Blessed Winter Solstice……..

Brightly burns the Yule log tonight
Magic dances in firelight
Hold my hand and join the song
Raise the Sun King bright and strong
Dark is giving way to light
As brightly burns the Yule log tonight!

by my friend

Saffron Celtic Moon


Merry Meet my friends.  Whew…I have been so so I’m sure you all have been.  I’m taking a few minutes to write  a quick post and to post some pictures.  The Winter Solstice is upon us!  Here, it is warm and very rainy. Not Winter weather at all!  But be that as it may, I can FEEL that the Solstice is here…the darkness prevails, Mother Earth is dormant, the animals are still collecting, scurrying, hurrying to prepare for the long Winter.  Cut wood is being delivered, the stores are busy with people shopping for their festivities the next few days, the malls and restaurants are swamped, traffic is terrible LOL.   But…..tonight..the longest night of the year….leads to a Sunrise in the morning..the Sun God is reborn…and the days wills start getting longer again. 

As I said before, the Winter Solstice for me is the peace I find in myself.  Taking the time to reflect, to renew, to be quiet with myself.  With all the hustle and bustle going on around me….quiet is what will be happening here, both tomorrow morning watching the Sunrise with my coffee, and tomorrow ritual.  That is what the Solstice is all about!  Welcoming the Sun God, knowing Spring will come again though Winter is upon us, and spending time on myself.

Tomorrow, I will have my family here.  We’re going to have a luncheon, exchange a small gift, and burn the Yule log.  We make wishes on the Yule log by writing them down on a piece of paper, and burning it with the Yule log and greens.  It will be laid back and fun.  Tomorrow night, I’ll be at my altar. 

So speaking of altar….here is some pics of mine this year.

The pics and what I put on my altar probably speaks for itself.  The beautiful stag in my God representative.  The oranges represent the Sun…of course cloves are perfect this time of year.  The greens are pine, spruce, holly, lavender and rosemary..all from my own yard.  The pinecones are from my yard too.  I used gold to represent the Sun in the stars and candles, of course red and green had to be there too.  My Yule log and rosemary tree have a cardinal on favorite Winter bird!  I’m pretty happy with the results and can’t wait to work at it tomorrow night.  Oh of course, wine and some cake..oatmeal I think, will be enjoyed as well 🙂 

So, spend some time by a fire with family, spend some time reflecting on the last year and on yourself, and welcome the Sun God during the Sunrise in the morning. May your Solstice be most Blessed with Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity.  I thank you all for reading my blog and for being my friend.  I am most Blessed this Solstice Night!

Yule Blessings and Love, Autumn



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9 responses to “Blessed Winter Solstice……..

  1. Angelique Autumn

    Oh Autumn, once again you paint the pictures of your life in vivid colors! The magic and love flow right off the page! Your altar is enchanting! I am doing my ritual tonight and will welcome the sunrise in the morning! Blessed be my dear friend! Blessed be!

  2. irish claddagh

    OMG!!!!! from the words on the screen to the magikal pictures of your altar…I am in awe….all I can say to describe what I am feeling while I read it (you blogs always make me homesick) is that I LOVE IT!!! ALL OF IT!!! I wish I were as busy as you….this is just amazing and what a blessing for the Sun to see tomorrow at sunrise…oh its just beautiful, I love you sis 🙂

  3. What a wonderful post! And the photos too! Blessed Yule! 🙂

  4. am new here, this is most lovely, thank you, it helps to ease the lonelyness, Sweet Blessings to all,

  5. Debra

    Beautiful blog, as always! Blessed Solstice,sister.

  6. Beautiful, Autumn. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

  7. marnette boyd

    Blessings and light my friend , may your day and night be blessed with ever lasting joy . For to night I gather with sisters and friends . To do the same as many others who walk our walk . You are right it is a time to look at what was and what can be . A time to give of our selves to the new and let the old wash away . Blessing and love this most wonderful time of the year . BB )O( Marnette

  8. blessed be the Sun!! love the pomander….thanks so much for sharing your wyrds and pictures….wishing you all the magick of the season deer sister….<*)

  9. Beautiful altar! Have a Blessed Solstice, dear Autumn… Many Blessings to you and your family!

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