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Making Jam and Bread and blankets of love……

Blessed New Moon weekend my friends….This was a busy week of firsts for me and my girls.  I have always wanted to try my hand at canning.  A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a canning kit and on tuesday my daughters and I put it to good use.  We made the most delicious, prettiest red strawberry jam ever!  We met up at my daughter Kate’s house, had pizza for lunch then when my grandaughter Lily went down for a nap, we got busy.  I had bought 4 packages of huge, red, juicy organic strawberries.  We go the water bath boiling to sterilize the jars, cut the tops off the strawberries and cut them in half.  Popped them in a food processer and processed them to little bits.  Into a pot on the stove with pectin, boil for a bit.  Ad 7 cups! of sugar, and bring to a boil some more.  That was it!  Easy peasy.  We filled the jars, place the lids on, and back into the water bath they went to boil for 10 minutes.  All done!   The jam set up quickly as soon as it cooled. 

Of course I then had to make a loaf of homemade bread to go with it!  Yummy!  We had so much fun doing this we are going to make it a habit.  Apple Butter, tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, peach jam, apple pie filling..are all on the list of things we want to can!  If you haven’t tried canning, go ahead and try.  I thought it seemed overwhelming a bit..mostly worrying about the jars breaking or something..but it was easy…really!

This week I also attended my first meeting with a volunteer group of ladies who knit/crochet blankets for a program called ‘Blankets of Love”.  These blankets are donated to every single patient who come into our local Hospice.  This is a very special program.  Many times, this blanket is the last gift these patients ever receive.  The women, a group of maybe 25, most over the age of 60 have made over 5000 blankets just since 2008.  They pretty much use their own money or sometimes some donated money and yarn, to make these blankets.  Each one is made with love and with thought for the person who will be laying under it one day.  This has become a charity very close to my heart.  My sister was the first to go, about a month ago, and she has already made 5-6 blankets too.  I am not a fast crocheter or knitter, but I’m going to do what I can to help.  I have friends already donating their unused yarn which is wonderful!  Check in your area and see if there is such a charity or a need, or start it yourself.  It will be very awarding!

The New Moon is tonight or tomorrow night depending on where you live.  Remember that this is a great time to start a new project, to improve something in your life, for new direction or change, and to consecrate your tools.  The Goddess is waiting to help you with your new endeavor! 

Bright New Moon Blessings, Autumn


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The Olympics…..


Last night I watched the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics!  Wow!  What a great show the Canadians put on.  The whole Nature theme was right up my alley!  The aboriginals were beautiful in their ceremonial finery.  When they made the Circle and then it widened and turned to the ocean with swimming graceful whales and fish it was so amazing.  My very favorite part was Kd Lang singing “Hallelujiah”  ….it was so smooth and effortless and beautifully melodic it really brought tears to my eyes.  As did seeing our proud young athletes walk into the venue.  My heart went out to the Georgian team too..you could see the pain on their faces from losing their young teamate.  Such a loss but the show went on as it should.  I look forward to being glued to the tv for the next 2 weeks so as not to miss one moment of the games…my DVR will be heartily used!

My poor little Kitty, Harley, has an injury to her left front paw and leg.  I took her to the Vet yesterday..luckily it is just soft tissue injury, nothing broken.  She is on anti-inflammatory meds for 10 days to help her heal.  She is staying quiet and laying on my lap alot (which I love!) and will be ok soon.  I hate when an animal hurts..its not like you can explain to them why and they can’t tell you whats wrong.  Poor baby.  The vet said she may have been stepped on, or jumped off of something wrong, or playing with my other cat, Jasper could have caused it..who knows.  I just know I’m glad she’s ok.  As I am a Witch, I of course did a spell..a healing candle spell..to help her on her way.  I believe fully that a burning candle, anointed with magickal oil and with my hopeful intention placed into it will aid her in healing.  It’s Magick after all!

We ended up with 14 inches of snow over a week and now we are hearing that we may get another 2-4 by tuesday!  Mother Nature is putting on her own show this winter to rival the Olympics!  Go Apollo!!  Sorry, he’s racing now and i love him!!!  OMG!  He almost got 4th…but two Koreans fell and he got the silver..JC the other american got bronze …whoo hoo!  Stunning race!  Ok..back to the snow, while I love winter and love snow, I have to say enough already!  Bring on the spring!  However, I will say too that I love watching the cardinals at the birdfeeder and resting in the snowy trees.  The Goddess blesses me whenever I glimpse it.

I bought yarn today to start a baby blanket in a soft lilac purple and I’m going to put a yellow ruffled edge on it.  That will give me something to do while its snowing.  I’m going to crochet this one instead of knit..its faster and easier and I haven’t crocheted in a long time so it will be a nice change for me.  I love making soft lovely baby items and my grandaughter is definitely partial to knitted blankets over any other!

I am getting very excited about our Book of Shadows arriving any day now..I hope!  I’ve been working on pages for it and will spend some time tomorrow doing more I’m sure.  It will be a blessed day when my sister, daughters and I can all sit down with our glue sticks and spells and information pages and start putting our books together..I can’t wait!! 

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentines Day and my wishes for you are that you are loved by many!

Blessed Be, Autumn

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and then there was Sun!

After two back to back Winter storms…about 4:00 this afternoon the sun came out!  It was beautiful.  The skies cleared and turned blue and the snow was glinting in the brilliance!  I was soooo happy to see it!  I love Winter as I’ve said before, but the dreary gray heavy skies can really get a person down.  My spirit was lifted as soon as I saw the bright ball in the sky again.

Today I had lunch with my daughters and grandaughter at Fridays..I love  love love their sweet potato fries!…then we headed off to Barnes & Noble to have coffee and purchase various books.  With Valentines Day coming,  little board books were bought for little Lily, crochet books for Willow and I, and some gifts that I won’t mention here so as not to give anything away!  While we were there I took Lily back to the Children’s section to run off some steam and play.  They have a little table set up with a Thomas the Train set for the kids to play on.  A little boy about 5 years old was playing there.  My grandaughter became absolutely giddy about another child there playing and immediately started interacting with him.  She laughed til she was weak kneed literally everytime he said anything or made an “engine” noise..she kept grabbing his arm to touch him and stay connected to him.  Bless his heart he quickly realized he had her rapt attention and took advantage of it quickly..playing with her.  It was sooo adorable, I wanted to laugh with her in her joy, and cry at the love I felt for her.  I will never forget it…ever.  She is just 14 months old but seems so much older..an old soul, I believe.  She is very special, but of course I’m her Nana and would think so wouldn’t I??!!

Tonight we are in the “dark moon.”  The new moon will be on the 13th…I am trying to decide what I want to ask The Goddess to aid me in during that night.  The new moon is for new projects, personal growth, healing and drawing abundance, money and success.  I will ask for all those things in some way..I don’t have a new project planned as of right now so I will focus on the others.  I love when after 3 days of the dark moon that the silver sliver shows up again in the sky and all seems right with the world.  Tomorrow I’ll be going to the health food store to get the needed herbs and oils to do my spellwork.

I’m almost finished with “The Book of Witchery” by Ellen Dugan and again, I strongly suggest it to those interested in Magickal Daily Correspondences..the information is invaluable and really helps me to be grounded and feel prepared for each day of the week.  I’ve picked out the next book I’ll be starting on next.  More on that yet to come.

Have you seen the new show “Past Life”?  It’s a good one, I highly recommend it.  Whether you believe in reincarnation or not.

I’m off to watch the show and do more reading.  May you have a Blessed, restful night.


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