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A Book review and signs of Spring……….

Merry Meet friends.  It has been quite  a week wise around here.  On Imbolc Eve, we got a huge ice storm…lots of heavy ice, slippery roads, trees cracking and breaking from the weight of the ice, and power outages.  Yes, we had a power outage..the lights went out about 11:30pm that night.  We lit candles, brought in a kerosene ceramic heater to warm the lower floor rooms and hoped for the best.  By the next morning..power outage looked like it was going to last for awhile.  We ended up heading over to my daughters for the day and stayed warm and had a lovely visit with my daughters and granddaughter.  Lights came back on at about 5pm and life got back to normal.  It was Imbolc…my ritual ended up being very simple as I was so tired from lack of sleep LOL…but I threw open the doors and invited in Brighid and it was a Blessed Imbolc after all.  I hope yours was too!

A couple of months ago..a facebook friend of mine..Tracy Jeffery..from Australia…posted a link that caught my eye.  I went to look at it, and discovered that she had written a children’s pagan book…called “Kite Magic….A Tribute to the Element Air”.  I looked at it, thought that I would order it for my granddaughter and then, you know, I kind of forgot about it.  A couple of weeks ago, she posted a comment here on my blog and mentioned the book and that she would love for me to review it here.  So I promptly contacted her, ordered the book and I received it, read it and loved it.  So Tracy, thank you for your delightful book and I can’t wait til the other element books are written.

Kite Magic is about a little girl named Alana, 4 years old, who receives a rainbow kite for her birthday.  Her Nanna takes her to the beach to fly her kite. (Now I am called Nana by my precious Lily so I loved that right off ! )  Nanna wears a shawl and a sunflower hat (which I love!).  But despite Alana’s best efforts, she can not get the kite to fly….there isn’t enough wind.  She is taunted by 3 boys because of it.  Alana becomes sad and discouraged..her rainbow kite just wont’ fly.  Now her Nanna..a wise crone…tells Alana that she can make it windy by calling on air.  Alana does just that..with her Nanna’s help ( a beautiful charm here too).  Their magick blends together and spirals upward and Air answers in a delightful way.  The descriptive words of the magick wrought were delightful to me and I think any child would be entranced as well.  Those boys who taunt her…well they get a bit of Karma as well in a very funny way!  I thought this book was charming..filled with magick and vivid images.  I also loved the illustrations by Danielle Rawnsley-Galistan..bright colors and attention getting for a child.  I can’t wait until the next books come out.  I highly recommend the book..pagan books for children are pretty hard to come by.  For this book visit

I have been looking for signs of no avail around here.  We have had one of the snowiest winters I can remember.  Not so much in huge amounts, but in constant amounts..keeping the ground white all winter long.  Today, more snow.  But recently, I have had visitors to our koi pond in our yard and just had to snap a few pictures.  Signs of Spring?  I still think so…but they are around here all winter long now…but seeing them makes me smile.

Lovely birds don’t you agree..I love the grumpy look on the one looking right at me! LOL

Then this morning..more visitors…7 deer walked across our yard…it was so magickal.  I feel such an affinity with them.  I see them as so magickal and majestic…my heart soars when I can be that close to them!  Here’s a  picture  I caught before they went up in the woods.

Sorry for the misty pics but well, it was a misty morning! 🙂  I have heard many of my facebook friends talking about signs of Spring around their I know that Spring is coming soon.  To feel the Sun warming the Earth, to see shoots peeking up thru the brown earth, morning bird song, the smell of the grass greening….I can’t wait for those days.  I know you all look forward to those days as well.  Spring is Hope Eternal!

Blessings of Love and Light, Autumn


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Day 4…..more cleaning!

Good evening lovelies!  I had a nice day today…very busy and productive as well.  I had some errands to run this morning and I hit Target and got new bright green storage containers and some new olive oil/vegetable oil bottles for my stovetop.  I bought fresh oils…organic of course..and filled them and they look great!  The storage containers will be used in different areas..some I used today, the rest will be used in my linen closet when I get to it.  I sure hope you all aren’t getting bored with my cleaning posts.  Blogging about it and posting pics is part of the program my daughter is doing and I want to do it as well..and its sooooo motivating for me seeing the before and afters pics. 

