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daffodils_in_snow_Wallpaper_caq12Merry Meet my friends!  It’s Sun day….and it’s snowing and blowing outside.  Winter still has us in her grip.  Here in Ohio that is perfectly normal.  Spring doesn’t come for us until April and well into it too!   We were predicted at one point to have up to a foot of snow coming but it has been dropped back to 4-7 inches.  However, I’m not sure we’ll even get that.  We only have an inch so far.  It’s very pretty to watch on a lazy Sun day at home so I’m enjoying it.  Hope you all are safe and sound and tuckered in depending on whether you are getting the rains out west or the snow in the midwest and east.

My post today is about a few things I wanted to talk about.  I have given this blog a lot of serious thought lately. I debated not writing anymore.  I just had my 4th year anniversary here and I just wasn’t sure I had it in me to write here in anymore. I think I was losing my muse to write.  However, after some thought, I decided that I enjoy writing for my own enjoyment and will continue.  I’m grateful to my readers who seem to enjoy it too!  I am going to change up my writings a bit though.  I want to write MORE!  In the future, I’ll be doing posts about herbs, crystals, other blogs I want to feature, books, gardening, recipes, witchy craft pages of my friends,  and just more about my life as a Witch.  How I live it everyday.  I’m excited to take my blog in a new direction! I’ll also be working on my blogroll..updating, taking away those who aren’t writing anymore and adding some wonderful blogs I’ve discovered!

Another thing I wanted to share with my readers is that I have been a “chef” or writer for an online Pagan/Witch blog called the Sunday Stew.  Here is the link.

I was asked to come on as the Herbalist Witch and I am enjoying it tremendously.  The Stew has been around for some time..I’ve been reading it for some time.  I was so honored when my friend and blog owner Kallan Kennedy asked me to write for the Stew.  It comes out every Sun day morning.  Lots of great news articles, other bloggers thoughts and ideas, info on totems, tarot, businesses, recipes, spells and rituals and really a great read!  You can follow the blog via email or network blogs to be sure that the Stew shows up in your inbox every Sun day as well! Be sure to check it out.  I started writing at the end of December…so go back and check out my herbal info and recipes!  I have made some amazing new friends amongst the other writers and feel very blessed!

Another thing I’ve gotten much busier with is my own herbal business.  You can find the link here.

Verbena Lane Botanicals has been something I’ve just dabbled in a bit but I’m getting more serious about it now!  Thanks to the Stew featuring my shop, business has picked up a bit!   I’ve gotten more motivated and having a lot of fun kitchen witchin..making up new wonderful products for my shop. It’s something I really love doing!  Be sure and find me as Verbena Lane Botanicals on Facebook as well here……

Along those lines, I have started working, finally, on getting my Herbalist certification thru Rosemary Gladstar’s home study course.  I’m really excited !  I signed up right before I had the brain bleed nearly two years ago, and needless to say, it got set aside while I healed.  Then we moved, then etc etc etc and it always seemed to be put aside.  Now I’m making it a must do and I’m learning a lot!  The course is well written, beautifully presented in a huge binder, and makes you do the homework etc.  It’s just great! I highly recommend it! Here is the link for that!

Ostara is coming up fast!  Yes, my friends, despite the Winter we’ve had, Spring WILL come! We’ve even had a few days here and there that brought to mind a beautiful Spring day!  My mind has turned to my gardens, herbs, being outside with my feet on Mother Earth’s soft ground without snow! I want to get my hands dirty, plan and plant.  As we are in a new home, just a year now, I have more beds to landscape and plan. So much fun to think about doing…and even more fun to DO when I can!

Oh despite the snow and frigid cold days, I can feel the Wheel turning as most all Witches can!  The movement of Sun and Moon have changed, the days are longer, the shadows cast by the trees have changed.  The behavior of the birds and ground critters is different..I’m even seeing Robins!  Even here in Ohio there is Spring flowers trying to bloom and some bushes are showing buds.  As much as I love Winter, I am looking forward to Spring!  What are your plans for Ostara, for Spring?  Spring cleaning? Planting your seedlings indoors?  Gathering with friends to feast? Dying eggs? Putting up new wards and protection for your home and those who dwell there?  Cleansing your tools, altars, crystals and home to prepare for Spring?  All are wonderful ways to prepare for Spring and for the awakening of Mother Earth!

