The Wheel turns to Summer Solstice 2012….

Merry Meet friends.  I hope that your Spring has been as beautiful as mine and that all is well with all of you.  I haven’t written for a while…my health issues have caused a bit of a problem with coming up with what to write and even the desire to write..but I was in the mood so here I am 🙂   Spring came quite early here in Ohio, probably for you too.  It was such a mild Winter most everywhere and it warmed up fast.  It’s been just beautiful here…though we are now having quite hot temperatures, hitting 90’s the next several days already.  Because of the warm Winter and even warmer Spring, gardening and outdoor activities got under way much earlier then usual and it’s been wonderful! 

My herbs from last year happily sprang back up and are huge and ready to be harvested already!  Many of my flowers are already in  full bloom and everything is green and lush.  Lawns needed to be cut early, mulching done, garden centers hopping busy, and Mother Earth is in full bloom in May!  I have noticed that birds are singing louder and happier..(I could be my imagination but I don’t think so!) , critters are scurrying and playing.   We have a koi pond and the frogs are so abundant and so noisy it’s amazing!  There are a lot of new baby fish this year too. 

Porch time started early…and the bugs…well…the bad thing about a mild Winter is the bugs are multiplied.  June bugs, lady bugs, crickets, spiders, wasps, bees, mosquitos…yep…they are everywhere!  I haven’t seen any lightning bugs yet but I’m sure they’ll be along any day 🙂  LOL maybe thats why the birds are so happy? 🙂   I can’t wait for the farmers markets and produce stands to open around us…it won’t be long now.  I have the biggest craving for grilled corn on the cob, big, ripe and red tomatoes and some ice cold watermelon!

The Summer Solstice…I can’t believe how fast it’s coming up.  Just those words bring back so many memories of carefree Summer days not only when I was a child but when my girls were little too.  Now I get to watch my grandchildren play in the dirt, collect bugs, swim, run in the sprinkler, get sticky with watermelon and need baths more then once a day LOL.   The cycle continues and the lazy, hazy days of Summer always bring back some nostalgia for me.  Though I’m not a fan of really hot days these days..crone that I am…I still love the whole idea that Summer is a time for families, outdoor activities, cookouts and 4th of July parades.   Riding bikes, picnics, swimming in lakes, oceans and pools, being tan and active and soooo tired at the end of the day.  It’s reading in hammocks and lawn chairs or blankets under a tree in the shade.  It’s fishing, and hiking and gardening.  Ice tea on the porch and lemonade stands….have you seen a lemonade stand lately?  I think they are making a come back!  I often think that Summer is for the young…but as I get older, I find my own appreciation of it as well, in a different way.  It’s time to feel young join the kids running thru sprinklers, cranking the ice cream maker, playing frisbee or floating on a raft.’s such a great time of year. 


Some fond memories I have as a child was drive-in movies…remember those?   There are just a couple left near where I live and I think it’s sad that they’ve gone away.  When I was quite young…my dad worked a 2nd job at a drive-in movie theatre on the weekends…well..apparantly, that allowed our family of 4 kids and my mom to get to come see movies most weekends.  I can remember mom and dad loading us our jammies of all things LOL  but we all were under the age of 8-10 with me being the oldest.  We would make up a big bag of popcorn..cheaper to bring our own…a jug of Kool-aid, toys and books etc.  We would get here early so my dad could report to work and we’d get a good spot to park.  Right by the play-yard and the concession stand.  We’d get out a play til the movie started.  The rules were…we were allowed to watch the first movie..had to lay down for the 2nd movie. LOL  Apparantly the first movie was kid friendly, the 2nd one was not.  That’s why I would take a book and a flashlight 🙂  We often thru blankets out in front of the car and laid on them to watch the movie.  I remember seeing Disney movies mostly.  My dad would come sit with us between movies a bit…bring us some candy sometimes.   It’s a good memory I have from a childhood that wasn’t always so great.  I took my girls to a few drive-in movies when they were little as they were still around then.   I wonder if my grandkids will even know what they are?  