So today, all my work was in my kitchen. I had planned to do under my sink and a drawer but ended up doing quite a bit more..took me about 40 minutes maybe.  So here are the pics..they speak for themselves.




Before…..under kitchen sink….


Before……medicine drawer…..


Before…..baking drawer….


I actually did my dishtowel drawer and a cupboard where I keep my teas, seasonings etc…but didn’t take pics so as not to bore everybody…so I was pretty productive today.  I also wiped down the fronts of all the cabinets and of course wiped them all out.  As I said, this took me about 45 minutes..and I just love opening the drawers and seeing how great everything looks.  I’ve never had super messy drawers and I’m pretty good about cleaning them and there…but doing this project has been great and getting so much done at once is great!  I’ll be so ready for Imbolc very soon! 🙂

I have to show this pic as well…this is my kitty Jasper…now you will have met both of my beautiful fur babies…..

We adopted Jasper from a humane society about 6 1/2 years ago…Harley and Jasper are good friends, play hard at night, and love to hang out in my altar room when I’m working there..which I love!  They also love to stay close to us and they lay on my daughter Sara’s bed with her very often..which she loves.  I love dogs too though we have lost both of our dogs the age of 15 and 13.  But I have to admit that I feel such an affinity with cats..and I’d have more if my hubby would let me 🙂  I’m working on that! LOL

Today I recieved another witchy book in the mail I had ordered recently…Doreen Valiente’s “An ABC of Witchcraft”…I have not read any of her books yet and I’m anxious to dive into it!  I had to buy it used..but its in great shape..has that good old book smell! 🙂  One of the things I’m going to be adding to my blog is book reviews.  As I finish a book, witchy or otherwise, I’ll talk about it here.  (Thanks for the idea Owl and Tracy!) I think one of the things that all witches and pagans have in common…is that we all love to read and learn.  We all love books and knowledge.   If you quit reading and learning, or think you “know” it all and don’t need to read anymore..well, in my opinion, you stop growing.  So I plan on reading as long as there are books out there I haven’t read! LOL

The love of learning, the sequestered nooks,
And all the sweet serenity of books.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Thanks for putting up with my cleaning pictures…I won’t post them everyday…I promise!

Blessings and Love, Autumn


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Days 2 & 3 Cleaning & some of my books………

Merry Meet everybody!  Hope that you have all had a nice weekend.  It is VERY cold here…negative chill factors, high of 15* but it’s been sunny and I have been enjoying seeing the Moon Goddess the last few nights.  Yesterday I worked on my Book of Shadows and my sister was here and helped Sara work on hers as well.  I love working on it, seeing all the information I’ve collected for years coming together to make something I not only will enjoy having and using, but can pass down to my daughters and grandchildren.  Soon I’ll post a few pics here and talk about how I have gone about doing my BOS.  Today, my hubby and I had breakfast out, bought stone tile to redo our shower, grocery and then home for football and hanging by the fire.

Yesterday, I was having so much fun working on my BOS I did not get any of my 14 days of cleaning and organizing done.  So today I did double duty! 🙂 I started with a kitchen cabinet that had everything from recipe boxes to supplies for making my herbal remedies.  Here’s the before pic……

Sorry about the blurriness..not sure why.  This was fairly easy to clean up..but where was I going to put my herbal supplies?  Here’s what it looked like after….

LOL  this is my kitty Harley..a stray that came to our back door about 6 years ago..and stayed 🙂  She thinks it looks good.  I have room for more stuff now!  I took all of the herbal remedy supplies and put them in the space in another cabinet I had cleared some time ago for that purpose..looks like this:

Hummm got room for more supplies too 🙂  Next I cleaned out a drawer in my parlor coffee table..I had to find some place to put all the pretty papers I use in my BOS, and my granddaughter Lily’s coloring books and crayons.  Before:


Ok..these were all pretty simple.  Now, I was on a roll so I tackled our entertainment center in the parlor.  This cabinet has our tv and other components, but it has these great hidden shelves where I keep my printer, printer paper, and lately..I have been shoving my witchy books in there too..the ones I’m studying from, the ones that are new and I haven’t read yet, and the ones that I refer to often.  Here’s the cabinet before..its bad  LOL..

