Love actually IS all around us……..

christmas-candle-douglas-pulsipherMerry Meet my friends.  I have been very remiss about writing in my blog.  I have been very busy…as we all are this time of year!  I will be here more often now for a couple of reasons I’ll fill you in about in a moment.  First, I wanted to say that I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate it.  I know I did. I had 14 here at my house for a wonderful meal that was enjoyed by all.  It was a relaxing day with good food and good company and we all were sure to be grateful for all the good things in our life.  I hope it was the same for you and yours!

Now we are rapidly heading towards the Winter Solstice and holidays.  As I’ve said many times, the Wheel seems to spin faster and faster as I get older!  I’ve been more housebound lately due to various reasons (which I’m enjoying!) so I’m shopping online (so much better than fighting crowds)  have decorated the house, set up my Solstice Altar, and enjoying some quiet time reading by the fire, relaxing and nesting in as Winter comes.   After all, Winter is my 2nd favorite season and I look forward to it!

A bit of news, for those of you who have been reading Samhain’s Sirens in October and The Sunday Stew every Sunday.  I’m sorry to tell you that both are no more.  The Stew will finish up to the end of the year and Samhain’s Sirens finished at Samhain this year.  I will miss being a writer and a reader for both publications.  The founder, Kallan Kennedy, has decided to move on to other projects, which I totally understand!  The good news for me…I will have more time for my own writing.  Both here on my blog, and for a project I’m seriously considering…writing my own cookbook, based on the Sabbats.  What do you think of that idea?  My most popular blog posts have always been the ones about the Sabbats and recipes for the Sabbats…I thought, why not make them into a book?  LOL…that’s the plan anyway.

So, to get serious for a bit.  There has been much to despair about in our world today.  Mass shootings are on the rise.  Politics and religion are causing many arguments and chaos.  Many of us are scared to go out of our homes. Many of us are fleeing social networks to avoid the negativity, squabbling and downright nastiness we see in our newsfeeds these days.  Let me tell you, I have been nesting so have backed off anyway, but I too,  have been protecting my psyche by staying away more.  When I do go to Facebook for instance, I do my best to be cheerful, spread kindness and love, and be a positive place where people can think of something else besides the big, scary world. But even I have posted about the hate I see in this world…much of it in the name of religion.  And I don’t just mean the terrorists..I mean people hating on other races and religions, conservatives vs liberals, christians vs  well…you get the idea.  Of course not everyone is spewing hatred.  This is what I want to talk about.

I like to say in I live in a happy little bubble of a Life.  It’s not that I live with my head stuck in the ground, but that I do my best not to let things come into my Life that I don’t want there.  I’m aware of the news, but don’t stay glued to the tv for hours on end.  I don’t feel the need to go to Facebook or Twitter and spew my opinion to everybody.  I will often as simply for Prayers for whatever city, country, people need it, express my sorrow and then try to find something happy and peaceful to say and do.  I have many social friends who are the same.

The movie “Love Actually” is one of my all-time favorite movies.  There is such a moral lesson to be learned in that movie.  My daughter and I watched it a few days ago again and ever since, I have thought about writing something about it here.  If you’ve never seen!  At the beginning of the movie, the narrator talks about love while scenes at an airport are showing on the screen. airport.  Over and over it shows people being greeted from the plane with open arms, smiles, hugs, tears and love.  It makes me cry every time I watch it. There is something about seeing people with their arms around each other that just melts me.  The song “Love is all around us” plays a part throughout the movie as well.  At the end, of the narration he says (it’s Hugh Grant by the way, who is yummy)  “Love actually is all around us”.   *watch the video for yourself!*




Think about that statement.  We all are very focused on what’s wrong with humans these days.  But I believe that we all want Love.  We seek Love,  We give Love.  We are capable of great Love to others.  It’s easy to love our families (most of the time lol) our friends, our community.  We see it over and over when there’s been a tragedy. There are helping hands readily available, heroes who risk their own lives to save others, people rushing towards instead of running from….to help.  To love.

Even the worse person you can think of, someone you may even find to be evil,  probably still loves someone. Nobody can go through life not loving somebody.  I think on this when I feel myself getting discouraged from the hate, chaos, dissension, and cruelty I see daily.  I believe we all are here, no matter your religious path…to love and be loved.

I do my best to seek those who spread love.  I do my best not to worry about being scared. I do my best to avoid hatred. I do my best not to state my opinion to others in a way that great offense can be taken.  I strive to be loving and kind. None of us are perfect…we all fail at this from time to time. But if we look, if we give what we’d like to receive, we can accomplish so much as a people.  This includes loving those who are in great need, loving Mother Earth and caring for Her…Her animals, Air, Oceans, and all the She gives us. Being accepting of other religions.  Trying to understand those we don’t understand.  and please understand me, I too find it difficult to understand anyone..I mean anyone..who can take the life of another person or an animal in anyway.  I’m not saying we have to love them…but we have to find a way for it to stop happening.