As a Witch, the Summer Solstice..or the time of year I put out new protection bottles, place new protection around my home, give offerings to the Fae and Goddess,  harvest my herbs as they grow, and keep myself grounded to Mother feet in her dirt and grass and sand, my face to the Sun, my back leaning against a tree, my hands weeding or planting or watering, and my heart connects to the starry skies, the Moon, the warm Summer winds or the warm refreshing rain.  It’s a beautiful time of year. 

As I am still recovering..I think I appreciate even more the Seasons of the year then I always have.  I have always done my best to make the most of every day, to find magick everyday, to be sure my loved ones know they are loved by me everyday.  Now…I find it even more important to be sure I enjoy the moments..not let my mind be spinning constantly with what is coming next or what needs to be done tomorrow.  Summer is a slow-down and stop and smell the roses season…that is what I intend to do this Summer!  and oh yes..I intend to play….like a child….everyday!  I know many of you do that too! 

“There shall be eternal Summer in the grateful heart.”

 ~Celia Thaxter

I am perusing recipes for Litha for my next post.  Be sure to check out the last two years of posts for the Summer Solstice, altars, pics etc.  Just type it in the Search gadget.  I want to thank so many of you again for all the healing, prayers and well wishes sent my way.  I will always remember and be grateful for it.  Thank you.

Blessings and Love, Autumn

Sources…some pics are internet, some are mine….



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7 responses to “The Wheel turns to Summer Solstice 2012….

  1. chefette13

    So happy to see a post from you Autumn! 🙂 I hope and pray that you are gaining your strength back and will be fully recuperated soon!! You have a lovely memory from your childhood…those of us “of a certain age” can relate to the memory of the drive in theater. Mine is of myself and my dad at the drive in across from where my mom worked…we would go to the movies then pick her up from work. I was two or three at the time and I really do remember those special outings with my dad. Here in Va. we’ve had some hot weather and lots of rain so our flowers and flowering trees have been in blossom for a while now. I really think you are right about the birds being louder this year….and plentiful! there have been many large (50 or more) flocks of robins feasting on the bugs in the yard this spring. The sight was amazing. I’ve also observed the new ducklings and goslings early this year in the little lake behind me. I’ve seen a lot of butterflies already this year also, nice to see them coming back. There’s always something that can amaze you and lift your spirits around you if you only look…too bad so many people don’t take the time to notice the beauty around them. Wishing you a blessed Solstice.

    • June..I’m so happy to see you too….I am getting better slowly but surely….seeing a real difference in the last week or so….more energy..headaches aren’t as bad as long as I rest 🙂 How wonderful you have memories of drive-in movies too 🙂 I have found out there are still two in my area…though both are a bit of a drive..would be worth it 🙂 I am seeing lots of butterflies too!! and you are right..there are lots of wonderful things in our world to lift us up if we just look….beautiful, wise words my friend.
      Hugs and Love,

  2. Angelique Autumn

    As usual! FAB….U…..LOUS! You brought back such awesome memories of drive in movies! Sounds like we did the exact same thing except my dad didn’t work there, but the jammies, pop corn, blankets, etc….oh yes. I am sorry that they all closed down before my kids could experience them! I too do not like the hot weather, but like being outdoors more! I love growing plants and herbs on my balcony and having color all around me! Keep healing my dear sister! Love you!

  3. Kimberly kica

    I didn’t know u had lost your desire to write 😦 ~~ I remember drive in and miss I think we have one left in our state~~ wow u r hitting 90s holy moly~ I’ve been preparing like you and have also noticed how happy animals and birds are here in ct too~ I miss all your sabbatt info~ brightest blessing to u and so happy you
    R healing faster!!! Keep resting

  4. I somehow stumbled on your blog today and am so glad I did. Thanks for sharing your summer memories! I think its incredible you’ve written so much since your surgery. Your energy is wonderful!


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