I am almost embarassed to show that…really bad.  But I worked on it and came up with the idea of doing away with the CD racks on the 2 shelves on the left and turned them into flat shelves that would pull out….Perfect for holding my printer and easy access.  Here is the after:

I am sooo pleased with this job.  Before I go on to talking about my books a bit..if I know all you witches out want to see what books I have..Right?  LOL  I am that way, always scouring peoples bookshelves..even the ones in pictures.   Anyway, this 14 days of cleaning is coinciding with my daughter Kate’s blog and I wanted to participate …but I am reaping so many benefits from it.  A feeling of accomplishment, drawers and cupboards I don’t mind if somebody looks into..and I’m getting my house in order for Imbolc cleaning!  I also am getting rid of junk!  Taking things out of here that aren’t needed, used, loved..well its a good thing.  I take them to goodwill where it becomes someone elses treasured find!  It really only takes a few minutes to do this…a drawer or two, a cupboard, a closet…and by the end of 2 weeks..I am going to throw open everything, give it a good smudge, and I am ready for Imbolc! 🙂  You should think about doing it won’t be sorry. are some pics of my books:

What do you think?  Pretty good books huh!  I can’t wait to read all of the ones I haven’t yet.  This is not all of them either..I have two shelves full in my bedroom as well…ones I have read..well mostly!  These are more of the newer ones I’ve gotten recently or the ones I’m studying the runes and the tarot books.  I love when I get a new pagan book or discover a new author and I often ask the question on my facebook page..what are you reading?  To get great ideas for books I need to read.  I keep a list in a notebook and refer to it often.  I also visit our half price bookstore for some on my list at great prices.  I have always loved to read, but I especially love to read while I’m LEARNING!!  Its just the best thing ever!

So after all my great cleaning and cooking and busyness today..I’m going to curl up by the fire with one of these books……and read.

Blessings and light, Autumn

*Sorry about all the pics but I’m working on learning how great my new camera is too…LOL


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Yule traditions and symbolism…..

Merry Meet lovely friends!  I am sitting in my easy chair with a warm glowing fire going, my daughter in the chair next to me, chili in the slow cooker, hot tea (cinnamon) in my cup and decided to write a blog post.  It has been snowy again today..we have about two inches of snow so far with more expected as the week goes on.  Winter is here no doubt!  Temps in the mid 20’s during the day, windy, brisk..and I just love it!

Earlier this week I pulled out three books I have on is Dorothy Morrison’s book “Yule..a celebration of light and warmth.” and “The Winter Solstice.the sacred traditions” by John Matthews, and “Pagan Christmas”  by Christian Ratsch and Claudia Muller-Ebeling….all three are great books and contain a huge amount of information, history, recipes, crafts & rituals for the Yuletide season.  A common theme all 3 books is the symbolism behind our much loved “stuff” we put all over the place at this time of year.  Thought I would discuss a few of them!

Bells– Pagans, at their festivals, would originally ring bells to drive away the “demons” that surfaced during the cold, dark time of the year.  Christians are taught in the bible “to make a joyful noise”.  Bell ringing seemed to fit the bill.  Have you ever heard a bell ringing choir during a christmas eve service or mass?  Very beautiful.  Bells are very much associated with the season.

Candles-As a witch, the symbolism of a candle is about representing the element of fire, and representing God and Goddess and sends healing and protection when needed.  Candles are thought to have originated in ancient Rome when they gifted them to each other during Saturnalia.  The flame was thought to chase away dark winter demons and urge the Sun back into the sky.  At this time of year especially, my home is alight with candles to add warmth and light to my home.

Evergreens– Evergreens were used to decorate homes and halls dating back to the earliest Winter festivals.  Because the green never fades, they were thought to have power over death and destruction.  That power was again thought to chase away the winter demons and urge the Sun to come back. Evergreens in winter gave the pagans hope for a return of the light and the renewing power of the goddess nature.  I love to bring in the greens for their wonderful scent also!

