Days 2 & 3 Cleaning & some of my books………

Merry Meet everybody!  Hope that you have all had a nice weekend.  It is VERY cold here…negative chill factors, high of 15* but it’s been sunny and I have been enjoying seeing the Moon Goddess the last few nights.  Yesterday I worked on my Book of Shadows and my sister was here and helped Sara work on hers as well.  I love working on it, seeing all the information I’ve collected for years coming together to make something I not only will enjoy having and using, but can pass down to my daughters and grandchildren.  Soon I’ll post a few pics here and talk about how I have gone about doing my BOS.  Today, my hubby and I had breakfast out, bought stone tile to redo our shower, grocery and then home for football and hanging by the fire.

Yesterday, I was having so much fun working on my BOS I did not get any of my 14 days of cleaning and organizing done.  So today I did double duty! 🙂 I started with a kitchen cabinet that had everything from recipe boxes to supplies for making my herbal remedies.  Here’s the before pic……

Sorry about the blurriness..not sure why.  This was fairly easy to clean up..but where was I going to put my herbal supplies?  Here’s what it looked like after….

LOL  this is my kitty Harley..a stray that came to our back door about 6 years ago..and stayed 🙂  She thinks it looks good.  I have room for more stuff now!  I took all of the herbal remedy supplies and put them in the space in another cabinet I had cleared some time ago for that purpose..looks like this:

Hummm got room for more supplies too 🙂  Next I cleaned out a drawer in my parlor coffee table..I had to find some place to put all the pretty papers I use in my BOS, and my granddaughter Lily’s coloring books and crayons.  Before:


Ok..these were all pretty simple.  Now, I was on a roll so I tackled our entertainment center in the parlor.  This cabinet has our tv and other components, but it has these great hidden shelves where I keep my printer, printer paper, and lately..I have been shoving my witchy books in there too..the ones I’m studying from, the ones that are new and I haven’t read yet, and the ones that I refer to often.  Here’s the cabinet before..its bad  LOL..

I am almost embarassed to show that…really bad.  But I worked on it and came up with the idea of doing away with the CD racks on the 2 shelves on the left and turned them into flat shelves that would pull out….Perfect for holding my printer and easy access.  Here is the after:

I am sooo pleased with this job.  Before I go on to talking about my books a bit..if I know all you witches out want to see what books I have..Right?  LOL  I am that way, always scouring peoples bookshelves..even the ones in pictures.   Anyway, this 14 days of cleaning is coinciding with my daughter Kate’s blog and I wanted to participate …but I am reaping so many benefits from it.  A feeling of accomplishment, drawers and cupboards I don’t mind if somebody looks into..and I’m getting my house in order for Imbolc cleaning!  I also am getting rid of junk!  Taking things out of here that aren’t needed, used, loved..well its a good thing.  I take them to goodwill where it becomes someone elses treasured find!  It really only takes a few minutes to do this…a drawer or two, a cupboard, a closet…and by the end of 2 weeks..I am going to throw open everything, give it a good smudge, and I am ready for Imbolc! 🙂  You should think about doing it won’t be sorry. are some pics of my books:

What do you think?  Pretty good books huh!  I can’t wait to read all of the ones I haven’t yet.  This is not all of them either..I have two shelves full in my bedroom as well…ones I have read..well mostly!  These are more of the newer ones I’ve gotten recently or the ones I’m studying the runes and the tarot books.  I love when I get a new pagan book or discover a new author and I often ask the question on my facebook page..what are you reading?  To get great ideas for books I need to read.  I keep a list in a notebook and refer to it often.  I also visit our half price bookstore for some on my list at great prices.  I have always loved to read, but I especially love to read while I’m LEARNING!!  Its just the best thing ever!

So after all my great cleaning and cooking and busyness today..I’m going to curl up by the fire with one of these books……and read.

Blessings and light, Autumn

*Sorry about all the pics but I’m working on learning how great my new camera is too…LOL



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9 responses to “Days 2 & 3 Cleaning & some of my books………

  1. LOL Mom – I can’t believe you actually had anything in your house that mess – that’s what ALL of my cabinets look like 😉 Glad you’re enjoying the cleaning as much as I am!! AND that Harley approves 😉

    • Hey have been inspirational…and I’m just trying to keep up with you! and you’re right..this was one of my worst cabinets! LOL
      Keep doing what your doing cause it keeps me going too 🙂
      Love, Mom

  2. Zoe

    Morning, Autumn!

    Another wonderful post! And yes, when you mentioned about your books, my first thought was, ‘Ooooo, wonder what books she is reading!’, lol! And I have some of those too :oD

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your BOS too. My husband bought me a beautiful book for my BOS about 4 years ago now and it has morphed from one thing to another and it has never been a happy book. I know I’ll find out how it wants to be some day, but I hate seeing an empty book, lol.

    Good going on your 14 days cleaning! I’m having a go also with you both (no piccies though!) and also a 14 week cleaning challenge from another site where you work one ‘room’ a week (thankfully I have a small home so my challenge will be MUCH shorter!).

    Have a beautiful day! Blessings and hugs!

    • Hi Zoe
      I love my BOS…to it at Witches Moon…takes forever and not cheap but was worth the wait! I got another one recently..a smaller keep all my herbal info, recipes for potions, remedies etc in…can’t wait to start working on that one too!
      The cleaning is going great..pretty easy really…and such satisfaction after.
      I like the idea of a room per week too..great idea for spring cleaning!
      Blessings and love to you, Autumn

  3. great post. I really must do something about my mess too. Oh a little tip for your camera that may help with the blurriness. WHen you are about to take the shot hold your breath as you press the button this will help lessen any shake that we all automatically do when taking photos. It might help I used to do this and it worked for me. Hugs Sara

  4. Thanks Sara..I have heard that before and will try it…I didin’t have problems with shaky hands with my other camera..was probably less sensitive..but have noticed it a bit with this one. I changed the setting to accomodate but this pic…I must have been shaking alot! LOL
    Thanks for the tip and thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Autumn

  5. I love the organizing!!! It looks great! And your books are super! I saw Christopher’s books! YAY! My favorite is The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft! i’m reading it again. 🙂

  6. I have been doing the cleaning and reorganizing and getting rid of junk I really don’t use. I have a half a paper groc. bag of stuff just from the bathroom ready to go to the thrift store! I will probably take photos and post about this on my mundane blog too!

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