The Wheel Turns to Yule 2014………..

We begin in the heart of the darkness.  Winter is full upon the Earth; snow veils the landscape, thin trees are brittle with ice, and stars shatter the black mirror of the sky. 

The air is cold, metallic, sharp to breathe; scarves of woodsmoke drift in the sky over rooftops outlined with twinkling lights, and porch lamps gleam from early in the afternoon until long into the night.

-Michele Morgan  “Simple Wicca” 

10849927_814820488561362_7301182543328316093_nMerry Meet my friends! I have been so busy (as I know all of you have been too) that I haven’t had the time or the energy (maybe more the energy lol) to write in my blog.  Yule is the day after tomorrow!!  I’m ready though. How about you? This year my immediate family…hubby, daughters, son-in-law and grandkids are gathering on Yule Sunday for brunch and our opening of gifts. About 5 years ago we decided to meet as a family on a day other than Christmas Day.  This year we opted for Yule as the date. Christmas is then spent with more extended family…grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.  Other than a few packages yet to wrap and some baking to do tomorrow, I’m ready. How are you doing with your preparations?  Do you have a feast planned?  Family coming over? A more private, solitary day?  Whatever way you celebrate it, I hope that you’ve taken time in the all the busyness to BREATHE!

The Solstice for me…and many Pagans and Witches…is more about a time of quiet contemplation.  Though the Solstice is the first day of Winter, the longest night of the year, it’s also the start of the nights shortening and the days lengthening. Though we have a lot of Winter left, we know that the Wheel turns, the Sun will return and strengthen, and Mother Earth will green and awaken again soon. But in the meantime, the dark time of the year is such a great time for nesting.  To me, nesting is relaxing more, reading more, taking on projects around the house, perhaps writing, painting, working on your book of shadows, crafts, learning something new, and of course hanging by a fire and again….relaxing more. I just seem to have more time (well after the New Year especially) to work on myself a bit too.  To look within, to be silent, to meditate better.  Feeling like I’ve accomplished something over the Winter is always a good thing for me.


My altar is done…I kept it really simple this year and I think quite elegant. I’ll add more greens tomorrow and of course wine and cakes.  After all my family goes home on Sunday, that evening I’ll have time to spend at my altar.  I’ll be expressing my gratitude for the past year, throwing out what no longer serves or makes me happy, adjusting in my mind attitudes, angers, hurts, and putting out to the Universe (and myself) what I’d like to have happen in my life in the coming New Year.  Now as a Witch, I did some of this at Samhain, the Witches’ New Year. But the New Year calendar- wise…well, it doesn’t hurt to reinforce it. Sometimes I take time to re-dedicate myself to my Path as well.  It’s a quiet, solitary ritual that I enjoy very much.  Especially in the middle of all the hoopla, chaos, drama, fatigue, over-eating, over-drinking, busyness that is the holidays!!!

On Yule night…light lots of candles and bring in the greens!  Sweep out the old, usher in the new, spend quiet time, contemplate, read, relax….and know that you’ll have time to do this more over the next few months. Maybe a good snow will come and force you to stay in and that’s even better!  In a few days, if you celebrate it, Christmas will be here and gone as well…then the New Year.  Then Winter will be here in all it’s cold, stark beauty, and you can take a deep breath and say…..AAAAHHHHH!!!  I know for many, seasonal depression can set in.  Try to find something that interests you, makes you happy. Be alone when you need it and with friends and family when you need that. Be kind to yourself. Find the good things in your Life and hold on to them.  Spring will come always does.

Have a very Blessed Yule my friends.  May the Mighty Ones bestow you with Peace, Love and Joy this Yuletide Season.

Blessings and Love, Autumn



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18 responses to “The Wheel Turns to Yule 2014………..

  1. Jen

    Such beautiful sentiments, as always – wise lady! I truly love the idea of choosing a separate day for a ‘gifting’ day with immediate family. I’m going to suggest that for my family next year.
    Wishing you and yours a beautiful Yule and Christmas and New Years!

    • Hello happy you stopped by my friend. It has truly worked out really well for us as a family…my immediate pick a separate day for our gifting. It just relieves some stress and pressure and it’s an easy, fun, relaxing day 🙂 I highly recommend it! Hope you had a happy Yule and Happy 2015! Hugs!

  2. Debra

    Happiest of Yules to you and yours, Autumn. May your days be blessed with all the joy your heart can hold!

  3. chefette13

    Autumn your altar is so beautiful!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Yule and a very Happy New Year!!

  4. Kristina Leigh

    Thank you so much for the uplifting post–and your altar is absolutely lovely!! Blessed Yule!

  5. sapphiremoonstar

    It is a busy time of the year and like you I am ready to have some quiet time. I love reading your blog, it is something that I look forward to, no matter what is going on in my life I know that reading this will put a smile on my face. Your altar is beautiful! I love seeing all of your altars and changes that you make with each one. I plan on working on my bos as well as other things this winter, for the first time I am enjoying the calmness and the winter.
    Blessed Yule Autumn! Love you!

  6. Kathy Molloy

    Thank you for this lovely post! Blessed Yuletide to you and your family.

  7. Beautiful. Your words really touched my heart. Thank you.

  8. irish claddagh

    Blessed Yule! my all time favorite witchy book is simple wicca, being gifted from a mum who I adore makes it even more special. it was the only book I brought with me across the ocean over 3,000 miles from home. Your altar is very elegant, you know me, less is more and quiet times for me are sacred. its always good to look back and see how much we have changed as the seasons do, we learn, how change is needed, how we grow in experience, how we see things with a new perspective. and I for one am always in gratitude no matter what life throws at me, for I know I’m not in the same place I was a few moments ago, so we are constantly changing, growing, learning not only about ourselves but of our surroundings as well. this was the perfect setting for my morning greet to the Oak King. love you always. and you are always one of the “specials” in my life I am always grateful for.

    • Hello dear Irish. Wise words indeed daughter mine 🙂 I’m so glad you love the book..I do too. and I love you too! Happy 2015 and I wish you a year full of blessings hun!! Hugs and love!

  9. thank you for your lovely words! blessed-be

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