Holly–  Holly has vibrant green leaves and bright red berries during the winter’s cold, providing a beautiful symbol of rebirth. The Celts gathered holly branches and placed them in their homes the night before the winter solstice as protection against sorcery, lightning, and death.  In Scandenavia, it was believed that holly would bring luck to the house.  In Roman Bacchus, holly was the female counterpart to male ivy and this is why wreaths were made of both and hung on the front door.  Pagans believe Holly is Masculine to Ivy’s feminine.  With this multilayerd symbolism, the holly is indeed the crown jewel of evergreens.  This is why the Green Man wears a crown of holly.  I have beautiful holly bushes in my own yard and can cut fresh stems thruout the season. 

Mistletoe– Sacred to the Druids, the berried mistletoe symbolized the semen of the gods, and was used to bring about great fertility and abundance.  Brought into the home and hung over doorways, it also protected from evil.    Why do we kiss under the mistletoe?  Norse legend  says that Frigg, loved her son Balder so much that she couldn’t stand the thought of something happening to him.  but Loki (the God of Mayhem) fashioned an arrow out of mistletoe and gave it to Balder’s blind brother.  The arrow was shot and Balder fell dead.  Frigg’s tears restored Her son to life, and in her happiness, she declared the mistletoe plant a symbol of luck, love and promise.  Kissing under the mistletoe means you are receiving Frigg’s blessing.  I think it’s also very romantic and fun!

Reindeer– Pagans believe the reindeer symbolizes the horned God Cernunnos.  Others believe they represent the stags that drew the Norse goddess Freya’s chariot..either way, reindeer have pagan origins.  And how would Santa get all over the world without them??? 🙂

Wreath–  A circle of greens…to a pagan a perfect symbol of  the never-ending cycle of birth, death, and re-birth.  Often used to represent the Sun as well.  The Romans gave wreaths during Saturnalia as a gift to symbolize goodwill, friendship, and joyfulness.  To me, nothing says Yule/Christmas more then a wreath on the front door.  And now many people keep a wreath on their door all year long..decorated for the various holidays or seasons.

Yule Log– The Celts adorned a log (symbolizing the Oak King) with evergreens (symbolizing the Holly King) to signify the  death of darkness and the warmth of the sun during the newborn  solar year.  According to tradition, the log should be burned continuously for 12 days, and a bit saved  to light the yule log for next year’s fire.  I burn my Yule log on Winter Solstice night.  I decorate it with greens from my own yard.  I also make a tabletop version…holes have been cut to support tapered candles in red, green and gold.  Covered in greens, pinecones and a big red bow!

In her book “Yule”, Dorothy Morrison has a beautiful chant to say while burning your Yule log…

Old King we thank you for all you’ve done

For lessons learned and victories won

We must however, bid you adieu

For your reign is finished, it’s over and through

Come forth young King of newest light

Be born with ease; grow strong and bright

Gain strength and stature in the sky

Shed your warmth on us, now from on high!

Now, while decorating  for the holidays, you will know the meaning behind the items you place so lovingly around your home.  You are bringing magick into your home, celebrating rituals that have been practiced since ancient times.  Warm bright candlelight, the smell of pine and fir, the family gathered for wassail while the Yule log burns.  Whether you celebrate Yule, Christmas, Hannukah…the feeling this time of year is universal.  It is approached with great love and  joy.   Take the time to celebrate the Solstice…you will make a new tradition in your own family that will be passed on to your children and grandchildren.  Blessings to you and yours, Autumn


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The Spirit of Christmas……

Merry Meet friends!  I hope that  all of you here in  the USA and those who celebrate it;  had a blessed Thanksgiving day.  I had those in the family who were in town or didn’t have to go to the In-laws this year, to my house.  My mom and I split the menu….the traditional meal as we have made for years..and that everyone expects! 🙂  The food was great..some drama from my momma as alway…then lots of time to relax, doze, read, crochet and read and of course eat some turkey sandwiches when the notion hits! 

Now my thoughts turn to Yule/Christmas.  Other than Samhain, probably my favorite Sabbat!  Before I go on any further, let me explain that I celebrate the Winter Solstice AND Christmas..but Christmas is a secular holiday to me that I grew up loving and celebrating with my christian parents. Therefore, because the book is about Christmas Day..I’ll be referring to that day. 

