I’m a Happy Garden Witch………..

Merry Meet friends!  Hope this writing finds all of you doing well.  If you live in the Northern Hemisphere..I’m guessing you’ve been enjoying Summer-like weather now! I know we have here in Ohio.  It’s been quite warm, we’ve had adequate rain, and the Garden Centers are booming with busy gardeners grabbing up flowers, shrubs, herbs and veggie plants.  I have made several trips there myself 🙂

This is only the 2nd Summer now in our new home and we are still planning garden beds and fine tuning what we did last year.  We lost some plants from the extreme Winter we had so we had to dig up some dead plants and decide what to do with the space.  I’m thrilled with what we’ve done.  I did most of the bed design and planting..while hubby helped me with the bigger pots and the I helped him with the mulching.

I have more I want to do yet…another bed would be great….but until I can talk hubby into it LOL….we will be planting some flowering trees like Pear and Lilac, installing a trellis or two against our fence and planting climbing flowers and putting in a big Maple tree in the backyard.  Here’s just a few pics of what we’ve done….they are newly planted but growing fast and I’m very happy with the results.  I kept in mind planting for drawing bees, birds and butterflies.  So far…it’s working 🙂


























As a Witch…..I have added Magick in many ways.  As I plant….I put my intentions and energy into each plant to grow strong and healthy..infuse it with Magick!  I draw runes and pentacles in the dirt, or even right on the wood of the raised bed of herbs.  I plant crystals in the soil, water with collected Moon Water and ask Goddess to bring Her energy and power to my home and gardens.  For me, working in soil…handling living plants, nurturing them, and watching them bloom and grow…brings me pure Joy, Grounds and Centers me, and allows me to feel one with Mother Earth.

I have many friends who don’t have yards or garden beds because they live in apartments etc.  I have friends who say they don’t have a green thumb..have no luck or desire to garden.   That’s ok too.  Not everybody is into gardening…I’m sure you have some other talent I wish I had 🙂   For those that want to but live in an apartment….it takes a very small space of balcony or patio or patch of dirt to plant a few things to bring you joy.  Pots are wonderful for growing flowers, herbs and even some vegetables.  The Joy is the same!

This time of year, I get such a thrill out of seeing my friend’s gardens posted on social media.  I get such great ideas and inspiration from others.  My friend Sunshine has a wonderful little balcony.  It’s one of the most magickal little places I’ve seen… with her pots of herbs and flowers and veggies, her Goddess statues and faeries….I get inspiration from her too! Though it’s a small space…it’s pure Magick!

It’s only 18 days until the Summer Solstice.  The Solstice is usually when I get to do my first harvest of herbs, and when I re-new my Witch’s Protection Bottles, wards etc around my home and yard.  I’ll be back to talk more about that soon.  In the meantime…get barefoot, go out under the waxing Moon (Friday the 13th She will be Full!) and just FEEL the warmth of the Earth, and the softness of the grass on your feet.  It will fix just about anything that’s ailing you!



Blessings and Love, Autumn



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18 responses to “I’m a Happy Garden Witch………..

  1. beautiful garden sis!!! i so love having my hands and feet in the dirt or grass….better than any therapist in helping to overcome what ails you!!! ❤

  2. Deb

    I love your pictures! Everything looks so rich and magickal! You know I Live in an apartment and this year I have a cherry tomato plant, Lemon Balm, Kale and Rosemary growing! They are all in pots and doing great! I love your blog!

  3. Deb

    Oh Autumn! Thank you so much for saying all that about my balcony garden! How did I miss “Sunshine”….it’s late I guess! I do love my garden and it is so magickal. You inspired me to do this 2 years ago when I planted lemon balm and it took over my balcony! Yes….it is true; you can use a small space to grow wonderful things! Love you!

  4. Everything is BEAUTIFUL!! You have every reason to be proud.

  5. Debra

    Wonderful pics and wonderful thoughts. Love you dear Autumn.
    May your gardens be blessed with much abundance!

  6. chefette13

    You have such a beautiful garden! You are such an inspiration to those of us who don’t have green thumbs. I guess I’ll just stick to my house plants! You brought up the full moon on Friday the 13th I have a question for you…… That happens to be my birthday. is there a special significance to having a Friday the 13th full moon birthday? And yes I was born on Friday the 13th many many years ago lol enjoy the summer enjoy your gardening! Blessings always,

    • Hello dear June! I always love hearing from you! Now see….I have very little luck with house plants so you have me there LOL. Happy Birthday to you on this momentous Friday the 13th Full Moon. It’s bound to be full of magick for sure. The Full Moon is all about pulling to you what it is you need in your life. It’s about something coming to fruition, calling for healing and positive energy, for focus on spiritual growth and development. Now we all know the 13th is supposed to be un-lucky, but in ancient times it was a time to honor Goddesses of Love and Good Fortune. Our ancestors also had a 13 month lunar cycle calendar, with 13 moon cycles etc. Friday is also Freya or Frigga day..both Goddesses of love, sex and fertility. Now….that doesn’t sound too un-lucky to me 🙂 I would look at the day as a BLESSED day….you won’t have another Full Moon Birthday for many, many years! Make the most of it!! Hugs Autumn

      • chefette13

        Hi Autumn!! thank you so much for all the great info about my birth day. I knew some of it but the majority of it was new to me! And this is why I love your blog so much…you are a fount of knowledge and I know you are the one who has answers to my questions!! Nope it’s never been an unlucky day for me either! 🙂 My mother must have had something for Friday 13th babies….she had three out of four of us on Friday 13th. Thank you again for all the info. I hope you have a wonderful summer and a bumper crop of herbs and veggies!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to making my eggplant and tomato pie once the fresh local grown tomatoes hit the store!! Have you ever had it? if not you are missing out on a great treat for a light summer dinner or lunch also good hot or cold.
        Big Hugz and lots of blessings,

      • Wow June..she DID have a thing for that date didn’t she LOL. I’m glad I could help a little my friend. No…I’m not familiar with that recipe but it sounds amazing! I’d love the recipe if you’d like to share 🙂 My email is autumnearthsong@yahoo.com 🙂 Have a great night! Hugs!!

      • chefette13

        Letting you know I just emailed it to you in case I go to the spam file 😉

  7. I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed it so much. Love the photos of your gardens, and especially love the moon ornament.

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