Blessed Imbolc 2013……

imagesCA3UM5E2Merry Meet friends.  Hope this post finds all of you happy and healthy and enjoying your Winter (or Summer) so far.  I have been happily settling in to my new home, enjoying watching it snow, relaxing by the fire etc.  Despite the fact there are still boxes to unpack, I’ve had time for some fun family days, some reading or crochet, and visiting with old friends on an evening or a day out.

Tomorrow is Imbolc….one of my favorite Sabbats.  Besides the fact that it was the first Sabbat I celebrated, it is also a favorite because I view it as a new beginning Sabbat.  It is the Winter will be over soon, Spring cleaning, thinking of being outdoors gardening, and longer days Sabbat! What’s not to love about that!  Though I love Winter…I appreciate that the Wheel continues to turn and brings with it the warmth of the Sun and all that the Sun will bring!  Also, I’m devoted to Brighid and as this is Her Sabbat I enjoy honoring Her, inviting Her in to my home and listening to what She may have to say to me.


Here in Ohio, we have a couple inches of snow on the ground right now and below 0* degrees with negative wind chills temps!  Tomorrow, a big snow storm comes in!!  We expect about 4 more inches!  My Imbolc will be spent sitting by the fire, smudging the house, burning candles and incense, baking and cooking and my Imbolc ritual tomorrow night. My ritual may have to be inside because of the snow and the freezing cold but I’ll step out for a few minutes for some Moon time for sure!  My house is clean and organized (thanks to the fact I just moved LOL) and I can really enjoy the day.  As the Sun goes down, I’ll light the candles.  I’ll throw open the door and invite Goddess Brighid into my home asking for Health, Joy, Peace and Abundance for this coming year for my family and loved ones.

My altar will be very simple this year as most of my Witchy stuff is still in storage.  But a few candles,  some crystals, my Brighid’s cross and some blessing oil is about all I need.  Speaking of Blessing oil…here is my recipe for my Imbolc Blessing oil:

4 drops Ginger

3 drops Clove

2 drop Rosemary

2 drop Cypress

Add to 1/8 cup almond or jojoba oil and blend well.

You’ll love the scent.  Use it to anoint your candles, your altar and yourself!!

I wish you all a very Blessed Imbolc.  (Blessed Lammas to my  Southern friends)    However you decide to celebrate it…DO celebrate it!  and remember that it means that Winter will soon be over and Spring will be here in all Her glory!  Welcome the Sun!!


deep in the belly

life stirs

not yet formed

but quickening.

slight movement waking,

promising of life to come,

in the dark

as yet unborn.

manifesting, yet waiting,

the warming Earth



Poem by Deanne Quarrie

Bright Blessings and Much Love, Autumn






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7 responses to “Blessed Imbolc 2013……

  1. Sunshine Fae

    Blessed Imbolc to you my lovely sister! I love the fact that you get a real winter experience. It is cold here but that is about all. I must begin getting oils so I can do the blends you suggest! Loving you!

  2. Kerri

    Beautiful!!! Thank you Autumn for your lovely posts!!! Hugs and a Blessed Imbolc to you 😀

  3. I love it! Thank you for the recipe as well! I can’t wait to make that as well. I am happy for you that you have been able to spend time with friends and loved ones as well. You now have me dreaming of spring and what I would love to do in my garden area, can’t wait! Hugs!

  4. villa

    Happy Imbolc!!!!!!! Autumn i made the potato soup amd lemon poppy seed cake and my husband loved it i of course also loved it. I did my ritual last night bc i have to stay on the sip 24 hours tomorrow but it was a wonderful ritual and i nice moment with my self and the goddess . I hope your Imbolc is just as wonderful.

  5. Happy Imbolc to you dear sister….<3

  6. Debra Nehring

    Happy and Blessed Imbolc to you, Autumn, and to all!Her above the 60th parallel we certainly look forward to the coming of Spring about now!
    I will enjoy Imbolc this evening down at our little cabin on the lake with a lovely fire in the stove . I am going to mix up your blessing oil recipe right now!

  7. Amanda

    Blessed Imbolc to you, and to all your friends and followers. Its been a beautiful if cold day today, so i’ve been spurred on to do some house sorting/cleaning, but i have also spent some time dreaming of what to plant in the garden.
    Hugs to all
    Amanda x

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