Sisters, Smoky Mountains and Snow! …………

Merry Meet!  I hope this posting finds you all well, staying warm and safe if you’re in the line of the Winter Storms and enjoying a great week!  I’m sitting by the fire tonight, in my jammies with a glass of Irish whiskey and ginger ale.  Winter has arrived in full force here in Ohio.  We got 5-6 inches on Sunday night into Monday morning,  and have had our first single digit temperatures too!  Way, way earlier than usual to be this cold and this much snow!  But I LOVE it!! It’s so beautiful, that first snow of the year. The snow often covering trees still holding onto their Autumn leaves.  It’s more mowing, gardening, weeding, or watering until next Spring! 🙂 Now we have the cold and snow and all the Magick the season of Winter can bring!







I had the pleasure of going on a small trip to the Smoky Mountains last week.  Those who know me or have read my blog for a while, know how much I love those mountains. I try to go every year, sometimes twice like this year 🙂  Just seeing them causes my whole body to relax, my soul to sing and my heart to fill with peace.  I don’t know why…perhaps I’ve been there before in a past life, but I just adore seeing them and being in them.  Speaking of snow, it was the same there. VERY cold, breezy and while there wasn’t any snow on the ground, the higher peaks of the mountains were covered in beautiful snow.  The smaller mountains were still covered in lots of beautiful colors of Fall.  Mostly in reds and deep oranges. So gorgeous!  The contrast of Autumn and Winter was stunning!





I was blessed to have with me; my daughter and three of our friends.  Women I love as Sisters.  Fellow Witches.  All members of my Tribe/Circle.  We had such a great time.  We set up an altar when we settled into our cabin.  Everybody brought something to place on it. One of my Sisters went out and collected a few things from nature…. on a very steep graded hill I might add LOL.  We added those, lit incense. and let it sit until the next night.  We spent time in a few shops, ate some amazing meals and spent a LOT of time talking over the next few days.  Our altar was used for tarot readings for each of us and lit candles for private reasons.  It was a magickal time. Next year, I think my whole Circle of Sisters is going to try to go there together!

I’m so blessed with the women in my life in general. I have two blood sisters who I love.  My chosen family of like -minded sisters is so important to me too!  Whether they are someone in my life I can touch, be with in person…or if they are my wonderful facebook/instagram friends who touch my life through social media every day, I’m blessed. I know so many of my Sisters who have been through such hard times and yet they are strong, kind, wise, positive, giving, and loving.  It never ceases to amaze me how they will go out of their way to offer a word of empathy, healing, love, humor, knowledge and ideas.  I believe that women…sisters…can do a lot of healing to what has been done to our Mother Earth, to what the world’s religions have taken away from women, and to what a very often cruel society ( and some men) bestow on women in general.  Looking and listening to my Sisters on our beautiful trip to the mountains, give me hope that the Goddess is emerging more and more, making Herself known to more of those Sisters in the world I have yet to meet, and working to heal our world in so many ways.  Fills me with gratitude to be a part of it! To walk with the Goddess….and my Sisters!

To Jeanni, Shawna, Diana and Sara..thank you for a wonderful trip! To my other close sisters/friends…you know who you are…Thank you for filling my life with love and friendship. To my Sisters all over the world..thank you for being a part of my daily life despite the miles that separate us!  And always, Thank you to the Goddess who guides me, loves me, protects me and fills me with great Joy!


A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit,

a golden thread to the meaning of life.

~Isadora James


Blessings and Love, Autumn

*Pictures are my own.




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12 responses to “Sisters, Smoky Mountains and Snow! …………

  1. Debra

    Oh, Autumn, I’m so glad you were able to connect with the Smokies again, and so happy to be able to count myself as one of your ” online sisters”!
    Thank you again, for your lovely blog. Blessed Be. Xoxox

  2. irish claddagh

    You my lady are one of those very strong Goddessrd that continues to emerge with strength, inspiration and encouragement with magikal words to so many. this is only a homage to you for creating a world tangible and distant for so many woman to come together near or far to share and honor ourselves as daughters of the Goddess, sisters of the earth and love for eachother. i as one of the many blessed ladies to have you in her life, I thank you, honor you and love you for all the years of support, friendship, unconditional love and guidance you chose to share with myself and so many others. You make such a difference in so many lives on a daily basis, I can only say I am so honored to know and love such a great person who represent all that is good in a woman and what a goddess should aspire to be. I love you always mom ❤ Blessed Be )O(

  3. chefette13

    Oh Autumn! your pictures are beautiful! Snow! how lucky you are. Snow is one of my favorite things in the world! I can’t wait for it to fall here. lol So glad to hear you had a wonderful time in the Mountains. It’s nice to have such good friends that you can share such experiences with. Congrats on your “one lovely blog award” nomination! No one deserves it more than you do. You are a kind soul with always up beat things to say to everyone. Reading your blog, right from the start, reminded me of chatting over coffee with a friend. Just a warm genuine person who writes/chats about interesting things. Have a wonderful Holiday season!!

    • June I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures! I am most blessed to have the friends I do..that includes you of course. Thank you for the Congrats and thank you for being a friend and a faithful reader. I so appreciate it! Hugs, Autumn

  4. I would love to see such beautiful scenery, when looking out my window. I love the snow. Julie

  5. Reblogged this on Bella Starr Magick Kitchen and commented:
    This is a great blog on mountain in the winter. I thought you all would enjoy it as much as I did. Not to long and we will be in spring

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