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But I don’t understand…..

I get this alot…from people who ask me about Wicca and being a Witch.  While I haven’t “outed” myself to many people, there are a few who are aware of it just because of the fact that they are in my home  enough to see it.  I’ve explained in previous posts that I have a disabled daughter who requires home nursing care.  There are 5 nurses in my home at various times who help me out.  Because they are here, they see the books I have laying around that I’m reading, hear me talking about a spell I’m doing or a Sabbat I’m celebrating. Though I try to be private about it somewhat, this is my home and I can’t hide my lifestyle or who I am completely.

While 3 of the 5 are totally accepting and even interested in knowing about it or learning about it more, one of them loves at least the crystal/herbal/oil spells and asks me to do them for her (such as passing an entrance exam) the 5th one is a problem.  She is the typical Christian with the preconceived “evil” notions about the word Witch, I can say this because for a while I attended Christian church.   While she insisted she’s not being judgemental, she proceeded to ask impertinent questions she would never ask a person of another religion, and though I patiently tried to answer the questions I felt willing to answer, hedging the ones that were private to me, and explaining things in a way I felt she should understand, her final answer to it all was ….I don’t understand.  Though I suggested she read a book about it (I suggested Simple Wicca for a quick easy read) or she do some research on line at sites such as About.com…she just shook her head and again..I don’t understand.  Infuritating needless to say!!  While I’m not saying all Christians have this attitude, people in general balk at learning the truth about something they don’t understand.  Instead of striving to learn about it before making an opinion, they just regurgitate what they’ve been taught or believe the preconceived notions without thought that they might be wrong about something!  I think that is what is wrong with the religious sect in general.  They all believe that their religion is the “Right” one. 

In my search for a spiritual path I could believe in and be comfortable with, I have studied or at least got a basic synopsis of various religions..I know enough to understand where they are coming from.  This should be something people of religion should be willing to do..to learn before forming a negative opinion of another’s path.  There is a commonality between most religions and that is the worship of a higher being..in whatever form they believe.  The relationship we have with that higher being,  God, Goddess, Buddha, Mohammed, The One, The Universe, whatever you call it..is what counts..not how we go about worshipping Him/Her/It.  Religion is manmade, not God Made.  Wiccans believe..Do as you will, and Harm None.  To me this means, let people have their own beliefs, religion, way of life, without judgement or harm to others.  Isn’t that beautiful…God/Goddess put us on this earth for the soul purpose of loving each other, taking care of each other, learning life’s lessons, and loving them.  Thats it…very simple.

As a Witch, I know that I will encounter even worse things than “I Don’t understand” but I think this is the attitude that will bother me the most.  It is very easy to find a way to understand if you WANT to.  I’m not asking anybody to change their religion to mine…but leave me alone to enjoy and live my path without your negative  or judgemental attitude.  I don’t judge you so please do me the same favor.  After all, I worship a Higher Being the same as you..I just do it differently.

Blessed Be,




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Hello world! Well, this is my first post on my new Blog. I journal regularly to a beautiful leather bound journal but times as they are, I thought it would be fun to keep an online blog too. Today I am looking out at a Winter wonderland! We are in the mist of a huge snow storm though there is a lull right now. We have about 5 inches or so here so far but with the blowing wind, there are places well over a foot! The trees are heavy with snow and its beautiful. I am sitting in my parlor by a nice fire in the fireplace with my daughter Sara enjoying good coffee and listening to music. To do a quick intro, I am a 51 year old grandma, two daughters and a grandaughter. I live in Ohio and I’m a domestic goddess! I also follow the path of Nature, Wicca, and consider myself a Witch and all the good things that entails. I love my chosen path. My daughters follow it also and my grandaughter will be 3rd generation. We value and love Nature, the earth and believe the God and Goddess are all around us. While I love winter, I have to say that Spring is on my mind. I am looking forward to getting my garden up and running. This year I plan on focusing on herbs. I love to cook and I would love to grow and dry and use my own herbs. I bought a beautiful rough granite mortar and pestle for that purpose. We just celebrated Imbolc and are looking forward to Valentines Day too. We try to celebrate all the holidays and the Sabbats and Esbats are important to me. So, I’m off to finish my coffee, have some oatmeal and settle in with a good book. The book I’m reading now is Ellen Dugans “The Book of Witchery”. I highly recommend it..she is one of my favorite witchy authors! So have a good day and Blessed Be.

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