So last night my daughter Luna, sister Teagan my mom and I went to see Wicked on stage…all I can say is it was awesome!!  I love the Broadway shows and have seen several but this show by far was my favorite!  The two main actresses who played Elphaba and GAAAA linda!   were amazing…they sang and acted beautifully and you could see that there was a real friendship between them..not just the one they were acting out.  Something I didn’t expect was how funny it was…it was really hilarious..so joyful to watch.  The crowd’s reactions were so great and a resounding “Approval” by everyone!  Sure wish I could see it again but I think its sold out…darn it.

My daughter Luna has wanted to see it forever and watching her enjoy it made my night..it made me happy to be able to give her that night and that memory.  We will see it again for sure when it comes back or will travel to other cities close by to see it. 

The only thing I will say that made the night not “perfect”..was my mother.  She is such a negative, critical person.  All she could do was talk about herself, criticize everyone around her for what they were wearing, or their big belly, or their short skirts or whatever!  I just about could have smacked her..she was somewhat blase about the show too…so frustrating.  Thats the last time I take her to something like that!  I despise negativity and try very hard not to be negative myself.  It is a horrible vibe to have around you and very difficult to shrug off..especially when its my own mother and I can’t  NOT see her!   LOL..She goes to church every sunday and claims to be Christian, but putting down other people for their looks or whatever doesn’t seem very Christian to me. I grew up with her and should be used to it but I keep thinking as she ages she’ll soften but if anything she has gotten worse…oh well, I don’t need to go into all that and I refuse to let her ruin the lovely night at the show!

Today I am working on some pages for my Book of Shadows based on “The Book of Witchery” by Ellen Dugan.  I’ve said it in the past and I highly recommend her book.  Its about the Correspondences for the days of the week and it’s a plethora of information!  I love doing the pages for my Book so its a good day.

Have a good wednesday friends,

Blessed Be,




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2 responses to ““Wicked”……

  1. it was so much fun. I have been changed for the better by seeing it with folks i love

  2. Changed for the better…what a wonderful thought! How I would love to have that impact on people!

    Such a great show..glad you were there too.

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