Goodbye to February…..

As much as I love the winter months, nesting in, the beauty of the snow, the time to reflect and relax a bit, I have to admit that I am more than ready for Spring this year.  We have had an exeptionally snowy and cold winter this year and I am just plain tired of it.  I’m seeing robins in my pond and they are a welcome sight!  I am dreaming of potting my herbs and planting flowers, not needing to wear a coat, opening windows to air out my house, and getting out to take some walks again.  Ahhh…that will be glorious indeed!  I love watching our acres of trees and grass and plants coming alive, turning green..that will be a wonderful day!

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox is coming up on the 20th.  I need to get busy and get my altar set up, decorate for it, and start some spring cleaning…I love that too believe it or not!  I love cleaning out closets, drawers, decluttering, simplifying, and getting in there and getting my hands dirty!  My house looks and smells great after the spring cleaning!  I’m lucky enough to have some help with that in my sister and daughter (hopefully! LOL).  I am also anticipating my grandaughters first egg hunt and egg dying…she is 15 months old now and should enjoy it!!  I can’t wait to see her in her pastel dress with her egg basket!  Because of our extended family (who don’t know about our being Wiccan)  we will celebrate on Easter with them..but for us Ostara is the big day.  Little Lily will get to have both Ostara and Easter!  Lucky girl.

Today is the last day of the Olympics, and I have enjoyed the last two weeks thoroughly!  I’m so proud of the American athletes..what a great job they did.  The most medals for the first time ever in the winter olympics.  Seeing the beauty of Vancouver has also been wonderful!  I would love to go there some day.  I especially loved the speed skating, snowboarding, skiing and figure skating!  While I like the summer olympics, the winter olympics are by far my favorite.

So here’s to spring, Ostara, spring cleaning and the Mother Earth getting ready to wake up and blossom in her Spring beauty!

Blessed Be, Autumn



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2 responses to “Goodbye to February…..

  1. sigh Watching the green rise from the bottom up especially in the woods behind our house is one of our favorite things in the world. I am ready for sunshine and warm air and green to burst out all over.
    Lily is a very lucky girl… she gets to get it her whole life long!

  2. She is a lucky girl…wish I would have had that advantage in my life! I think after today its gonna feel a bit more like Spring…in the 40’s and the sun is supposed to make an appearance! LOL. It’s coming…….

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