10357532_740761952633883_8781510162816551980_nMerry Meet my friends!  It’s a gorgeous Saturn day here in Ohio! We’ve had a few beautiful days of cooler weather….50’s at night and 70’s during the day.  This whole Summer has been fairly mild.  Sure, we’ve had a few days that hit 90* or near it, but we’ve had good breezes and enough rain and though Summer isn’t my favorite Season, I’ve enjoyed it.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Litha/Summer Solstice.  I know I did.  I was busy that day as we were leaving for the Smoky Mountains the next day, but I harvested my first harvest of herbs, worked in the gardens a bit, and had a simple Summer feast.  I made offerings to the Fae, and welcomed the Sun on the longest day of the year! It was a beautiful Sabbat.



The next morning, my hubby, daughter Sara and our friend Shawna, left for the Smoky Mountains.  My daughter Kate, her hubby and my 3 grandbabies left at the same time as we were all vacationing together.  I booked a couple of wonderful cabins at our favorite resort area.  The weather was HOT, the traffic was terrible, and it rained every day….but it was a wonderful trip!! LOL.  Anytime I can be with my family, in the mountains that call to my Soul…..I’m a happy Witch!.  Ah the mountains.  They call to me and I never tire of seeing them, of being in them, and seeing how Mother changes the mountains with Her Seasons.   We even had the pleasure of seeing a momma bear and her very small cub learning to climb a tree 🙂  We ate well, spent some time by the pool and relaxed in our cabins while it was raining when it did.  We made some memories for the kids 🙂


“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

~Sam Keen

Now, Summer!  Everything here is still green and lush.  Gardens are blooming at full bloom, birds sing and critters scamper, the 4th of July was celebrated yesterday. Fireflies, butterflies, and bees are busy.  I have so many fond memories of Summer when I was a kid.  The adage….lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer..was true then.  I spent a lot of time playing with my friends in the neighborhood.  Kickball games, tether ball, riding our bikes or roller skating, going on hikes in the woods near our homes, fishing at Old River (not allowed but we did it anyway).  We only went home to eat or use the bathroom.  In the evening, the parents would come out to their porches, talk together and keep an eye on us….and we got a holler when it was time to come home…or we came home at dusk like good children. There were day trips to visit parks, fairs, drive-in movies, picnics etc.  Summer was truly a wonderful, memorable time.

Every Summer I spent a week with my grandma and grandpa who had 10 acres of apple trees, gardens, hammocks and endless fun.  I loved helping my grandmother snap beans and shell peas. I helped her bring in good things from her gardens, washed them, canned them, sliced them…whatever help I could be. I give my grandmother full credit for my love of gardening and cooking.  I learned at her side.   There was time spent on hammocks with library books that she made sure I had an abundance of… by taking me to the library herself.  There were 7 course meals..even for breakfast..mostly things from her garden. Early to bed and early to rise at her house.  I still can conjure up in my mind, the amazing scents coming from her kitchen early in the morning, windows open to let in any breeze that came, mourning doves cooing and my sense of contentment when I was there at her home. I eagerly jumped out of bed to be with her…usually standing in her kitchen in housedress and apron, stirring something amazing on the stove 🙂  It was pure magick!


I did my best to make those amazing kind of memories for my own daughters, and now I have the extreme pleasure of trying to do the same things for my own grandkids.  I want them to have those memories of the lazy days of Summer.  To know that Life can slow down in the Summer.  Kids these days seem to constantly need to be doing something…they enroll in every sport, go to camps, take lessons, need trips to malls and movies, play dates, etc etc.   There isn’t anything wrong with that..don’t get me wrong…but I think kids need to know how to entertain themselves, to slow down and be lazy, use their imagination…just BE!  Get your kids close to Mother Earth…let them dig in the dirt..gardening or making mud pies.  Lay blankets out on the ground and watch clouds drift by, or count stars at night under the Moon.  Take them to the library and encourage their reading over the Summer. Plan simple picnics, outdoor day trips and if you have a drive-in theater near you! Go!  Sprinklers, jars for fireflies or bugs, popsicles and s’mores, long walks in the woods, fishing….find things to do that don’t cost anything….teach them to find the simple pleasures of Summer. They’ll thank you for it later!


“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the blue sky, is by no means waste of time.”

~John Lubbock, “Recreation,” The Use of Life, 1894


I hope that you all have an amazing July!  August 1 is Lughnassadh already!! The first Harvest Sabbat.  The Wheel is turning fast! Make the most of every day of Summer!! Oh and for a couple of delicious adult Summertime drinks, be sure to read the Sunday Stew tomorrow for my recipes using mint from your garden.  Just click on the Cauldron link on the right here tomorrow morning 🙂  Can I just say yummy!!  Cool and refreshing drinks! I’ll be back soon to talk about Lughnassadh!  Have a great weekend!  Now I’m going to go hang clothes out on the line like my grandma did 🙂

Love and Blessings, Autumn

*Pics are my own!