    I love Winter! ( yes I know some people will be groaning right now!)  I love all it entails.  Sitting by the fire, nesting, going outside and feeling the cold air whip across my face and take my breath away, wearing cozy sweaters, knitted scarves, hats & mittens, hot chocolate, warm spiced wine, feeding the winter birds and having time to read, crochet, relax, bake, cook hot meals…I just love it!  Today I watched “A Christmas Carol”…my all time favorite book and movie…all versions..ever!  Today happened to be the musical version..which I happen to think is excellent.  Has Kelsey Grammar as Scrooge and many other great stars.  My favorite version..for the probably George C. Scott…he was a most excellent Scrooge!

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach. Oh, tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone!”……..Scrooge…Charles Dickens

I am sure many of you will recognize this quote.  I am a huge lover of Charles Dickens and I think he writes beautifully and from the heart and his words are still ringing true all these years later.  He was indeed teaching a lesson in this Novella.  What is the lesson?  I would imagine most people would say the same thing…”goodwill towards men”.   I see it as more than that.  My understanding is that Dickens was appalled at the poverty he saw around him, and that the middle and upper class were doing nothing to help them at all.  His Scrooge talks about the work houses and the programs set up by the government to aid the impoverished…but it was nowhere near enough.  He wrote this book to open the eyes of those who were not “seeing” what needed to be done.  For people to open their hearts and their wallets to help the less fortunate and it would make them happier and more blessed in their own life. 

As a pagan witch, I believe that God/Goddess, the Universe, the Creator, whatever you believe in…  put us here to learn lessons..with the ultimate goal being LOVE.  Our goal in life should be to discover that..LOVE.  And to love means to care for our “fellow man”.  To me, “goodwill towards Men” means just that.  We should love our family and friends as I’m sure we do.  But we should also love those we don’t know, help those who need it, love and care for Mother Earth and the creatures who inhabit Her…  No judgement, no greed, no setting standards for others in our own minds, equality for all, acceptance of all religions, courtesy, kindness….Love.  To me, Dickens hit the nail on the head so to speak…he saw a vision of how the world should be.  More of us could learn from Scrooge’s Christmas Eve night.

  Scrooge was not an evil man..he was afraid.  His father did time in debtors prison..causing him to have to slave in a work house at 11 years old.  He never wanted to do that again..but he lost track of his self, his focused was he on never being poor.  Until he learned what dying a lonely old man would truly be like..did he become a truly rich man.  Hoarding his money, working long hours, never enjoying the money he had;  even for himself.  He didn’t have a relationship with anyone except his business partner, Marley.  He lived a very “poor” life in every way…because of his fear.

There are many positive wonderful characters in this book.  Old Fizziwig, who gave a huge party,  sparing no expense,  to show his gratitude to his employees.  There is the clerk, Bob Cratchit, so lowly in Scrooge’s eyes, but greatly loved by his large poverty stricken family, especially Tiny Tim.  Then there is Fred,  Scrooge’s endearing nephew.  He was the epitome of a good man who’s life was abundant in family, friends, love , joy, and blessings.  He showed love at every turn.  All he wanted from Uncle Scrooge was for him to come to Christmas Day dinner.  He came every year and requested it every year.  He never gave up on him.  and when Scrooge had his life altered…he welcomed him with open arms..holding no grudge for all the years of rejection.  Though he was not a rich man…he was rich in every other way. 

I don’t know about you..but I want to be like Fred….I want to be rich in friends.  I want to be rich in experiences.  I want to be rich in appreciation for the blessings that come to my life.  This is the lesson that Scrooge learned..luckily while he could have some time to truly appreciate it. Look into your own Past, Present, and even into your Future.  Have you done well by others?  Can you do better?  A Christmas Carol will always mean a lot to me…and I will try to keep Christmas in my heart all year long.  and as Tiny Tim says……God Bless Us Every One!!

Blessed Be, Autumn

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Giving Thanks…..

