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Merry Meet friends!  Yes, I am writing a bit more this month than I normally do…I feel so inspired this time of year!  Thought I would post some info for those who may be new to paganism, wicca or witchcraft…and some of you who have been around awhile..might like the info too!

     Samhain is one of the Greater Wiccan Sabbats and is generally celebrated on Oct. 31st.  This Sabbat is the  third harvest festival. It marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter.  The God has died, returning to the Underworld to await his rebirth at Yule; the Goddess is the Crone, mourning her lost love, leaving the world for a time in darkness.    “Samhain” means “End of Summer” and its historical origin is The Feast of the Dead in Celtic lands.   It is believed that on this night, the veil Between the Worlds is at its thinnest point, making this an excellent time to communicate with the Other Side. It is a time  when the Dead are honored.  Pagans, Witches and Wiccans  honor their loved ones who have passed on to the Summerland.  Customs of this Sabbat are ancient and include the “Dumb Supper,” setting a place for the silent souls of departed loved ones at your table and lighting their way to your hearth with carved pumpkins and candlelight.

   Samhain is the Witches New Year and a very powerful time for magick.   Rituals for this night include Divination, Past-Life recall, spirit contact, meditation, and astral projection.  Samhain is a good time to do  spellwork for protection  and  is considered to be a good time to boost your confidence and security.  The correspondences below will help you to make the most of your spellwork on Samhain night!

 Samhain Correspondences

*Element/Gender- Water/Male

*Threshold- Midnight

*Symbolism- Death and transformation, Wiccan New Year, wisdom of the Crone, end of summer, Honoring our ancestors, thinning of the veil between worlds, death of the year, time outside of time, night of the Wild Hunt, begin new projects, end old projects, Magick, knowledge.

 *Symbols/Tools/Decorations- Jack-O-Lanterns, Balefires, Masks, Besom, Cauldron, the  Waning Moon, black altar cloth, oak leaves, acorns, straw, black cat,   Crescent Moon, grain, bare branches, pictures of ancestors, candles.

 *Herbs- Allspice, broom, comfrey, dandelion, deadly nightshade, mugwort, catnip, ferns,  flax ,mandrake, dragon’s blood, sage, straw, thistles, oak, wormwood

 *Incense/Oils- Frankincense, basil, yarrow, lilac, camphor, clove, wood rose, wormwood,  myrrh, patchouli, apples, mint, nutmeg, sage, ylang ylang

*Colors- Black, orange, indigo,

 *Stones/Crystals- Black stones, jet, obsidian, onyx, carnelian

 *Customs/Activities- Carving jack o’lanterns, spirit plate, ancestor altar, costumes, divination, the  Feast of the Dead, feasting, paying debts, drying winter herbs, masks,  bonfires, apples, tricks, bats, cats, ghosts

  *Foods- Apple, pumpkin pie, pomegranate, pumpkin, squash, hazelnuts, corn, cranberry muffins,   bread, ale, apple cider and herbal tea.

*Gods- Horned Hunter, Cernunnos, Osiris, Hades, Loki, Arawn, Anubis, Gwynn ap Nudd

 *Goddesses- The Crone, Hecate, Cerridwen, Arianrhod, Caillech, Baba Yaga, Bast, Hel

 *Spellworking/Ritual- Honoring/consulting ancestors, releasing the old, foreseeing the future, power, understanding death and rebirth, entering the underworld, divination, dance of the dead, fire calling, past life recall.

 Contemplate the coming winter, and use this time out of time to let die old ways of thinking, outworn beliefs, and negative patterns.  Meditate, rest, and incorporate relaxation techniques over the next weeks to deepen your psychic awareness and to restore your soul.  And await your own rebirth at Yule, as the Wheel comes round full circle once again.

Samhain is many witches favorite time of year..and I’m no exception.  Not only is Mother Earth resplendant in her glorious color, but there is Beggars Night for the children, there is trips to apple farms and pumpkin barns, bonfires, harvest parties, spooky hayrides, barn dances…there is baking with apples, caramel apples, popcorn balls, mulled cider, hot soups in crock pots…there is carving pumpkins and picking out costumes…it is a joyous time indeed!!  Make the most of every minute with your loved ones!   And don’t forget…..Witches Fly on Samhain Night!!!  I’ll be flying with my sisters across the Moon…come and meet up with us!!

Samhain Blessings to all of you, Autumn



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Storm moon….

Tonight is the full moon of March ..this year called the Storm Moon.  I unfortunately can’t see the moon as we are under a very cloudy, dark, dismal sky all day today and continuing into the night.  Tomorrow its supposed to clear up and the sun is coming out and its warming up..so I’ll be doing my full moon spellwork tomorrow night, out on my porch.

I like to recharge my crystals and silver jewelry in the light of the full moon.  I also will be making up some Blessed Water.  I bought a beautiful bottle to put it in and can’t wait to use it.  The Storm Moon is perfect for performing cleansing, purification and healing spells too.  So putting your altar ritual tools out in the moonlight will cleanse and purify them until the next full moon.

The best news I have to tell you is that I finally received my beautiful Book of Shadows from Witches Moon.  It took 7 months which seemed like forever but it was well worth the wait!  My book is everything I dreamed it would be and more.  It looks aged, it smells great, the paper and leather are awesome and my triquetra on the binding looks amazing. I have started working on getting my pages I’ve worked on for months in the book, deciding what goes where etc.  It’s going to take a while but I believe my Book will be a a real heirloom to pass down to my grandchildren in time and something I’ll be proud of and cherish.  I’ve also now ordered a smaller version of it for a herb book..hope it doesn’t take 7 months for it to get here!  I ordered one for my daughter Willow also.  She is still waiting for her book of shadows to come..my other daughter Luna, sister Teagan have received their books now too.  Poor Willow, she ordered hers first and its still not here! 

Today I got my herbs planted in the little paper pots, made up cute little herb markers and got them in the window where the Sun comes shining in the mornings.  Can’t wait to see how they start sprouting.  I’ll plant them in large patio pots probably around Beltane (May 1).  I planted a few veggies too but mostly herbs.  How wonderful it’ll be to go out and pick my own fresh herbs for cooking and for spellwork.

Well, thats it for now..Have a blessed Full Moon..Autumn

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