The Wheel Turns to Imbolc, 2014……..

imagesCA48N7RIMerry Meet my friends! Wow..I can’t believe I just typed 2014!  Time flies so fast doesn’t it?  I hope this posting finds you all avoiding the flu, staying safe and warm in this incredibly frigid Winter we’re having, and that things have slowed down for you a bit! That you’ve had time to rest and relax. After all January is the best month to do that!  At least here in the Northern Hemisphere 🙂

I have been busy, both doing my yearly Imbolc deep cleaning and organizing, AND finding time to read, journal, take a nap, cook etc. Things I enjoy doing.  Imbolc is coming fast.  I love this Sabbat. As I’ve said before, it’s the first one I celebrated.  I mean truly celebrated it by stopping reading about it and getting up and doing something instead!  I decided not to try to do all the complicated things I was reading in my books..and just do what felt right….  and I haven’t looked back since!

This Imbolc I’m blessed with having my Circle of fellow Witches.  We will be meeting to celebrate Imbolc for a welcome the Sun..and we will do it in our jammies! LOL..something fun to look forward to.  It’s our first Imbolc gathering and won’t be our last I’m sure.

As I mentioned, I do my Spring cleaning early, for Imbolc, as I know a lot of you do.  I clean out closets and cupboards and drawers, getting rid of junk and organizing things better.  I dust high and low, move furniture and sweep and mop, baseboards, ceiling fans etc.  I clean my Witch cupboard out..dust it and cleanse and consecrate my tools again.  I smudge the house the day  before Imbolc, and put out new wards and protection.  It’s a busy Sabbat and a very satisfying one!

Magickally, I welcome the Sun on Imbolc morning, and that evening there is a fire of course. I burn any dusty old herbs that are still hanging and any greens, pinecones etc that are still around from Yule. Candles are lit all over the house.  We feast and drink and celebrate, knowing that while Winter still has it’s grip on us, Spring and Sun and longer days aren’t far behind! At Midnight, I throw open the doors and invite the Goddess Brighid in to my protect and bless us for the coming year!

I’m already dreaming about my gardens..planning what I want to plant, what I want to add or take away etc.  This year, as we have just been in this house one year now, there is LOTS to do yet!  Another raised bed will be built for my herbs, there will be holly bushes, lilac bushes and an elderberry tree added in the landscape.  We need to add two new trees..maples…one to the front yard and one to the back.  I’ll fine tune what I did yesterday, throw out what didn’t work and baby along what did.  *sigh*…there is nothing better then the Sun on my back and my hands in the dirt.  I can’t wait!

daffodils in snow

As you all know, I love Winter, but even I am getting tired of this frigid cold we’ve had this year.  I don’t mind the snow at all, but the cold is something else! I see so many talking about being tired of it already, feeling depressed, or cabin fever etc.  I totally understand.  All I can recommend is that you take the time to do something that you really love doing and do it.  Take a class, paint a room, re-decorate, work on your Book of Shadows or grimoire. Surround yourself with things and people who comfort you, watch great movies, sleep more, take a walk..even when it’s cold..just to get fresh air, read, dance, sing, make love…you get the picture! LOL.  Don’t give in to it if you can.  I find stepping out and breathing in cold, clean AIR does a lot to energize me..especially if the Sun is shining or the Moon is glowing! And there is always a cleansing bath…that makes everything better indeed!


For now, I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Leave me messages and tell me your plans, I’d love to hear them.  Be sure to use the search box on the right column for previous Imbolc postings and recipes etc.  I may be back with a recipe or two a bit later this week.  In the meantime, keep your Spirits up..use your Magick! Snow magick is strong!  There is a 2nd New Moon this month as well..the Black Moon on January 30..not a real common occurrence! Use it! Bright Blessings to you all! Stay warm and safe and remember..Spring will come!

“Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey,  and enjoy every idle hour.” 
–  John Boswell

Blessings and Love, Autumn



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6 responses to “The Wheel Turns to Imbolc, 2014……..

  1. Kimberly Kica

    Ah yes I can totally associate you with brighid and lavender!! I always do my big cleaning prior to Beltane, imbolc, and Ostara. Though I’m water I am close to water so enjoy the Imbolc symbol of candle wheel and fire burning. Consecrating my tools is a must for me at this time and I love to bring out my favorite dolly. My first ritual wasn’t during this sabbat but imbolc is indeed perfect time for it. I can see you flinging the door open at midnight and having a pj breakfast following night of ritual. I’m really planning on working on my BOS switching to bigger book and being more involved. I love your quotes at the end and always enjoy your blogs a blessed full moon to you a special one! And enjoy your naps I know I do!!

  2. chefette13

    Hi Autumn! well we finally got our first snowfall here in Newport News this past week and to tell the truth…I’m not ready to give up winter yet!! I’m just a big kid and at 60 something maybe it’s time for me to grow up. lol I love my winters with the snow and cold wind! if I could move to Alaska I would. I guess I would be called a reluctant wheel of the year turner. I do love all the Sabbats but there are some that make me much happier than others silly as that sounds. There is such joy in all of them though. I hope you enjoy your pajama breakfast party with your friends for Imbolc, what a novel idea!! I got all my house cleaning completed a few weeks ago, top to bottom…saged the entire house, blessed every corner and nook and crannie. I personally am not an outdoor gardener, I don’t deal with bugs well at all so my plants are indoor ones and I have a house full. In fact my almost 100 year old Christmas cactus is still blooming…it blooms for me from Samhain to well after Ostara. (I’ve been referring to it as my all holiday cactus) If you like flowers and would like to enjoy them earlier or in the dead of the winter….I saw something like this on a show recently ( ) that shows how to force bulbs indoors and it makes a lovely display…if you use a shorter wider container it’s even prettier. Nice gift for a shut-in or elderly neighbor maybe? A blessed Imbolc to you! May you always have sunshine in your life and in your heart.

  3. Debra Nehring

    Dear Autumn, your blog holds a special place in my heart as it is where I first “ran into you” by accident! I love your writings, love your spirit, and wish you a most blessed Imbolc in your PJs with your Circle! Sounds delish!
    I would love to know what you plan for eats for your Imbolc brunch. Something with ewes milk, perhaps? Haha
    Blessings always!

  4. Good Morning Autumn! We are dealing with snow as well. I am slowly getting back into a routine of writing and a little bit of reading. I love reading your blog you are always such an inspiration. I love all of your ideas on gardening! I will be re-doing my rose beds this year, the snow destroyed one of them and it will look weird to have full grown ones next to small ones so I am more than likely going to have to take them all out and replace others that is not doing so well, so this might be a good time and spot for herbs. Have a great day Autumn! ❤

  5. Blessed be dear sister…I have missed you! ❤

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