Merry Meet my friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain..I know I did.  It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise for and crisp and sunny!  Just perfect.  We spent Beggar’s night at my daughters so we could pass out candy for them while my little granddaughter went out trick or treating with her mommy and daddy.  She is almost 2 and only made it to 6 houses before she had enough and wanted to go home!  She wanted to be with me and her grandfather and Auntie!  We had great pizza and ate candy and visited…it was a nice night.  Samhain night was just for me at my altar..quietly honoring my loved ones and ancestors and yes, my pets, who have passed on.  It was a beautiful experience and I believe that some of them came for a visit.  On Nov 1 night, I shared a beautiful formal circle celebration ritual with my sisters in spirit…it was magickal also.  While I was outside doing my ritual…two gorgeous Does decided to walk across our yard..not far from me…stopped and checked me out and then walked on their way!  It was so amazing as I have always felt that Deer are one of my totem animals.  I find them so mystical and I think it was a message from my ancestors!  For me, a perfect Samhain..and I hope yours was too.

Now, its November and it is the month of Thanksgiving.  For this month, via my facebook page and here on my blog, I will be talking about thankfulness and gratitude and random acts of kindess.  As a Witch, and a daughter of the Goddess,  I believe that Love is why we are here…what the world is all about..What Goddess and God, however you see them…want for us.  I found this quote and I thought I needed to post it here….

“It is literally true, as the thankless say, that they have nothing to be thankful for.  He who sits by the fire, thankless for the fire, is just as if he had no fire.  Nothing is possessed save in appreciation, of which thankfulness is the indispensable ingredient.  But a thankful heart hath a continual feast.”                  ~W.J. Cameron

I totally believe this quote to be true.  If we live without gratitude…then we have nothing…because we don’t notice it, don’t appreciate it, take it for granted.  If we aren’t grateful for what we have…then it might as well not be there!!

 I learned of the book “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach about 16-17 years ago on a tv show.  I was struck by the idea of finding something to be thankful for every day.  I bought the book, read it, and it really did change my life.  I started a journal right then and to this day, I keep a journal and write in it; sometimes everyday, sometimes once-twice a month.  In these journals (I have about 20 now), every day that I write in it, I write what I am grateful for on that given day.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find something…but with practice, I learned that it got easier and easier.  Finding gratitude in the small things has changed my life for the better.  I am happier with what I have and who I am.

What are you grateful for today?  It could be big stuff…like the birth of a child, buying a house, money coming your way, a marriage.  But most could be that it wasn’t raining, that the baby slept thru the night, that you didn’t burn dinner, that your mother was in a good mood, or that your husband helped you clean up dishes after dinner.  But even those mundane everyday things, noticing them and appreciating them makes your life better!  Soon you will notice, the sun shining in the window onto your breakfast table, the pretty pitcher that was your grandmothers that you serve your OJ in, the smell of your kids fresh from their bath, the feel of your cat curled up next to you,..I could go on and on.  But you get my point.  Everyday make a point to NOTICE something to be thankful for.  Maybe you would be inspired to keep a notebook or a journal and jot them down…soon that list will grow and grow.  Something bad happen to you or you had a bad day?  Find the silver lining…it’s there I promise.  I have been thru alot of sad and terrible things in my life and yet, I have found the silver lining in almost every situation.  This wasn’t always the case I promise you..I’m not Mary Sunshine…but finding a way to find grace in every day…made my life lovely.

Today, I will thank each of you who come to visit my blog.  I appreciate you and am thankful for you.  I have a lot of readers but not alot of subscribers.  Sign up to follow me..I’d love to have more of you as subscribers.  It just means you’ll get an email when I write a new post.  Thank you so much for those who leave comments too.  I am also grateful today for being an American and having the right to vote!  I voted..did you?

Until my next post, thank you and Blessed Be, Autumn


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On another snowy day….

So Mother Nature is bringing on the snow again here in Ohio!  We have gotten about 15 inches thru the last two storms..this one is to bring another 6-9 inches!  I love the snow and Winter but I think enough is enough!  It IS very beautiful though and it makes me nestle in and work around my house and various projects etc etc.  Maybe it’s HER way of forcing us to focus inward and slow down and enjoy the beauty She’s giving us.

The Olympics have been wonderful and I have trouble tearing myself away from the tv..thank goodness for DVR!  I’m so proud of the American athletes, they are doing us proud for sure!  I love the figure skating and the pairs started last night.  Winning Silver in the Nordic combined for the first time was awesome, Apollo Ohno is so exciting to watch, the moguls were awesome!  Just so wonderful to watch! 