I’ll be back soon…and often! Please do check out the Stew for some wonderful reading and knowledge.  I want to thank you all for being a reader and a friend. I continue to be inspired by those around me everyday….  and just one more word….the old adage…Be KIND to one another!!!

Blessings and Love, Autumn





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18 responses to “Bits and Pieces……..

  1. Deb

    So happy you will be writting more my Witch Sister! I learn so much from you and you encourage me to embrace my witchyness every day! Spring is bursting forth here in South Carolina but more cold days on the way! Blessed be and much love!

  2. Nora

    I am so, so happy you decided to continue to write. I look forward to your posts, and have gone back and read the ones I missed. A few years ago I realized after many unhappy years, that my path was not the one I had been suffering with for 40 years. I feel, at 65, that I have so much to learn and so little time – and your words have given me such inspiration! I am envious of those who have experienced your knowledge and known their path for their lifetime. Each day I study, and practice, and am so excited to be alive and know that this is right for me. Blessed be, and know ye are awesome!

    • Nora…I was about 41-42 when I found my Path finally….though I had always lived it..I didn’t know what to call it 🙂 I too have lamented that I hadn’t started studying and learning sooner. I did what I did since I was a child…and I bet you felt the same Earth, the seasons, the Moon etc. Goddess has lead you to where you are now. Grab all the magickal moments with gusto NOW and live with Joy in your Path. You will make up for any time you feel you lost..I promise. Many Blessings and please come back!

  3. My beautiful sister,
    I’m glad you had decided to keep writing. I have enjoyed your writings for some time now and I welcome it I to my heart. Somehow reading about your home life, experiences, or what you are planning around you, transports me to a different realm if only for a short time.
    Thank you for your written words and know that they are most appreciated it.

    • Alex..thank you so much for your kind words. It’s readers like you..and you letting me know..that keep me writing not only for myself but for others. I hope that you will continue to enjoy my blog and I hope to get to know you! Thank you and hugs!

  4. looking forward to more of your musings deer sister!!! ♥

  5. Debra Nehring

    I am so looking forward to reading and hearing about the things you are passionate for! I’ve been interested in Rosemary’s course,I just love her philosophy and would love to spend some time with her personally!
    I’d consider signing up if you think it’s really the bomb!
    Although this last week has been hard for me, since it’s been so cold, i can definitely feel the Wheel turning towards Spring, simply because the Sun holds so much more warmth, and the days are so much longer than the short days of winter.
    Please continue to write, and share with us your discoveries on the Path!
    Hugs and Blessings!

    • Oh Debra…I strongly recommend it! It’s amazing! Some of it isn’t new to me..but a lot of it is! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. You are such a good friend and I so appreciate it! Much Love!

  6. Villa

    I am so glad your going to write more I truly enjoy reading about your magical life. I can’t wait to read all the new things you want to include. I am still new to the craft and I like reading how other people incorporate it into their life. I was a fan already of the recipes you had and lived all the ones I tried so far. So again thank you for wanting to still write.
    Blessed be

  7. thank you so much for writing …..I look forward to your post….and will be checking out your links mentioned…….looking forward to reading more …..enjoy life doing what you love.

    • Hi Debra..thank you so much for your feedback and support. I am heartened by the comments that there are those who enjoy what I write. You too enjoy your life you love and thank you!! Many Blessings!

  8. irishcladdagh3

    Yay!!!! Finally got this tablet figured out now I can read my favorite bloggers inspirational words of wisdom. Oh I have missed getting lost in your world of words, imagining your detailed descriptions of the beauty that surrounds you no matter what season. OMGoddess to think if I missed this I would have never known u thought of not writg anymore… Blessed the Earth you chose otherwise……I Love traveling with you on your moonlight path. Its a magikal place I can count on to make me feel at home. Love you always Autumn. Love & Light to you Always. )0(

    • My dear Irish..I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see you commenting’s just like the good old days 🙂 LOL. You are dear to my heart always and you always inspired me to write because you enjoyed it so much. Thank you so much Sis..thanks for visiting Verbena Lane too! Your order will be out tomorrow I think. Much love Sis!!! Have a great week! Goddess Bless!

  9. marnette boyd

    this is awesome my dear friend , I dont say much any more but try to check on what my friends are up to . have had so much going on in the mundane world , but I love what you post and all the info you share . I am so glad to know you and be aFB friend and sister of the craft . blessings and love BB )O( Marnette

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