Blessed Samhain 2013!!……



Merry Afternoon my friends!  I thought I’d fly by with a quick post on this busy Samhain day!  Our weather is gloomy, windy, and rainy.  Leaves are tossing and falling like crazy, it’s warmish but it feels cold because of the wind and rain.  A true Autumn rainy day 🙂

While our weather is not conducive to tonight’s trick or treat for the kids, it’s wonderful for a night by the fire, eating, drinking, communing with Ancestors and spending time thinking about the New Year…what I want to let go from my Life, what needs attention or changing, and sending out my prayers and wishes for my loved ones and friends.  It is a perfect night for Magick!!!!

A time for looking inward, reflection and change 
  Honoring those spirits, making sense of the strange 
  So open your mind, part the veil if you dare 
  Welcome the new, for there’s magic in the air!

                    -Louise Heydon

May your Samhain be all you wish it to be! May your Ancestors bring you good tidings! May friends and family gather in Love and Harmony and Happy New Year to the Witches!!!

In Blessing and Love,




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2 responses to “Blessed Samhain 2013!!……

  1. Nora Nix

    Beautiful Autumn ~ Again, that you for your lovely post and thoughts. I don’t comment every time, but I mean to…! (Working on that procrastination gene…) It is warm here in Georgia. My Samhain feast consists of several dishes from The Wicca Cookbook by Jamie Wood and Tara Seefeldt: chicken barley stew with herbs, onion shortcake, baked butternut squash, and my favorite – magickal mushrooms which are stuffed with peppers and onions and bacon and rosemary…oh, yum. Wish you were here to share it.
    Blessed be~ Nora

    • HI Nora! I’m so sorry I’m slow responding. Your meal for Samhain sounds amazing! Wish I had been there too! LOL> I wanted to wish you a very Blessed and happy Yule for you and yours. Thank you for any time you read my blog and comments are just lovely. Hugs and Love, Autumn

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