I finished Ellen Dugan’s book “The Book of Witchery”.  It was really an awesome book and I learned so much about my craft.  The power that is available to us everyday and the ability to use it to our advantage in our spellwork is amazing.  Today, while I’m snowed in, I’m going to start transferring what I learned to pages for my Book of Shadows…I love working on my pages, finding pics online to put on the pages, working out the style of the page, font, much fun and so personal to me.  She also has full moon (ESbat) rituals for the days of the week..such as if a Full Moon is on a saturday etc.  I learned alot too about the Gods and Goddesses that represent each day of the week and more about their personalities which made them go much more real to me.

Today I will be doing my Storm Protection spell not to keep the storm away but to keep my power on!  I don’t want to miss a minute of the Olympics!  LOL  I’ll have a fire crackling away soon and I made my famous chili yesterday so I’ll probably have that again..after all, it is usually even better the 2nd day!  I love to cook and need the power to do that too!  I think today I might make my no bake cookies and my mozzarella chicken!  Good comfort food for a cold day.

The next book I’m diving into is “Ostara” by Edain that Sabbat is coming up I want to refresh my knowledge and discover more about the Blessed day.  Ostara is much like the Christian holiday of Easter (it would be since they set it up to mimic it on purpose)’s all about Spring, bunnies, eggs, lambs, spring cleaning, and flowers!  I’ll be setting up my Ostara altar soon too and the spring cleaning needs to be started soon too!  I love to do that.  Purging, cleaning, organizing, simplifying the house makes me feel new and refreshed.  I’ll be blogging about my activities along the way, getting ready for Ostara.

Don’t forget if you visit my blog to click on the Social vibe charity box.  It just takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t cost you anything…it’s for the environment, the earth, Mother Nature so it’s the best cause in the world!

Have a happy Monday and Blessed Be,


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and then there was Sun!

After two back to back Winter storms…about 4:00 this afternoon the sun came out!  It was beautiful.  The skies cleared and turned blue and the snow was glinting in the brilliance!  I was soooo happy to see it!  I love Winter as I’ve said before, but the dreary gray heavy skies can really get a person down.  My spirit was lifted as soon as I saw the bright ball in the sky again.

Today I had lunch with my daughters and grandaughter at Fridays..I love  love love their sweet potato fries!…then we headed off to Barnes & Noble to have coffee and purchase various books.  With Valentines Day coming,  little board books were bought for little Lily, crochet books for Willow and I, and some gifts that I won’t mention here so as not to give anything away!  While we were there I took Lily back to the Children’s section to run off some steam and play.  They have a little table set up with a Thomas the Train set for the kids to play on.  A little boy about 5 years old was playing there.  My grandaughter became absolutely giddy about another child there playing and immediately started interacting with him.  She laughed til she was weak kneed literally everytime he said anything or made an “engine” noise..she kept grabbing his arm to touch him and stay connected to him.  Bless his heart he quickly realized he had her rapt attention and took advantage of it quickly..playing with her.  It was sooo adorable, I wanted to laugh with her in her joy, and cry at the love I felt for her.  I will never forget it…ever.  She is just 14 months old but seems so much old soul, I believe.  She is very special, but of course I’m her Nana and would think so wouldn’t I??!!

Tonight we are in the “dark moon.”  The new moon will be on the 13th…I am trying to decide what I want to ask The Goddess to aid me in during that night.  The new moon is for new projects, personal growth, healing and drawing abundance, money and success.  I will ask for all those things in some way..I don’t have a new project planned as of right now so I will focus on the others.  I love when after 3 days of the dark moon that the silver sliver shows up again in the sky and all seems right with the world.  Tomorrow I’ll be going to the health food store to get the needed herbs and oils to do my spellwork.

I’m almost finished with “The Book of Witchery” by Ellen Dugan and again, I strongly suggest it to those interested in Magickal Daily Correspondences..the information is invaluable and really helps me to be grounded and feel prepared for each day of the week.  I’ve picked out the next book I’ll be starting on next.  More on that yet to come.

Have you seen the new show “Past Life”?  It’s a good one, I highly recommend it.  Whether you believe in reincarnation or not.

I’m off to watch the show and do more reading.  May you have a Blessed, restful night.


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