The Wheel Turns to Litha..the Summer Solstice 2015…………

11178300_890425127667564_7474087168739454152_nMerry Meet my friends!  I have been writing all afternoon….in my journal and doing my recipes for both Imramma Magazine and The Sunday Stew Magazine.  I thought while I was at it, I’d go ahead and write a blog post too.  Our weather has been crazy lately!  We’ve had a LOT of rain…which the gardens love, but we’ve had very little Sun which they also would love.  We also have been quite chilly the last few days….unseasonably cool weather..requiring us to go straight from using the A/C to turning the heat back on lol.  But that is Ohio for you..and many other states have the same issues right now 🙂  But no matter the weather, Summer is coming fast!

I have finished all my planting!  However, hubby and I are still wanting to have two trees planted.  A Bradford Pear in our front yard that we’ll plant ourselves, and an Autumn Blaze maple tree which we’ll  have planted by the garden center where we’ll buy it. We want that to be a good sized tree right from the start so we’ll have it done for us.  But all of my flowers, herbs and veggies are in and we are now just enjoying watching them bloom and grow, and of course watering (not much needed with all the rain this past week) and even deadheading already!  I’m so pleased with them..they’re just so grounding to me, magickal, beautiful…and I take great pride in the work I did to get them that way!  I’ll post a few pictures soon..when it’s sunny and they are all standing and beautiful again..the rain has made them all look a little tired already 🙂

Those who know me, know I’m not a huge fan of Summer…but it’s not really’s just the heat!  I love many things about these months of summer.  Getting to hang clothes out on the line, the warm evenings for hanging outside, listening to  and watching the birds in the early morning while I sip my coffee on the patio, taking walks, grilling, fresh fruits and vegetables, the Farmer’s Market, the smell of fresh mown grass and my herbs, and that electric scent of storms coming in.


I love the picnics, watching the kids swim and play or catch fireflies, an ice cream cone from time to time, picking my own mint to make a mojito, lightening up on my clothes, the more carefree days, sitting under the stars and Moon, leaning up against the tree, playing with the faerys, the lazy days of it being too hot to do anything but lay around and read….sigh..I truly love all those things.  I just don’t like being sweaty while I do it LOL.  I know many women my age feel the same way about it! 🙂


One of my favorite memories of my childhood of summer, was spending the week at my grandmother and grandfather’s house.  They owned 10 acres and had a huge garden that kept them very busy over the Summer.  I loved helping grandma pick whatever was ready….then help to “put it up”.  Whether it was snapping beans, shelling peas, making applesauce or rhubarb sauce, canning tomatoes, making strawberry jam or crabapple jelly (my favorite)..I was right there helping her..with great pleasure.  I remember her in her housedress and apron..almost always in the kitchen, garden, or sitting outside with us while we played.  The first day we’d be at her house, she would take my cousin and I off to the library, where we would stock up on books for the week. She would set up hammocks for us under her biggest trees..and we would lay there reading for hours.  The evenings were spent talking on the porch, having a 7 course meal (I’m not much food!).  Then it’d be bathtime with a smack from her wonderful powder puff and to bed early. Waking up to the mourning dove calling in the early morning …well …to this day when I hear a mourning dove’s call….I think of her.  I miss her still.  It was such a simple time..very little tv was watched, no electronics, etc…it was spent together..working hard, playing hard..enjoying life’s simple pleasures. This is what I wanted my kids to remember..and now my grandkids’s so so important!

Sunday in summer.

The Solstice..the longest day is June 21 this year. It’s also Father’s Day which will make it either more fun for us Witches and Pagans, or it will interfere with our Litha plans. LOL.  In my case, it will be fine either way. We will most likely celebrate with my father on another evening, and same with my son-in-law!  My hubby will be able to do as he pleases for his day,  and so will I 🙂 My Litha celebration will consist of  a welcoming toast at Sunrise that morning, some time tending gardens, fresh wards and protection put around my house, a simple, fresh feast, and then a fire outside, under the stars and moon, to finish up the evening. My daughter and my husband will enjoy the fire and the feast right there with me 🙂  I often do a re-dedication to the Goddess for Litha as well.  A simple ritual reminding Her and myself that I am of Her..with Her..from Her.  It’s always so beautiful and affirming to me.  Fills me with peace and joy.  My coven will gather the following Sunday for Circle, fire, feast and fun!

