A Winter Sunrise Morn……..

Merry Meet friends!  I hope that you are all having a lovely Sun day.  Sun day is my favorite day of the week.  It is usually a stay at home day for me.  I spend it puttering in the house, cooking a yummy breakfast or dinner or both (like today!)  watching football or movies, reading, crocheting, hanging out by the fire.  Sometimes I will spend time working on my Book of Shadows or mixing oil blends or incense blends, or spending some time at my altar or studying something like runes or tarot.  Just laid back and wonderful!  Today I was actually busy..made breakfast, then took a drive to have some me time, then grocery, then made up two dishes of baked pasta!  By 4:30, I finally sat down to catch up on facebook and write in my blog and relax. 🙂 

My day though started off in a most beautiful way…which is what I’m really here to write about.  This morning there was a gorgeous Sunrise that I was most blessed to be up in time to see.  There was ice on all the tree branches and the beauty took my breath away!  I grabbed my camera and snapped these pictures…

I am really getting into photography and I got a little better camera from my hubby for Yule.  It is the first step towards getting the ultimate camera I want…but it’s a good one and I will enjoy it for awhile!  I was most pleased with these pics..almost as pleased as I was with the real thing! 🙂  I was so inspired too by my experience that I wrote a little poem….now I have very rarely written a poem.  I am pretty good at writing spells and charms etc but poetry has always escaped me.  So be kind and don’t think too harshly of my poetry writing…but it comes from the heart and expresses what I felt and saw this morning!

Winter Sunrise Morning


Autumn Earthsong 


I know before I’m completely awake that it is very cold

As I lay, I see a slight shimmer starting to show on the snow

I jump up with coffee in mind, when I see ice shining bright and bold

On the bare, dark trees, glittering from a beautiful sunrise glow


I grab slippers and camera, and head out  to catch this beautiful sight

 Out to the porch I go, when  cold air hits me, and my breath leaves me

I stop,  and my eyes  take in the Sun’s pink and orange light

Just coming up over the horizon,  in time for me to see


Through the camera lens a magickal world appears

Of white snow and dark trees and Sun and ice

My heart swells with the beauty that is so near

I snap a picture, once, twice, thrice…….


I shiver and watch the Sun rise higher a minute more

Then I give thanks  to the Goddess  with  a full heart

For the gift of this glorious winter sunrise morn

Then indoors I run, to coffee and warmth,  my day is off to an excellent start!

Now again, its ok if you don’t like my prose, but I’m pretty proud of myself for even attempting it…much less posting it here!  🙂  So my word of advice for today is…get out and see those sunrises and sunsets.  Taking the time to do that, yes even if you have to get up early, is sooo worth it.  It really does help me to connect with Mother Earth, Goddess, God every day.  Thats all it takes to connect with the Divine.  After all, the gift is there to take..so take it! Relish it!  Take pictures of it!  Dance and sing!  Whatever you feel inspired to do!   Just don’t let it pass you every single day..

Love and Light, Autumn



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12 responses to “A Winter Sunrise Morn……..

  1. Fantastic!!! Another great blog! And I like the poetry! Anyone who can express themselves through words is awesome to me! LOVE the photos! I cant wait to get up in the morning and get pics of the snow around here. 🙂

    • LOL..You are too kind Owl…but I do try! 🙂 Oh I can’t wait til you post pics too..there is something about snow that seems to make the pics come out so great! Hugs my friend..I am so blessed to have found you!
      Blessings, Autumn

  2. Desba

    Lovely, and wonderful pix. I applaud your poetry and willingness to share with us! *Hugs*

  3. OMGOSH, the energy emitting from your post gave me shivers!!! 🙂
    I LOVE your poem! It’s a perfect description! The photos are very beautiful, keep snapping!!! I am a huge tree lover, and especially with the sun shining through them, showing off the glitter of the ice and snow! Wonderful!
    And yes, I personally watch the sun rise and or set every day. It rejuvenates my spirit. Getting outside too, even if it’s very cold, is so important! Great post Autumn! And btw, Winston is doing a lot better, he’s back to his barky, jumpy, sneaky self, lol!!!

    • Hello Rain my friend! I’m so glad to hear that Winston is doing well..that has to make you feel very happy! Thanks so much for your kind words! As I said, you’re an inspiration to me with the photography and I was very pleased with the pics. The poem..well, I liked it and glad you did too!
      Hugs and Blessings!

  4. Pam Bates

    Thank you and so lovely 🙂

  5. amy

    Love your photos. I think having a camera or looking through it helps me to be more spiritual and honor the seasons for their beauty. 🙂

  6. Greetings Amy..thank you so much. and I agree with you! You see it..more…don’t you? 🙂
    Blessings, Autumn

  7. Mom – you’re poetry is lovely – really! I might have to put it in my BOS 🙂 You’re pictures are great too – i miss those views sometimes as compared to what I see out my living room window 😉 Love you!

  8. aww you are too sweet LOL! Thank you huni. As you know I dont’ write poetry but I was inspired..:) We are both getting better at photography with our new cameras. The views here are beautiful indeed as you know. I miss you being here sometimes too 🙂
    Love you too, Mom

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