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11 responses to “Summertime!……………….

  1. beautiful!!! made me think of summers with my grands…especially in the mtns….homemade biscuits, chocolate gravy and fresh cooked apples!! yumyum!!

    • Hum Dee! My grandmother made homemade applesauce, apple butter and rhubarb sauce! Yum!! You know, I’ve never had chocolate gravy to my knowledge..I must make it and try it 🙂 I remember eating radishes and green onions raw with a little salt sprinkled in my hand. Yummy! I remember a little sugar sprinkled on sliced tomatoes so I would eat them LOL. Funny, now I love them..and without the sugar 🙂 I want to make rhubarb sauce 🙂 Love you Dee and thank you for always visiting here!

  2. HappyCrone

    My summers started with catching the farm bus at an ungodly hour of 4 in the morning, or so I remember, to pick strawberries in the upper valley where I live. In those days it was ok to let kids work in the fields and I honestly have very fond memories of it. There were dozens of us kids in the fields then. Lunch was at 10:00, eaten under a fruit tree or on the stinky farm bus, from a brown paper bag, then picking until 12:00, then home. We had our 4-H projects to work on and the farm fun, like changing water lines when we got home. I would love to lie under a big ole tree and read, get a dime from Mom to run to the store up the road for an ice cream. Summer was just the very, very best. Had horses, cows, chickens to attend to, the garden, and acres to run!!
    I loved reading your summer!

    • Hello HappyCrone. Well you are my 2nd reader who talks about working in the fields as a child. I honestly didn’t know anyone who did that. I worked on my grandma’s garden with her…but not hard work like you did. I’m glad that you have good memories of it and it sounds like you still had time for fun too 🙂 Thank you always for your input and taking the time to read my blog 🙂 I so appreciate it! Hugs!

  3. chefette13

    You’ve reminded me of the summers we spent when I was a kid at the lake in NH. Fresh blueberries and raspberries and fish from the lake. Hiking in the woods, boating on those lazy days of summer long ago. and I agree with you about kids being kids. They need to go back to “old fashion” fun and learning to use their imaginations. Our parents back then never had to tell us to go outside and play….they had to order us in at the end of the day though lol my brothers and I would spend all day long down at the river side and in the woods near by, That’s when I first met the Goddess back when I was nine or so, on summer afternoons lying on a bed of pine straw watching clouds go by between the tree tops…….omg and lying on the grass counting stars at night, robbing my mom’s garden when we wanted a snack of still sun warmed tomatoes and cucumbers fresh off the vine….mmm mmm nothing better!! Thank you for the trip down memory lane Dear Autumn!!

    • Thank YOU dear Chefette for telling me some of your wonderful memories! So idyllic!! Yes to the munching on warm berries, fruits and veggies from the gardens…nothing better! Yes! Kids were just outside! I drive around in the Summer and hardly ever see children out playing anymore..not in their yards and neighborhoods. They may be at the parks, the water parks, the ball parks….but seeing groups of kids on their bikes, or a game of kickball or badminton or volleyball..I just don’t see it. It makes me sad. Thanks always for dropping by dear June!! Hugs!

  4. Debra Nehring

    Ah, yes, those summertime memories!
    I picked raspberries and strawberries, beans, and hops from the time I was 11 for summer spending money. Up early, ride my bike to the farm bus, get on with lunch in hand, and work until quitting time, ride bus and bike home, and then jump into the river which ran alongside our house! So fresh and cool!
    Your childhood memories sound so idyllic, what a lovely way to spend summer! I so enjoyed reading this! And also taking my own trip down memory lane…….
    Blessings and hugs,

    • Hi dear Debra. Wow, my memories, at least when I was young of lazy days spent playing. Sounds like you had to work pretty hard! Glad you have good memories of them. Jumping in the river sounds perfect! You’ll be able to do that again now with your new home 🙂 Hugs and Love and thanks always for reading me and your positive feedback!! ❤

  5. Jen

    Just delightful! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip – rain or not! I have such fond memories of summers with my grandparents too., The very best time were camping or running around the garden and the small orchard. Oh to go back and linger there for a while!

    • Hi Jen! I often wish that too…small things remind me of them so much, especially this time of year 🙂 I’m glad you have those fond memories..not everybody does! Have a good week my friend! ❤

  6. I really enjoyed this, now that I got the concentration it takes to read it! 🙂

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