I hope that you don’t mind my walk down memory lane.  Perhaps you should take one yourself?  Put a blanket under a tree, lay down and feel the breeze, see the beautiful play of light in the leaves,  close your eyes and daydream a bit.  Are you taken back to carefree summer days?  Try to recreate them again…summer is for playing, being a child at heart, throwing cares to another day…..just try it!!  You’ll be rejuvenated by it!

I’ll be back again soon with some new recipes for Litha for you to try.  And of course whatever else pops up I want to talk to you about or share with you.  Until then, Enjoy these last days of matter the weather….for they will be a year coming back again!

Then followed that beautiful season… Summer….
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Blessings and Love, Autumn



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18 responses to “The Wheel Turns to Litha..the Summer Solstice 2015…………

  1. Sunshine

    Summer heat is not my favorite either but I have incredible memories of my own childhood and raising my own kids. Ahh….the time for outside play! We so often forget as we become adults. Thank you for a wonderful blog post! hugs and love

  2. chefette13

    I did love you trip down memory lane!! reminded me of canning with my mother. I can’t smell fresh dill even at my age without thinking of my mothers dill pickles!! Those lazy days of summer as a child. My father has a cabin on a lake that he built up in NH and we would spend many a long weekend or week at the lake. Picking berries, fishing, swimming, canoeing. I hadn’t thought of any of that in a long time. 🙂 Our weather here in VA has been HOT!! And today we had a long round of severe thunderstorms come though and will be like this all week. I don’t mind storms as long as I’m inside safe and dry. Have a blessed Midsummer and I’m so looking forward to your recipes and the pictures of your garden.

  3. brought back memories about my own granny…corn green beans and canning…..summer ice cream and rhubarb pie!!!!….blessings autumn!!! love your stories!!! ❤

  4. Debra Nehring

    Memories of the canning and pickling, reading for hours, picking berries for summer money, riding bikes to visit with friends for the afternoon, camping, wiener roasts, having friends for a sleepover in the tent in the back yard. Those were the days…. Thanks for reminding me!
    Hugs, sis. 💖

  5. Inari Fox

    Another beautifully written blog post! So evocative!

  6. HappyCrone

    rural, farm kid, one Grandmother lived in her little trailer in our back yard, the other would stay with us during the summer months, (in her wheelchair) so that my Aunt and Uncle could have a break from taking care of her. We had the farm animals, garden to care for, then spent the days either picking strawberries, thinning pears, picking peaches, cherries and pears for our summer jobs. And some babysitting jobs thrown in for fun! Our “away’ was trailering the horses and going on a weekend camp trip. Usually “Murphy’s Law” prevailed though!! LOL! I had the best childhood ever!

  7. irishcladdagh

    I truly believe those summers with ur grandma shaped u into the amazing Goddess you turned out to be……Loved this blog. XOXO BB )0(

  8. Jen

    I have a similar relationship to Summer. Half love, half difficulty getting comfortable in the intense Valley heat.

    I spent my summers travelling across Canada to visit my mother’s family in Ontario. I loved those trips! Then back home to swim in lakes, and wander the hills.

    We’ve had a wild amount of rain and the gardens are springing to life now – so much weeding to do! But we appreciate the rain – it’s the last we will see until late August.

    Best wishes on the new trees coming your way! xoxo

  9. Such a lovely post! Thank you for sharing! I hope I can someday have a bit of earth to garden and to dry clothes on a line and listen to bees hum like you! I love your ideas for Litha as well! Seeing as I live by the ocean I’ll be celebrating there–but I believe I’ll take up your nice idea and re-dedicate myself! Thanks again! ❤

    • Thank you Mara! I just followed your blog as’s lovely! Oh how wonderful to be by the ocean…yes do celebrate there! I sure would 🙂 Have a wonderful Litha! Many Blessings!

      • Awww thank you for the follow back–I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be sure to take pictures of Litha at the beach for you! I hope yours is just as fun! ❤

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