Love Actually IS all around us if we seek it, give it and spread it around.  Only Love towards one another will help to heal the wounds people give to one another.  It starts with each of us.  Be kind…treat others as you want them to treat you.  Avoid the people you are no way able to do this with..because believe me, I know that there are some people who are un-lovable to me.  But keep in mind, they are lovable to someone else.  I just let them go..I don’t harbor hatred towards them..I just let it go.  If you want to see love easily, try going to the airport and watching the departures and arrivals.  That will open your eyes and warm your heart! And really, watch the movie “Love Actually”…you’ll love it!

I hope that the holidays and the upcoming Winter Solstice are a time of Peace and Love for us all.  I pray to the Goddess that you and yours stay safe in your own happy little bubbles!  I’ll be back soon with another post, Yule recipes and to talk about some favorite books I’ve been reading lately.  Blessed Be my friends…May Goddess bless you all! ❤


Love and Blessings,







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22 responses to “Love actually IS all around us……..

  1. Sunshine

    Most excellent weaving of words to speak Truth! It is more and more difficult for me, the ultimate “love, peace, hope, joy” hippie to embrace those values I hold so high. I have found that when I am at my lowest I spend more time with Gaia, scream, yell, cuss and “pull my hair out” at the horrific things going on in the world. And then I lean up against Grandmother Tree and I know all is well and will be well if I CHOOSE to stand in Love, Peace, Hope and Joy! and thus I do! A very blessed Winter Solstice, hibernation and Yule! Love you more!

  2. Kimberly Kica

    A Happy safe Blessed Holiday to you as well! )0(

  3. Cyndee

    Very well said!
    I will add the movie to my que! Thanks for the recommendation!
    A cookbook is a wonderful idea!
    Much love to you and your family this holiday season.
    Blessed Be.

  4. You give out good energy and that is why I read your blog! Good luck on your journey to being a published author–I can’t wait to see the finished book. 🙂

  5. MsJulie

    That was so lovely to read. I agree wholeheartedly. I used to be very involved in politics and paid close attention to what was happening around the world. It began to feel like I was fighting the rapids upstream and getting nowhere! I still know what is happening, but like you said, I back away and detached it from my life. If we focus on what is so wrong in this world, it will only remain and grow larger. If I can create peace within myself it will spread outward to the world. I try very hard to do that. You are so right, think of what we could accomplish if we all tried.
    I’m glad you will be writing more here. A cookbook! I would love too see that!! Goddess bless, Autumn, and all your loved ones this holiday season!

    • MsJulie…you are one of my favorite people! Thank you so much for your words. You are write…we can create and spread love and peace….it begets more. Each person can decide to do it for themselves…and it spreads from there! Many Blessings to you and yours my friend!! ❤

  6. chefette13

    Wonderful Post! Calming words for a frazzled world. Blessed Holiday season to you and yours.

  7. Debra

    Oh, my dear Autumn, I so agree that our purpose is to love and to be loved. We ARE, at our purest, simply love. This is what we come from before we come to this earth as human beings.
    We must focus on the love in order to increase it. What ever we focus on increases, so let it be love!
    I don’t watch much news any more for the same reason – it is all about the shootings, the bombings, the hate. Don’t need that in my life.
    I would so love it if you would write and publish a cook book for the Sabbats! What a wonderful idea!
    Many, many blessings, my dear friend , for a wonderful Yuletide full of love!!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and wisdom dear Debra. We are much alike in that we don’t need that in our lives…..Love increases are so right! and thanks for the vote of confidence on my possible book 🙂 Love you much and many Blessings!

  8. iwantwings

    Great blog Autumn!

  9. yes to the cookbook sweet sister and i always njoy your wyrds especially these focused on love….my mom used to talk about ETL and HTL people…(easy to love and hard to love)…friends family and birds of a feather she said were easy to love….true lessons in unconditional love she said were with the people who were hard to love….i ponder this sometimes….how do i love those who are hard to love? can i? do I? thank you for always making me dig deeper from my very simple perspective….love and light!! <*)

    • Thank you so much Dee..and I am much like your dear mom….I believe there are ETL and HTL people in this world too….some of my family members are in the HTL category lol. Because they are family, I strive to love them despite the difficulties..even if I have to do it from a distance. Thank you Sis for your incite as well….I look to you for wisdom often! love you!

  10. Kathy

    This is a beautifully written blog, Autumn. Thank you for sharing and spreading love!

  11. HappyCrone

    you bring calm and peace to us that are on facebook, What a special place you bring. Thank you!

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