passes i learn so much about patience, joy and acceptance from you!!! i am grateful for your reminder that no matter what the circumstance…all is well!!!! and grateful for the gift of our friendship!!!…love u so much!!! Njoy your day!!! <*)

    • I am grateful for our friendship as well much! You are always there with a word of encouragement and support and help me to stay focused on the good things. You mean the world to me! Much Love Sister!!

  6. Dearest Autumn~

    What a year this has been for you, eh? You have so much to be Thankful for, and it shows in how much Gratitude it’s given you throughout it all!!! May you be blessed this season by the Gracious Goddess and Bountiful God — and I love reading all you write and share with others, both here and on Facebook!!!

    Love You Dearly,
    xo Shami )O(

    • It has been a year dear Shami 🙂 But you are right….I still learned something from it. Thank you for being my friend and reading my blog…Love you Dearly too and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  7. Kim kica

    U r a strong lady and many look up to you!! A merry thanksgiving ~ I wish I was as sting as you!!

  8. Harvest Blessings to you my dear. I was thinking this morning how this day, Thanksgiving, is really a continuation of the harvest festivals that begin in early Fall and how I have thought so for years, before I knew of the Goddess. Your post puts me in mind that it is a continual thing to ‘mine’ our harvests for what we carry with us through life. Thank you for this. Sending peace, healing and good vibes your way. May your continued preparations for the move be fruitful, and may you continue to recover well. Blessings to you and yours!

    • I look at Thanksgiving as a continuation of the harvest as well Rosrua! Part of our “harvest” I think, like you, is to Harvest Blessings in all aspects of our lives…our gardens and homes, our attitudes, our friendships, Love…. you said it beautifully! Thanks for your well wishes too! Many Blessings to you and yours! Autumn

  9. Amanda

    Sending blessings and a big hello from Scotland. I have not long found your blog but wanted to say how much pleasure and knowledge I have gained reading through your posts. Hope you and your family (and all others over the water ) have a wonderful thanksgiving x
    Amanda x

    • Well Merry Meet Amanda from Scotland! How wonderful! I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland as my ancestors come from there 🙂 I’m glad you found my blog and thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad you get something out of it 🙂 Many Blessings to you and yours as well! Autumn

  10. Jennifer

    Simply a wonderful post Autumn and thank you for your positive outlook.

  11. Nora Nix

    Each month that I have read your blog (after stumbling on it a year ago) I have thanked the Goddess for you and your loving heart. Now, I want to thank you, after reading this last post. Not only did you touch on so many things I have been going through, but you gave me the courage to make some changes, to stand up for myself, and to know that I am not alone. I wish that I could come by with my favorite dish, or a wonderful book I just read, or better still – help you with your move with some empty boxes from my own move last year. Please know this, that I thank you, I admire you, and I love you, from down here in Social Circle, Georgia – you are in my thoughts and heart, and I send you Reiki love and healing, having received my Master attunement last weekend. Blessed be, Nora

    • Nora..your message really touched my heart..actually brought tears to my eyes. I have no idea if what I write touches others in any way. To know that I was able to do something for you thru my words means very much. I don’t know what you’re going thru, but I’m happy to hear that you got courage to make the changes you needed to make your Life honor yourself and oh my Goddess..I’m sure you’re not alone. We all have “stuff” to deal with…and sometimes it DOES just take a word or phrase from another to see that we aren’t alone. I wish you could come for a visit too 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing to get the best life possible!! Oh and Congrats on the Master Attunement!! I too plan on achieving that in this next year. My Reiki Master will be teaching me soon! Stay in touch so we can talk about it..ok?? If you’re on facebook…please friend me!! Thank you again…your message made my night. Many Blessings and much Love! Autumn

  12. Debra

    Hello Autumn– I came across your blog just prior to Samhain, and want to let you know how much I enjoy it. I send you healing energy for your body and a special wish that your move is smooth and your new home full of warmth and joy.
    I am new to the way of the Goddess and am so grateful to meet another woman my age who is following this path.
    I live in the far north of Canada so we are well into winter now. I am grateful for a warm hearth and home, and wish for you and yours a happy Yule and a peaceful winter. I’ll look forward to your next post!

    • Merry Meet Debra! I’m glad you found me too 🙂 Thank you for the healing and I’m glad you found your way to the Goddess as well. Finding this path was one of the best things that ever happened to me too! Hope you’re enjoying your Winter Hearth. and Blessed Yule to you as well. I will be writing again…things are very busy with moving to a new home but I’ll do my best to write soon! Thank you for commenting and nice to meet you! Autumn

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